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Insensitivity of Mankind

As a Christian, I have learned to love my neighbor and forgive the transgressor, but as this system we live in grows closer to its' end..

How this began...

It was a quiet evening in September several years ago. Things at work were quite peaceful as everyone was going about their duties in the normal fashion. Suddenly, the peace was ended and a dreadful gloom settled upon the entire community...what followed was the end of an era for many....and the end of a life for several.

The 'situation'....

The calm quietness was disturbed by the sudden 'pop...pop...pop' that from where I was, sounded more like the popping of speakers going bad. But, it wasn't long before I realized that the noise I heard was actually the sounds of death....sudden, unexpected, unnecessary and unwanted...death. For many that cool September evening their life, and the lives of their loved ones, changed forever. I wanted to help, but wasn't in the right place, nor the right time. I had just left ones that I had known for many years....others only for a moment....but those who lay lifeless nonetheless.

While I was fortunate not to actually see them in that my mind the vision will last forever. The smiles on their faces; the nods as we passed; the loving relationship between mother and daughter on a special trip.....the person I had known for years....those are all but memories now and ones that I will never forget.

We am I going?

So, where is this tale going? What's the purpose? Does anyone really care?

Several years have gone by now....many have moved on with their lives and those that remained close to the ones lost, will always share something that no one else will....the closeness of having known them, worked with them and even mourned for them. While the time has passed, the caring hasn't. We all still care. We still cry...we still remember...we still feel the hurt and anger at the unnecessary loss of these wonderful people for nothing!

The purpose? Well, after several years now of the community being wonderfully understanding, supportive and seems that others have nothing better to do that try to start up something that doesn't need to happen! There really is no purpose for anyone to call and ask for details. There is no reason for someone to call after all this time trying to get information on something that is over and done with! There is no reason for someone to try to grandstand it now noting that they know what REALLY happened and try to convince everyone that it didn't happen like the 'authorities' said. I mean....'REALLY'.....I was there. Don't tell me it didn't happen....don't tell me that things were not as they seemed. And certainly don't expect me to accept everything you say at face value when you won't even give me your name!

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After the tragedy

When the dust settles from this type of event, there are still the lives of the survivors that need support and understanding. For bystanders, it may be over. But with all the violence and senseless shootings going on even more so today, those survivors relive their experience with each report of a new mass shooting.

Instead of thoughtless speeches, false sympathy and rioting or other forms of hateful outpouring, let's consider love and honesty. Supporting means being there for that person or groups, it means letting them express THEIR anger not encouraging it.

Remember, if the person who caused the problem had only thought of love instead of hate it would not have happened and many would still be alive and untouched by the horrors of the experience. The Bible shares so much wisdom for us if we only listened and applied. As it notes; Seek peace and pursue it - love conquers all!

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