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Insanity Equals Refusing to Learn


Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..


Stuck in Historical Groove

Every living organism, from a single cell amoeba to a fifty trillion cell human body, by its default survival program, constantly seeks its biological equilibrium. Let's put it simply like this: If our cells didn't coexist in a harmony, we wouldn't exist.

Eons of adaptive processes were necessary to prevent extinction of species, including us humans. And that adaptation meant constant learning from experience towards new forms of self-protection and ability to find means of survival in our environment.

But how does that compare to us as conscious entities in this world? Could we really take pride in following the example of our immune system with its incredible willingness to learn from experience?

How about simply admitting that we suck in that department of harmony and equilibrium as observed among our body cells all communicating in a perfect model of coexistence? Actually so much so that our very sanity could look suspicious under a scope of honesty.

I have quoted it elsewhere a few times already, but this topic is also calling for it:

History only teaches us one thing -- that it never taught us anything.

- Unknown

Probably the most embarrassing detail in our tendency to repeat our history is this matter of massive killing and destruction.

While weapons have become much more sophisticated since hordes of Attila the Hun were devastating Europe with lances, bows n' arrows, and swords, those who need this killing technology today are but of the same mentality as Attila the Idiot.

So, after learning in school how he was leaving behind burning villages and towns on his murderous trail, should we really take pride in our military supremacy for being able to nuke some thousands of innocent people frying them crispy in an instant?

Nor has education made any substantial difference in department of learning the marital and parental skills for securing harmony and peace at home. It often seems like those highly learned ones were quite selective at learning only what might help their careers, not their private life.

In this materialistically oriented part of the world, values are often sacrificed for big corporative interests. So we are encouraged to eat Monsanto's GMO crap, use toxic pharmaceuticals, and hate some distant peoples who never did anything to us.

Well, from the perspective of our bodies' wisdom which insists on seeking harmony, it would be fair to say -- no matter how impolite it may sound -- that we are living in quite an insane world, terribly unwilling to learn from both, individual and collective past.


A World Map Full of Sheeplands

After seeing national and global news on your TV, what does that word "united" mean to you in names like United States of America, United Kingdom, or United Nations?

To me, nothing much is going on those news that would justify that word. Just one or another example of a chronic battlefield of some old and tired cliches, insults, low blows, dirty political trickery -- but far from anything that would remind of something "united".

Actually, "divided" would be much more an accurate term. Besides, while administrations may change from one party to another, no substantial indicators of any new prosperity markers are to be discovered as a result of that change.

But despite that, people still blindly support their beloved leader, even if they don't see any difference in their paychecks, or cost of living, or any other way of telling that it was worth voting for them. People just refuse to learn the simple truism how every politician is a careerist, and sweet talk with promises is simply something from his or her career toolbox.

People don't see how they are just being intellectually crippled by suggestive manipulation, suddenly unable to think for themselves and letting others think for them. That sheepish parroting of slogans and phrases, and that indoctrinated hate for the opposition doesn't allow them to open their eyes and see how they are being played -- just for one more shitty vote, after which they won't matter anymore.

And then exactly the same continues election after election; as divided they are not meant to ever be satisfied with their government -- because the old game of being politically pissed has to be repeated over and over again. Going crazy over politics seems like a favorite national pastime

If that was happening with some other nation, they would readily call it insane. But in their own case they are quick to rationalize it, by calling themselves a "vibrant and free nation willing to fight against what they don't approve of."

Textbooks of psychopathology are filled with rationalizing. And a hypnotized person told to take his shirt off, if asked why he did it, will rationalize saying something like: "It's particularly hot today" -- so that's why he did it.

I understand, it's hard to open our eyes after we have kept them shut for too long and light could be irritating. The light of truth is also irritating to the eye of the mind that got too accustomed to the dark.


Why Cure Looks Worse Than Sickness?

So, how could we start healing this global insanity?

Let's face it, anything, just anything that would be a true solution would also look like an insane one to those who see "sanity" in the routine they are used to. Just like to a smoker a life without puffing on the silly thing seems like unbearably crazy, anything really sane in the political arrangement would look like an idiotic idea.

So, let me mention some of such idiotic ideas, just for the hell of it. First of all, I see in that imaginary sane world as totally necessary that the power of the governments around the world get drastically reduced.

Leaders should be stripped of those flashy titles and become just public servants, government officials, whatever -- but not called some insanely empowering names.

(Of course, that only applies to the so called democratic states, not those with autocratic regime, which are beyond repair).

They would be supervised by something like a Supreme Court that would have the power to fire them when they are not performing in accordance with Constitution. No dozen of laws to overturn that decision, and no "union" to grant them an unconditional mandate.

If global healing is to be implemented, international paranoia with everybody suspecting the ulterior intentions of everybody else -- would have to go.

For, who knows, maybe that miracle could even happen with all heads meeting at the same table and resolving their differences -- if it was not for those fingers hovering over the nukes button. But with the big boss's reduced power, it would be somewhat easier to trust a whole parliament of a political adversary.

Furthermore, that might lead to a great reduction in weaponry, which would, of itself, benefit all nations, with a huge part of those astronomical military expenses distributed over medical care, infrastructure, education, etc.

Indeed, the insanity of paranoia is swallowing a ridiculous portion of the national revenue, and with those new, sober leaders of the world with reduced powers, something more constructive could be initiated.

There is actually a crazy paradox in all that, when it comes to those ambitions of "making the country great". Namely, with more global cooperation instead of dirty competition, the global market would work more harmoniously, with exchange of resources going more smoothly and better organized.

If you ever had a thought about some (imaginary?) space civilization many millennia ahead of us, didn't you always envision a kind of incredibly harmonized social and political arrangement in their way of life?

I did. Actually, with no animalistic tendencies of territoriality, greed, arrogance, and struggle for power -- which such civilizations would have long evolved out of -- it's easy to imagine them like some avatars in their established Shangri La.

What's preventing us to, at least, make a little step in such a direction? Why do we have to act so insane and stuck in the grooves of a shameful history of wars, injustice, greed, and ignorance?

And if we wanted to make that first baby step, we might as well get some eye opening inspiration from that famed psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm, who once said:

"Just because millions of people share the same vices, doesn't make these vices virtues."

Please, see the video below with some words of reason from my literary mentor, my kind of a genius and a guide worth following.

© 2021 Val Karas


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 05, 2021:


It would be great if we were all on the same page.

But like you said ...there's nothing that seems remotely like being United.

It is an insane world...everyone wants something for nothing...no one learns from their mistakes...unless it is us, then of course we got this !

Elections are just that...they don't need us afterwards.

It's sad.

But we can be a better society.

Just learn to trust in our hearts again.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on May 05, 2021:

John, It was my pleasure to use those words, my friend, and much more of the same you deserve from much better writers than myself. Thank you for reading and commenting. Like I said it elsewhere, I don't expect comments since I am too lazy to give them. I tell people a couple of times that I like their stuff, and then I don't repeat it for everything they write. I only tell my wife repeatedly that I love her, because she cooks my dinner. (Just kidding.)

Have a fabulous day, my Aussie amigo!

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on May 05, 2021:

Val, leaving a comment here because I was too late to catch your earlier article “Addressing Few Of Those I Call a Friend at HubPages...” I thank you for the mention and your generous words. I do consider you a friend and although I don’t manage to read everything you write, I do read more than I comment on. I am just too slow to catch many on my feed before they are snatched away. Your writing is unique, and appreciated, so please don’t stop.

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