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India's Intelligent Take on Unsc Resolution

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India's firm stand

India's take to stay neutral and the abstain position on UNSC resolution in Ukraine is so brutally apt and to the point. This argument cannot be countered by "human rights" when a nation's national security is its topmost priority. Now people who are lecturing about human rights and the Indian government being a "coward" should understand that India experiences a similar situation anytime, the west's going to do nothing. The Indian Army is quite strong and will be able to hold back China and Pakistan but the geographical fronts they have might be a tough nut to crack, and if India's relations are stomped upon by the west, there'll be no help and the US/allies will keep watching the elephant run into the mills. India doesn't support any kind of war but its decision to stay 'independent' is humanly good and one's security interests must be noticed and prioritized first.


Justifiable zero hour of India's stand

Certain justifiable points to bring out India's opinion are

.When India's 50-70% of defense arsenal is of Russian origin and we have two nuclear-armed hostile neighbors who are willing to attack anytime, it's important to keep our national security concerns on top. it's a regional conflict and if NATO and the west can't help Ukraine with all the weaponry they have, it's not right to lecture India.

. Again the west's mute on the Galwan intrusion and the Kashmir valley's instability so they cant expect India to do what's in their interest rather than its safety and security concerns.

. India strongly condemns war and is with the Ukrainian people and their interests and is also trying to bring peace and trying to align with the current state of affairs but on the other hand, Ukraine's always been a staunch adversary to India's policies and has never supported India in any of the public fora, Ukraine also condemned the nuclear testing by India in the 90s.

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Bringing out the required peace

Russia needs to stop this war and India's ready to do anything to bring peace and nothing. India's diplomacy will surely help but what people need to understand by India's decision on staying neutral is that the personal interest comes first and it's necessary for the West and NATO to interfere actively so that the war stops, it's not about the armies or the policies of both the countries, it's about the common people either sides, no one's celebrating the atrocities, instead they all are united to instead of lecturing India about humane activities, everyone should merge against war and get the required peace as soon as possible.

Armies are definitely not for war but the weapons are solely for peaceful purposes and the defensive tactics, invasion never helps any country.

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