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Colors Change the People

Syed Moazzam is a writer and an artist from Pakistan. He has recently completed his MCS from a local college.

All Humans are Equal

No country in the world has purely the native people. Some people leave the country they were born in and settle in other countries. Narrow Minded politicians try their best to ruin the name and the reputation of their homeland by teasing the people living in it for centuries.

When I was in college, achieving a Master of Computer Science degree, it was made compulsory for us to learn about all of the major religions currently present in the world. My institute was doing it to bring us out of the well most of the people consider as the whole universe. We were being made more human than before so we could accept the other people and the fact that different people have different beliefs and it is never compulsory at all to impose your beliefs on them. I am very grateful to the people who treat others indistinguishably. I don’t know why but only thinking about it gives your heart a slight pleasure and your eyes start to become wet already. The true sense of humanity gives you the pure pleasure that you can never buy for anything. Contrary to this, the words of inhuman acts and feelings make you feel sad. I believe, most of us have heard about some incidents, during our lives, that make our heart bleed. Dry twigs break with a sharp sound but the sponge in our chests keeps on beating until it wants to listen no more. Maybe it is time to understand why there is a cover around each human heart.

On every 5th of February, we are told what has been happening to the people of Kashmir. It makes me feel sad and aidless. Not because we share the same religion, not because Kashmir was once a part of my country, but only because the fathers are told to dig the graves of their kids filled with the lead from the bullets. The girls are taken hostage and raped repeatedly by many. People are tortured to death in the name of a merge between inhumanity and a religion that is one of the most ancient religions. Hindutva is the word that describes this combination and it is completely a different religion from Hinduism. This religion was recently discovered by some of the corrupt politicians in India not only to manipulate the true beliefs of Hinduism but also to make people inhuman so they can be used for politics, extremism and terrorism in the future. God forbid, if the apocalypse happens, then India will be the most difficult place to survive in; like we have seen during COVID-19.


(Hindutva Extremists chasing Muslim Girls)

(Hindutva Extremists chasing Muslim Girls)

What is Hindutva?

Hindutva is a thought that will ruin the future generations of India. Muslim girls who wear hijab are being targeted in India now a days. Extremists chase them, harass them, downsize them, rub their red flags on their faces shouting slogans “Jai Shri Ram”. Minorities are no longer safe in India. Neither Christians nor Sikhs. Neither Jews nor Dalits. Neither Muslims nor Hindus. Yes, Hindus of Hindustan have become a minority from the day the concept of Hindutva was adopted. And I have the same feelings for them as I have for the other minorities.

Teenager Hindutva Girls

(Hindutva Girls shouting out slogans)

(Hindutva Girls shouting out slogans)

Once I shocked myself knowing about the inhuman behavior with the dalit caste. The facts were unbelievable that still exist in the year 2022. I know most people follow a religion because they inherit it from their parents and from their society without really discovering it by themselves. But, to me, it makes no sense at all.

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A garden with different flowers looks more beautiful than one with the flowers of the same colors. Similarly, a country with different people attracts everyone more than the one that is going to get painted red and orange. Undoubtedly, some colors represent love and anger simultaneously but it is all up to you what reason you have chosen that color for. Colors change the people who wear them.

© 2022 Syed Moazzam Raza

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