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Intelligence vs Stupidity

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Intelligence vs Stupidity

Intelligent people are profoundly aware of how little they know. Being intelligent they see the vast amount of knowledge that exists, and appreciate they only know a fraction.

In areas they do not feel competent, they ask fadvice, they listen, they reason, they do their own research.

This is why they are intelligent.

Stupid people know everything. As their minds are so enclosed they don't begin to imagine what they don't know. Their belief in their brilliance is what causes so many errors. They never accept their faults.

They won't ask for advice or take it if offered. They never listen to a contrary opinion, and can't be bothered to research.

That is why they are stupid.

So Certain

Stupid people are absolutely certain that what is coming out of their mouths is true. They have absolutely no doubts.

They get their information from someone as stupid or stupider than they are, who they endow with brilliance.

Confirmed in their stupidity, evidence is ignored, the possibility that someone else is right is never imagined.

If something gets into a stupid person's head it becomes imbedded. They can not change their opinion. Nothing can divert them from their stupidity.

Attempts to force daylight into their darkness is a waste of energy.


I was taking my child to be vaccinated. A double digit jumped out, blathering why I shouldn't do it. Of course they advised that the MMR causes autism.

I didn't say anything.

In Jamaica we have an expression; 'When faight a tawk, lit yu pipe", which basically means ignore a fool.

My child was vaccinated.
I did not go to the funeral of the double digit's child.
Who died of measles.

I happened to know about the MMR.

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I knew how a scammer, named Andrew Wakefield, thinking to push his own vaccine, paid other doctors to make up this story about the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination causing autism.

He expected the usual idiots to believe it and he'd wait a little time, then introduce his vaccine.

He was arrested, charged, convicted, went to prison. The doctors who had joined with him lost their licenses and also got to see the inside of the prison.

Most people don't know this because no one is standing on a soap box and announcing it.

Quiet and Certain

Intelligent people don't proclaim and advocate, unless they know something for a fact. This is not a a Fox News nor Daily Onion fact. This is truth, supported by real science or information. It is a fact easily verifiable with basic research.

Stupid people shout their fictions with every atom of their being. They fully believe what is spilling from their mouths. Without proof.

As an example, some years ago, a Prime Minister performed a shady act and followed it up with a devastating action. His Party demanded he resign. It was put in such language, (NSFA), that he had no option

The fact he was going to resign was known by particular people. I was one of them.

A woman I know was shrieking out her throat hole about how the P.M. did the right thing and how she supports him. She was so vehement I thought she'd have a heart attack.

I said nothing as the information I held was confidential.

The P.M. resigned the following day. I avoided the loud mouth because I thought it was so funny that a veranda sitter like her, who knows nothing, who is known to no one, could speak with such certainty

The good part is that I believe nothing that comes from her mouth because she is a very stupid person.


Intelligent people don't need to shout, don't speak with certainty unless they are certain. And their certainty is provable.

An intelligent person hears between the words; the pauses, the repetition, watches the eye movements and posture so as to ascertain how reliable the speaker imparting this information is.

A stupid person is automatically indoctrinated by the shouts, the repetitions, the statements given with an actor's delivery by some demagogue.

A stupid person will believe what they are told by this 'authority'. A stupid person will not verify a source of information, but accept, without pause.

A stupid person gets their information from some propaganda page. This is because propaganda leaves no room for question or doubt.

Just like the stupid person.

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