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Infowars’ Alex Jones Meltdown Continues, as He Gets Slammed by Jesse Ventura for Trump Support

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Mr Bueno is a sometimes writer, musician, and digital artist. He treats art as magick. He currently lives and works in Cambridge, England.

Alex Jones in meltdown as he interviews Jesse Ventura

Alex Jones in meltdown as he interviews Jesse Ventura

Note: This article references an interview that Alex Jones conducted with Jesse Ventura on his infowars' show on November 17th 2016. Should you wish, you can listen to the whole show here, however, I have listened to the show and pulled out the best pearls in order that you don't have to pollute your browser.

The on-screen meltdown of infowars’ Alex Jones continued this weekend, in some of the most revealing broadcasts the public has ever seen regarding his support for the Trump presidency bid and its aftermath.

In a broadcast full of insanity, Jones’ gave the game away about how deep his Christian beliefs really run (he’s deep enough to be shallow,) how ethical his support for Trump is, and far, far more. Jones started his interview with Jesse Ventura by asking him if he agreed with Dave Chappelle that people should now give Trump a chance. Ventura agreed straight off the bat and why would you not, after all, who doesn’t want Trump to be a successful president of the most powerful country in the world?

The problem is how Trump and his White House may define success.

After the initial agreement that he wished Trump well in his presidency, Ventura got to the meat and bones of the matter by telling Jones,

(JV) “The problem is he’s (Trump) all over the board. You know, he says one thing one day and then the opposite two weeks later and that’s what makes you not know where exactly is he, but certainly he deserves a step back, he’s our new president. What I’m more concerned about Alex, do you want the truth….?”

(AJ) “Sure.”

(JV) “And this has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican but this is two times now in sixteen years that the person who has gotten the most votes doesn’t win.”

(AJ) “Sure, electoral college.”

(JV) “I don’t like the electoral college, because this is twice now in sixteen years where the person who got the most votes loses, no other election in America can you get the most votes and lose except at president now. So it doesn’t matter that the Republicans have prevailed twice on that and the Democrats have failed twice on that, it’s a corrupt system that has to be changed. Who’s going to have the guts to do it?”

The reason that this is such an important exchange is that Jones spent the whole presidential campaign telling his viewers and listeners that the vote was rigged and the system was corrupt. Can you imagine what Jones may have been telling his audience if Trump had won the popular vote but lost the election?

Remember, Trump and Jones had both said they would not take a winning vote for Hilary at face value and in the case of Jones he had built his audience into a near frenzy and they were threatening a revolution should Trump not prevail. Jones may indeed refute that is the case but unfortunately for him, the evidence that has polluted most of our facebook and social media feeds over the last eighteen months tells a different story. We all saw it. Don’t take this as a pro-Clinton rant. The Democrats really only have themselves to blame after forcefully thwarting the Sanders campaign, thereby losing their chance to challenge Trump with a more popular candidate.

The authenticity of the deluge of Trump posts swamping social media has also been called into question, with much of it now believed to be part of a “sh*t-posting” campaign organised by Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey. You can read more about that campaign here—and conspiracy fans, take note of the eye on Luckey’s t-shirt. Sure looks like it could be subliminal signaling, being right in plain view and all that. Above the surface of consciousness subliminal virtue signaling, by the New World Order you thought you were vanquishing by voting Trump...

C’mon, do you think that an all pervading, far reaching conspiracy with unlimited power, whose leaders were communicating with aliens and were ready to blast off to alpha centurai to live in off world colonies, could really have lost the election?

Now, back to the clash between Jones and Ventura and it looks like Ventura is going to be the first to land a heavy blow….

(AJ) “Well, I mean to be fair, if he had of won the popular and Hilary would have won the electoral I would have been saying damn this electoral thing but I mean Hilary was so bad it was a true case……”

Ventura jumps in on Alex Jones weak defence and body slams him…..

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(JV) “That’s not the point Alex, you don’t go by the law when it’s convenient and when the law’s wrong, as in the case of the electoral college it’s wrong, get rid of it!”

(AJ) “ Sure, to be clear though, just to add that, I was being devils’ advocate there, to be clear, I personally like the electoral college because it doesn’t let another state dominate it and it keeps the electioneering in control, in compartmentalized pieces and makes election fraud harder. Bev Harris, the top…..”

