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Iran's Kamikaze Drone Attacks the Mercer Street Israeli Tanker

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The recent attack upon the Mercer Street tanker and operated by Israel was just outside the Oman regional waters recently when kamikaze drone slammed into the bridge command center and living quarters. Two were killed and the empty tanker is now being escorted by the USN aircraft carrier, Ronald Reagan, and other American assets as protection back to Israel.

While it may not seem that important, it has raised the eyebrows of all of Iran's foes as to the sophistication and preciseness in targeting of the one-way drone. While most Western nations keep control of their missile technology secret, China sells theirs to any buyer, and the recent economic deal between China and Iran includes weapon technology.

Being that the ship was moving when hit and at precise locations on the ship indicates some pretty sophisticated technology. Some drones are able to adjust their trajectory to their target while in flight, others, are steered to the target from far off remote locations. The kamikaze drone that hit the tanker raises many questions about Iran's true capabilities with drones and rocket targeting. It has certainly got the American and Israeli attention. Did Iran reverse engineer some captured American technology or did they simply buy it from the Chinese, which would far easier. Of course, Russia is in this nasty mix. Iran and Russia also share this type of technology and recently Russia was allowing the Iranians to use their GPS satellites for a price. This would allow their drones or missiles to be much more precise in targeting, especially, targets that move.

The Chinese have already demonstrated that their DF-16 missiles can hit a moving ship from hundreds of miles away using GPS. They have mastered it using their own satellites in orbit. They pose a real threat aircraft carriers, which are much larger that a destroyer or cruiser.

Iranian operators may fly the drones from places like the T-4 airbase in Syria, but the overall goal is that the attacks not be easily linked to Iran and use their proxies to fire drones at American or Israelis. In this case, Iran has more or less, hinted that everything about this attack originated with Iran and to prove a point. That point is that Iran has drones that can hit targets up to 1000 miles away now. They can target a moving ship with accuracy. Some drones carry a payload that are kamikaze in nature, meaning, no return (unlike other drones).

Let us recall the first drones, those from WW2 in 1940's, the V-1 and V-2. While rudimentary in targeting with no GPS, thousands were fired and terrorized people living in London. Destruction was severe. The V-2 was so fast, there was no warning prior to impact. The V-1 rocket was slow enough that early warning radar could pick it up and air raid sirens alerted.

The modern day version is far more precise and deadly, since some payloads could be nuclear as development continues.


perrya (author) on August 02, 2021:

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Thanks and I agree. Biden is a fool regarding Iran but I am sure if the Shah was dumped by the US, as he was overthrown by the revolution and the American hostages taken. But, Iran is playing the US and we do not seem overly concerned about. Hell will be upon us when they get the bomb for sure.

MG Singh from UAE on August 02, 2021:

Well, well, my friend well written. China like Iran and now Iran have been let off the hook by none other than the United States itself. America had some fallacious beliefs about China and not only allowed to go nuclear but also pumped in billions of dollars in investment and technology and the net result is as Mary Shelley wrote; the creation of Frankenstein. Iran also has been allowed to thrive by the United States. One can imagine how they dumped the Shah in no time and tried to mollycoddle the new regime only to be rebuffed badly when more than 100 diplomats enjoying diplomatic immunity were taken, hostage. Over the decades America has pussyfooted Iran and except for a short time when Donald Trump showed his teeth, the present incumbent is bending backward to mollycoddle Iran. It was always on the cards that Iran would have the technology and very soon the delivery system, as well as the H bomb and then the fat, will be in the fire and Biden will not know what to do. In war, no quarter is ever given and none is expected but the United States God save it??

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