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Interview with Sadie Reynolds



My mom was born in 1966. Although that’s not particularly long ago, she’s always seemed old to me. I thought it would be interesting to interview her because of her Ph.D. in Sociology. Currently feeling run down, she’s taking good care of herself to ensure her health. Although she takes a dim view of the government’s response to the current coronavirus outbreak, major testing would be the key for them to gain a little more of her trust back. Compared to other national crises, she feels a greater urgency now. The fact that it’s global worsens it for her. Apparently, the 2008 financial crisis didn’t affect our family much, because we had such low income. In fact, it may have been purely beneficial for us, for the house we bought in 2009 would have been far too expensive if it weren’t for the recession.

Financial aid was a program that vastly improved my mom’s life, as it allowed her to go to college. She strongly supports Medicare for all. She almost completely disagrees with mainstream Republican ideology, and thinks that a lot of Democrats are weak too. A stronger left would also be very important to her.

Because he “shattered the cycle of white supremacy”, Obama was her favorite president. She values wisdom, empathy, and tenacity in a president.

I asked for advice on investing strategies during a recession, and she told me to conservatively invest. Although I’ve never had experience investing in the real world, it makes more sense to me to do more high-risk high-reward investments, because there is less to lose. However, I will admit, economics is a subject that I often fail to wrap my head around, so I may be missing something.

My mom’s sociological knowledge greatly impacts everything she does, from watching the news to teaching one of her many college classes. One thing it greatly affects is her opinion on the world. Although I am pretty in touch with my mom’s opinions (it’s not like she lectures me on the Native American genocide anytime something vaguely related comes up or anything like that), I do think it was really interesting to talk about her opinions on the current state of the world.

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