Yup, you read that right folks. The guy who spent the whole election campaign saying the system was rigged and voter fraud was going to be rife now says that he likes the Electoral College system because it makes election fraud more difficult. Jones pathetic defence is showing and Ventura is about to crush him again….

(JV) “That’s the biggest baloney. Ok, why don’t we do it that way for other elections?”

(AJ) “Ok, well we had Bev Harris…..”

(JV) “How come president is the only election where the people don’t pick’ ‘em? See, that’s the fix, the people don’t pick the president, delegates do.”

(AJ) “Well, we already tried with the super-delegates to block that.”

(AJ) “Let me just get this out though, you know Bev Harris, she’s very respected, they’ve even done a TV show about her but the point is (inaudible) she’s a liberal democrat, she said clearly, that Hilary probably stole five states that night and there was massive fixing against Trump and so she’s discovered the latest…..”

Ventura jumps in again, sensing he’s got Jones on the ropes…..

(JV) “You know Alex, I don’t buy into that because I was a governor and we did vast studies when I was a governor which showed if voter fraud happens, it will happen at the electronic voting machine.”

(AJ) “I agree election fraud.”

(JV) “Which need to be gotten rid of, some things don’t improve with time.”

(AJ) “I agree.”

(JV) “In Minnesota, we still fill in the dots so you can count every vote done and so if there is fraud it comes at the electronic voting machine, it’s like in Ohio in the Bush election, there’s a great deal of question marks about all of that, about why the ballots got sent to Tennessee first.”

(AJ)”Bev Harris proved that the 2000 election was clearly stolen, there was fraud in 2004 as well against the Democrats, I agree with that, I was not a fan of either the Democrats or Republicans then, I’ve supported Trump because the elite were so against him and I see that as a better shot of getting our” (interrupted)

(JV) “Great, here’s my problem, look at the people he is……now I hope the media is wrong again, because the people they are talking about putting in positions of power, that ain’t draining the swamp, that’s putting the pollution right back in there.”

Ventura had kid gloved Jones into a false sense of security for a few moments but now he’s gone for the kill and called him out on his sham support for Trump. Ventura has seen Jones for exactly what he is and Jones has nowhere to go.

(AJ) “No, I knew this is where we’d agree today, if he puts John Bolton in, er, that is a very dangerous warmongering.”

(JV) “Not only that, Newt Gingrich? Come on….I mean this guy was in office twelve years before I ran.”

(AJ) “Well, here’s the argument, and I’m not, all I care about is what Trump actually does and that’s where the river meets the road, I will go after him.”

With regard to Alex Jones claiming that he will go after Trump, it should be noted that as the appointments to the Trump White House have been being announced, there has been a paucity of comment by Jones about the fact that, as Ventura says, that it appears that Trump is not only re-populating the Washington swamp, but also making it far, far murkier.

And what about Roger Stone and Trump’s greatest wheeze, telling Alex Jones and his followers that he would ‘lock her up?’


Enough said!

Jones is still trying to sugar coat the Trump team picks but the strain is beginning to show and at one point earlier in the show, he started telling his audience that he was thinking, just thinking mind, of shutting the whole Infowars operation down maybe for good, or maybe for six months. Could it be that Alex Jones is already contemplating the vitriol that will come his way from his erstwhile supporters, who, if you read the infowars comments section below his articles, most of whom seem to claim are heavily armed and ready to use their weapons if anyone crosses them, when they realize they have been sold down the river by Jones in supporting Trump?

Perhaps Jones is getting ready to run for the hills and use one of the year’s supply of survivalist foods that he is normally so keen to foist on his audience and hunker down, hidden out of sight from the army of heavily armed freedom loving libertarians that he has so carefully cultivated in sham support for Trump, that will no doubt soon have Jones in their sights.

But no, of course, it’s not heavily armed libertarians that Jones thinks might now be after him, but gun-toting liberals instead as Jones suggests in this rather creepy and ridiculous video. I mean, I know it’s Texas and it is the sort of place where a game of free poker can end in an armed stand-off in a parking lot but gun toting liberals hunting you down? How far in denial can you possibly be about the forces you have set in motion?

You know it’s going to be your disillusioned audience that are going to hold you to account in the end, not the sky fairy you profess to believe in, or imaginary gun toting liberals….

