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Insanity Equals Refusing to Learn

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we are being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.

-- John Lennon

Stuck in Historical Groove

(A Note: Please, don't miss the eye-opening video at the end of this text, depicting modern man's insanity).

Every living organism, from a single-cell-amoeba to fifty-trillion-cell human body, by their default survival program, constantly seeks its biological equilibrium. So, let's put it this way: if our cells didn't coexist in a harmony, we wouldn't exist.

Eons of adaptive -- mostly meaning creative -- processes were necessary to prevent extinction of species that are still to be seen around -- including us, humans. And that adaptation meant constant learning from experience and creating new models of self-protection and ability to find means of survival in our environment.

But how does that compare to us as conscious entities, with a collective consciousness filled with a plethora of disharmonious facets of coexistence?

Indeed, could we really take pride in following the example of those smart biological mechanisms which are sustaining us in life? The ones which, after all, don't show any signs of consciousness, and yet succeed to do something that we, smartest species on earth, seemingly cannot achieve.

So, how about simply admitting that we suck in that department of harmony and equilibrium as observed among our body cells, all fifty trillion of them, each in a communication with every other and exchanging life-promoting information.

I have quoted it elsewhere, but this topic is also calling for it:

Our history only teaches us one thing -- that it never taught us anything.

Probably the most embarrassing detail in our tendency to repeat our history is this matter of massive killings and destruction.

While weaponry has become much more sophisticated since the hordes of Attila the Hun were devastating Europe with lances, bows n' arrows and swords, those who need this killing technology are but of a same mentality as Attila the Idiot.

Thus, after learning at school how he was leaving behind burning villages and towns on his murderous trail, should we really take pride in our "military supremacy" for being able to nuke hundreds of thousands innocent people -- frying them crispy in one instant?

Nor has education made any substantial progress in department of learning the marital and parental skills for securing a harmony and peace at home. It often seems like even those highly educated ones were quite selective at using their intelligence, while learning mostly what may help them in their careers and money making.

In this materialistically oriented part of the world values are often sacrificed for big corporative interests. So we are encouraged to eat Monsanto GMO crap, use toxic pharmaceuticals, and hate some distant peoples who never did anything bad to us.

Then we are called "heroes having died for our country" -- whereas the life was wasted in a strictly political war that was to ensure our political and economic influence in some part of the world -- nothing to do with defending our own country.

Well, from the perspective of both, our body's intelligence, and all that we have achieved in cultural, technological and spiritual areas, it would be fair to say -- no matter how impolite it may sound -- that we are living in an insane world, terribly unwilling to learn anything from our individual and collective past..


The scientists of today are thinking deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

-- Nikola Tesla

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The World Map Full of Proud Sheeplands

After viewing national and global news on our TV, what does the word "united" mean in names like United States of America, United Kingdom, or United Nations?

To me it only means that a bunch of pissed off people are clamped into one locality, as if having been forced to tolerate each other's presence.

Thus, "divided" would be much more appropriate word there.

In that environment where a fierce competition is more to describe it than a constructive cooperation, everybody seems to mind their own interests, thus preventing any substantial progress.

From one administration to another and back, there are hardly any prosperity markers to be observed in lives of ordinary masses of people.

Then, insanity gets its proof right there, as people refuse to learn how their leaders are basically careerists minding their own staying in power, which never includes the welfare of the people, despite all lying that might remotely suggest so.

Indeed, all that sweet talk with promises is simply something from his or her career- promoting toolbox.

People don't see how they are intellectually crippled by suggestive manipulation, suddenly unable to think with their own minds. If they did, they would quickly see how they are merely used for votes, after which they don't matter anymore.

Really folks, what we call "democracy" is nothing but a tranquilizing ideology, lulling masses into an illusion of their participating in government affairs, and so preventing them from jeopardizing the government as an institution.

In a sense, democracy is impossible to work at this level of consciousness evolution with its predominant animalistic instincts of survival, which mock all those spiritual and altruistic values looking so good on the paper.

That insanity of a blind trust continues from one election to another, as divided they stay, and as such not meant to ever be satisfied with any government. Going crazy over politics seems like a favorite national pastime, even if it means moving in circles and getting really nowhere.

If that was a case with some other society, it would readily be named insane. But in their own case, they are quick to rationalize, by calling themselves a "vibrant, free nation ever willing to reject what they don't approve of".

So, how do they "do that rejecting"?

By merely letting their government know with demonstrations "how they feel" about this or that going on in their government? Is there anybody up there supposed to care how they "feel"?

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated against the Vietnam war, and another as many demonstrated against Bush's war. And these days people are short of blowing their tops off over this medical terrorism and political dictatorship with mandated vaccines -- all for what results?

Hey, Albie, tell them again: "It's insanity to keep doing the same and expect different results".


Insanity -- a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.

-- R. D. Laing

When Cure Feels Worse Than the Sickness

In this situation just about anything that might look like a promising solution is bound to look much crazier than the status quo.

So it is on the large scale -- and so it is on the individual one. People are addicted to their reasoning routines, it's like those algorithms in brains, which dictate what thought and feeling is to follow the previous ones, are all out of whack.

Similar to smoker's idea of quitting his need of puffing on the crazy thing makes him feel like an end of the world -- so it is with our collective routines which are hard to outroot.

As individuals, we are dreading any exploring of the unknown, even if wallowing in misery of what we like calling our "comfort zone".

Psychology books are keeping in the focus how to reshuffle the crap so that it feels a little better -- never mind replacing it with something entirely new.

As I am reading works of some top shelf thinkers insisting on junking our personality makeup and doing a complete remodeling there, I can't but see how revolutionary it would be if people were willing enough to start changing from personal level up, eventually changing the health of the mankind.

But we are merely an "adapting" species. We say: "Take it as it comes, go with the flow, don't make any waves, avoid frictions" -- even if frictions would mean the ones with the old and obsolete models of reasoning.

We can't heal until we first realize that we are not being healthy.

We can't move in any more life promoting direction unless we see where we stand right now. Just modifying political or personal arena of living won't remove the arena, it will still be here, with only some alterations that won't mean that push to something new.

So we quit smoking, eat healthier, exercise -- and now we are only miserable people who quit smoking, eat healthier and exercise. And so we achieved some big money and fame -- and now we are just miserable rich and famous individuals.

And as a nation we politically intimidate a few countries into respecting our "national interests" -- but that doesn't make an ordinary Joe more prosperous, happy, and satisfied with his government.

It's all some futile bullshitting which is supposed to be a "cure" for something that we brought onto ourselves in the first place.

Happiness is much more than an absence of misery. Prosperity is much more than an absence of poverty. And health is much more than an absence of sickness.

And we are constantly just in the business of "fixing" something that we have screwed up ourselves in the first place. Constantly creating problems and some ineffective remedies for them.

In the meantime, a true cure feels to us worse than the sickness itself. Waking up from insanity we would have to admit to ourselves that we have been insane -- and that would hurt too much, so why not just do what we are so good at doing.

Hey, even our medico-pharmaceutical establishment is famous for only treating symptoms, not causes.

So, if our doctors know what's good for us, and our politicians know what's good for us -- who are we to argue.

Modern man's insanity

© 2022 Val Karas

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