Let’s fast forward now, further on through the Ventura interview and hear Alex Jones get slammed by Ventura so hard, that his ramblings become more or less completely incoherent…

Jones has been speaking with Ventura about immigration and ‘building a wall….’

(JV) “The other problem is when he builds the wall, I’m going to protest it and go over the other way and stay in my home in Mexico.”

(AJ) “No, I mean, I understand.”

(JV) “No, because Ronald Reagan was the icon of the Republican Party, they all hold him up and, you know, his famous quote ‘Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall,’ this is just me personally Alex, I don’t want to live in East Berlin.”

(AV) “Well, let’s be clear, East Berlin was communist on one side and Western Germany on the other.”

No Alex, East Berlin was East Berlin and West Germany was West Germany, you’re starting to sound a little punch drunk….

(AV) “And they were shooting people trying to leave and I agree with Ron Paul when he said, six years ago when he said, we don’t want a wall because it will be there to keep us from getting out of the country.”

Did you really just say that Alex? You’ve just spent the last eighteen months supporting someone who says they are going to build a wall, a big beautiful wall, which was the main focus of his campaign other than putting Hillary in prison. And now you are telling your audience that they should be worried about a wall in case you can’t get out?

(AV) “The one area I disagree with Trump is that I get the metaphoric wall, he means restore sovereignty, in the really bad areas build a wall, now it’s a fence, the point is that, obviously they build bigger ladders or dig under it, we all get that. So it’s more, he said he’s gonna build it as some ‘makework’ thing and I like how he gets passed political correctness, I like how he wants to cut poor people’s taxes to zero, I mean, I like stuff like that.”

(JV) “Well, like I said, I wanna see how he’s going to be able to do it and sustain these wars because these wars have cost us over a trillion dollars and we have nothing to show for it.”

(AJ) “Well General Flynn wants to reorganize everything and cut the size and have more effective everything (wasn’t that the calamitous Dick Cheney strategy, we saw how much money that saved?)”

(JV) “Why can’t we bring back General Smedley Butler from the dead?”

(AJ) “I hear that, I totally agree with you. War is a racket”

(JV) (Laughs menacingly)

This was the killer blow, if you have read my previous article The Strange Relationship of Infowars' Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone, you’ll know what Ventura is talking about. Jones is now all over the place but Jesse is going to play with Jones a little more before the referee intervenes…..

(AJ) “Look at all the hell Trump went through for saying there was no reason for us to be at war with Russia.”

(JV) “Oh, I agree with him 100%, I love the fact that he’s willing to talk to Putin, I would rather be talking than aiming guns at each other, I’m tired of it, I’m sick of it and you know what the good thing about creating a relationship with Russia is Alex?”

(AJ) “Well, they’ve got a gigantic border around the world (what the hell does that mean Alex?) and they do….”

(V) “Not just that, they’re white.”

Jones looks down towards his desk in a very sheepish fashion, knowing Ventura is directly calling both him and Trump racist, and then Jones counters…

(AJ) “That’s racist.”

(JV) (laughing in a mocking fashion)

(AJ) “No, I know…”

(JV) “It was tongue in cheek Alex, L-A-U-G-H

(AJ) “No, I understand.”

(JV) “I’m making a joke, why wouldn’t we be their friends they’re white people?”

Jones now has nowhere to go. Metaphoric blood is pouring from his nose. Match over.

Jesse the Ace Ventura, triumphs once again.

And Jesse, you’re right, we do need General Smedly Butler back from the dead. But if we can’t, we’ll take you, at least for starters!

Be seeing you!

© 2016 Mr Bueno


Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on November 24, 2016:

only 2 of those ive read are keiser and schiff. remember when keiser out loud and publicly said we should hang the bankers? hes banned from usa, isnt he?

as far as looking through others eyes, i really see no one doing that.

i see a lot of dismissing and demonizing. all around.

given my experience, my attitude is "you first"

and "i wont get fooled again"

but at least you answered my question., ty. and no sign of breitbart, drudge or wnd. thats at least,a sign youre not kookoobird.

so, you have a good bird day, too. im working, so its normal thursday here.


John Wilson from Whereever I hang my hat is my hone. Currently in Ibarra, Ecuador on November 23, 2016:

It's a new thing I discovered - it's called "reading". You find websites and contacts on the internet and you "read" what they have to say.

They type out letters, which form words, which have meanings. Then you put those together and it becomes a sentence, then a paragraph.

Combined, it's called news, or a story, or a possible theory of what might be true.

These are some pretty good writers that share their views about events in the world. Some are good, some not so good, some are way out there. But, if you want a different take than the clinton News network aka CNN, or the government propaganda outlets like ABC, NBC and CBS, they might open your eyes to a different view of the world.

Acting Man



Boom Bust Blog

Capitalist Exploits

China Financial Markets

Chris Martenson's Blog

Contrary Investor

Daneric's Elliott Waves

Dr. Housing Bubble

ETF Daily News

ETF Digest


Financial Revolutionist

First Rebuttal



Gains Pains & Capital

Hedge Accordingly


Investing Contrarian

Jesse's Cafe Americain

Liberty Blitzkrieg

Market Montage

Max Keiser

Mises Institute

Mish Talk

Of Two Minds

Oil Price

Peter Schiff

Rebooting Capitalism

Shanky's Tech Blog

Slope of Hope

SmartKnowledgeU Blog

TF Metals Report

Just a few of the online people I read. Surprised?

I read a lot, both the left and the right, and reach my own conclusion.

It's the only way any intelligent person can view the world today. Look through others eyes, understand what the say, and reach a conclusion about the truth.

Hope it helps and have a happy turkey day!


Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on November 23, 2016:

where do you get your info?

John Wilson from Whereever I hang my hat is my hone. Currently in Ibarra, Ecuador on November 23, 2016:

How'd we go from corpses to jobs?

Nope, I have some pretty good stuff to share.

I just like hillary killary and obamamaama. They just kind of roll of the tongue, ya know?

You could suggest that the lopsided trade agreements ( which Bush helped initiate) was one of the causes of falling of America, but you could also talk about hillary killary's corruption as exposed by Wikileaks, the DNC sharing debate questions before the debates with hillary killary.

We could talk about the lies obamamama told to get the obamacare passed that's causing so many to limit their healthcare services to a minimum.

We could talk about the record amount of denials with Freedom on Information requests that obamamama has set over the last two years.

But, hey, if you want to talk about jobs, maybe the "kill coal" campaign of hillary killary and obamama wasn't such a good idea.

The support of Solaris and Tesla with government supports for a technology that's not good enough to get through on it's own.

We could talk about the bankers that committed criminal acts that paid Holder's fees for a "get out of jail" card for all their crimes.

It ain't just jobs that these two clowns participated in to bring down America, lots of stuff on record to show both hillary killary and obamama didn't like what was America. They'll line their pockets for years to come. That's what that ilk does, feed off of others hard work and wealth.

Unless I missed a job that hillary killary had or obamamama had other than sucking off the teat of the American taxpayer.

Can you supply me with the jobs that obamamama had or hillary killary had?

Not fair to include the sucking off the teat as senator, secretary of state, neighborhood advocate that the taxpayers paid for. I'm talking about a job where they actually produced something that benefitted society and put others to work. You show me the jobs that these two clowns had. I'd love to hear about them.

If you can't, then they're just two people who've lived their lives sucking off the hard work and sweat of those that actually do something .

Any other questions I can answer for you?


Lela from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on November 23, 2016:

Do you have any idea what really put so many people in the USA out of work?

It was technology.

1 machine can do the work of a thousand people now.

Do you see technology getting scarcer?

It has nothing to do with politicians.

It has to do with "businessmen" that squeeze every nickle and dime they can squeeze out of the economy. Trump is going to squeeze this country dry.

The only jobs of the future come from specific types of education.

Either get educated for these jobs, or just keep whining about your lot in life and keep blaming the "system".

And by that I mean, keep calling people names, cause that is about as intelligent as you can get, apparently.

Your brain is rotting, and YOU need to fix it. Or you can just keep listining to the alt-right, they figured out how to make money off of depression and meanness.


John Wilson from Whereever I hang my hat is my hone. Currently in Ibarra, Ecuador on November 23, 2016:

Nope, just hillary killary and obamama

People I don't particularly care for that have run America into the ground.

Actually, sometimes I have to force myself to be derogatory towards them. Can't give them any slack for the crimes they committed.

Just look up body count for the clinton gang on google. It will give you all the information that you seek. Quite the impressive group too. Guy commits suicide by putting a gun to the back of his head - to commit suicide.

The clinton gang has got quite the corpse count so far.

More than happy to help!


Lela from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on November 23, 2016:

What "corpse count" are you talking about?

Why does calling her this name become so automatic for you? Are you unable to accept the fact that she has a real name?

Do you refer to other people with derogatory and/or accusatory names?

John Wilson from Whereever I hang my hat is my hone. Currently in Ibarra, Ecuador on November 23, 2016:

Then be an adult and don't watch him.

Pretty easy solution to your problem.

Hey, I just call her hillary killary - I never said she killed anyone.

The corpse count is over 10 right now for those associated with the clinton gang

Glad I could help!


Lela from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on November 23, 2016:

Old Guard - I would take you a little more seriously if you would stop calling our ex-Secretary of State a "killer", when she OBVIOUSLY is NOT!

If she killed anyone, she would be in jail. But she never killed anyone, or do you have some substantive evidence (that no one else has) that she did? If so, you need to forward it to the FBI.

Alex Jones is a huge pile of crap. He acts like he will bust a blood vessel over anything that appears to fit (or not fit) his agendas.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on November 23, 2016:

i thought the question was, how can jones be for trump, when he turns out to be an inside pol just like the rest of them?

i mean, mika on morning joe has 2 rabbits named donald and melania, and joe talks to donald all the time on the phone...i mean, come on, how much more inside can you be?

not to mention, way to be objective "journalists"!!, way to be objective "truth teller not like the msm", when your outsider hero is in the club.

and as regards to the electoral college, i dont care why they set it up. they were wealthy white guys who owned people and considered women property.

we have amended the constitution plenty. most recently being scalia, who allowed every nutcase over 18 to own a gun.

you will still have states rights, which is now going to protect immigrants and women from federal over reach.

but, as far as leaving the decision to electorates....why bother to vote, then!?

John Wilson from Whereever I hang my hat is my hone. Currently in Ibarra, Ecuador on November 23, 2016:

So, the question is, why did the founders set up the Electoral College?

There was a specific reason that the founders had for not wanting the popular vote to be the deciding factor in the Presidential election.

Do you understand why the founders felt that the popular vote should not be the deciding factor in a presidential election?

Not trying to trick you with the question. It was part of the checks and balances that the founders used to limit the power of the Federal Government. You should have learned this in high school.

Another important aspect of the Electoral College was this - it was one of the major reasons for the Civil War in the 1800's.

Hint - look at the number states that Trump won in the popular vote 36 states voted to tell the Electoral College reps they had to vote for Trump, 14 said they had to vote for hillary killary.

2nd hint. - look at the land mass of the U.S. voting. 85% of the U.S. (the land mass, not individual voters) wanted Trump vs 15% of the land mass wanted hillary killary. So the bigger population areas wanted hillary killary, but when you look at the "fly over America" between the coasts, all wanted Trump.

Again, this has to do with history and the goals that the founders had when the Constitution was written. It's morphed into something that's against what the founders specifically sought as a check and balance for the Federal Government.

Remember, we are a republic, not a democracy.

3rd hint - the difference between representatives in the House - which is based on population- and the Senate, which will always have two Senators from each state.

If you understand why the Electoral College is in place, then you understand why Trump is President and hillary killary is not.

If you disregard the Electoral College, you'll also rewrite the Constitution.

So, to reiterate the question - why is the Electoral College in place?

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on November 23, 2016:

yeah. well. jones lost a lot of people with y2k. and the benghazi hero that lied about ventura is another pos phony patriot. (guy who ran mercenary intel military..was supposedly killed by another vet

chris kyle)

alex should ask jesse about him (wouldnt dare)

and, if i may. a lot of democrats...2.5 mil now more votes than trump worth. 3.5 mil more votes than sanders in the primary worth, were happy with hillary clinton. so, if you could please stop the condescending attitude that we lost because we voted hillary, not sanders, that would be appreciated.

youll have your time with bernie in 2020. and you can expect huge opposition from me!

expect a lot of so-called alternet hosts to be shredded for the phonies they are, after cheerleading trump.

but, this is a fantastic hub. phonies like jones deserve to fall.

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