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India Is a Hindu Nation: Why Feel Shy About It?

An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.




I have lived in India for my entire life, but some things have intrigued me. One of the things that bug me and for which I have no immediate explanation, is that why a great number of educated Indians become agitated when India is referred to as a Hindu country?

The facts are palpably clear that the majority (almost 80%) is Hindus and also Hindu tradition dates back to 5000BC. This was a time when most other civilizations were in the Stone Age. Another facet that must be mentioned is that Westerners from Europe and America are attracted to India because of Hinduism and for no other reason. Despite this, there is an educated elite that wishes to deny the ancient roots of Hinduism and the deep philosophy that can be traced to thousands of years before Muhammed or Christ appeared.

To my mind, this approach looks strange. A little dissection shows that these so-called elite seem to have a problem only with “Hindu” India. They have no qualms with the “Muslim” or “Christian” countries. An example may perhaps bring out the hypocrisy of these so-called Hindu elite.

Germany is a nation with a long and tortured history. It has seen the rise of Hitler with his race policies. It now classifies it as a secular country. The dominant faith is Christian and only 59 percent of the population is registered with the two big Christian churches (Protestant and Catholic).

Despite only 59% have registered as Christians the German nation today is bracketed as a Christian nation. Nobody seems to have any objections to this terminology, but India which is 80% Hindu is objected by many to being called a Hindu nation. I will remind readers that Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, stressed Germany had Christian roots. People can’t forget that in 2012, she exhorted the people of Germany to go back to their Christian roots.

There is no agitation in Germany to considering Germany a Christian nation, though the history of Christianity in Europe is far from reassuring. The Baltic States were Christianized by the sword. Entire indigenous tribes in America were converted at sword point. Even in Germany 1200 years back, Emperor Karl the Great in an act of tyranny ordered the death sentence for all and sundry who refused to be baptized.

Those times are of course over and Christianity is much more liberal now. Many are leaving the church. these people do not agree with the dogmatic policy of Christ as the only savior.


Situation in India

In India, the entire scenario is confusing. One fact is that Hinduism is different from Islam and Christianity. Both Islam and Christianity at some point in time used the sword to devastating effect for conversion. But Hinduism is the only religion that spread by love. There has never been any violence in the spread of spread in ancient times by convincing arguments and not by force. It is a belief system that is cerebral and caters to the higher echelons of the mind.

However, unlike in the other nations Indian's do not value their tradition. Perhaps 900 years of Muslim rule and 200 by English have weaned away the educated elite to denigrate the ancient philosophy. They can’t read Sanskrit and have been so brainwashed that they feel “modern” and Hindu cannot go together.

The role of the missionaries cannot be underestimated. These men on orders of the Vatican decry Hindu gods and bring out the ills of Hinduism like caste. Unfortunately, we have an elite that feels it is passé to criticize being Hindu. There is an inherent sense of shame and such elite feel happy in Moslem and Christian company. The Indian Congress party has had a big hand in this and the leaders even Gandhi will have to answer to the bar of history. The roots of this can be traced from the time Gandhi started the 'khilafat movement' in support of the Caliphate for no worthwhile cause when he had no support of the Muslims.


Last Word

At the same time, many Westerners, including staunch Christians, know the value of Hindu culture and surreptitiously appropriate insights from the vast Indian knowledge system, drop the original Hindu source and present it either as their own or make it look as if these insights had already been known in the West. Isn’t this sad? Yet Hinduism still has a lot to offer as it is an ocean whose depth cannot be fathomed

Recently the Dalai Lama said some time ago that, as a youth in Lhasa, he had been deeply impressed by the richness of Indian thought. He had said, “India has great potential to help the world." It is not only the Dalai Lama, but a new enlightened elite in the west is having a relook at Hinduism and the infinite wisdom that is hidden within its folds. Yet the Hindu elite is running away and that will spell doom for them in the long run.

Maybe things are changing with the advent of Narendra Modi and the BJP. One can sense a new pride in being a Hindu. There is a revival in Hindu thought and that augers well for the country. Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, the ex-Harvard professor, and leader of the BJP has opined that India is already a Hindu country and now only a formal declaration is needed.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on February 01, 2021:

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Thanks for a wonderful comment, Tom. I completely agree with you. I wonder if one could do away with religion completely.

tom on January 31, 2021:

islam and christianity bloodshed,hinduism peace ,caste system and foreign invasion caused conversion.all relegions equally worse, no jehad by hindus

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on September 15, 2016:

Thank you Austin. Nice to read your comments

Ashutosh Joshi from New Delhi, India on September 14, 2016:

I may have my disconnects with some orthodox beliefs but I fully support your views on India being predominantly a Hindu nation, that proudly embraces all religions and allows them to flourish.

To what you have mentioned about Hindus feeling embarassed or getting worked up with the thought of a hindu nation is primarily owing to the politcs and how I always refer it as a Politico-Media-Religion nexus. Hindus especially educated ones do have a rational outlook and many of them are returning back to their roots but still many feel that the very idea of being Hindu today is holding a safron flag and being looked as a problem creator in the society.

Thats all thanks to our political classs. All of them with no exception.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on May 06, 2016:

Thank you Grand old lady. Such a pleasure to read your comment. Hope you do come to India

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on May 06, 2016:

This is very nice and educational article. Hinduism sounds so interesting. My dream is to one day visit India.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on April 29, 2016:

People are not dogs. I suggest training our children to walk away from a fight. Do not become enmeshed in combat. As individuals we may choose to leave a bad situation. Learn to be constructive with your life... Not destructive. You can always control yourself.

This article is about Hinduism. We must stop making heroes out of killers in our stories. It sets a bad precedent. The same applies to other religions. In Judeo-Christianity Joshua is depicted as a hero for killing Canaanites. Change our stories and teachings to depict Peace Makers as heroes: MLK, Gandhi....

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 28, 2016:

Jay, in a particular scenario related by you I agree that killing is not desirable. Mentally ill persons need treatment, but sometimes people can run amuck. What do you do to a mad dog?

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on April 27, 2016:

Peace Officers arrest dangerous men and bring them to trial and perhaps incarceration. There is a need for social justice. There is no need to decide to kill people before hand. About 20% of the adult population has some form of mental illness. Perhaps we should consider this from the standpoint of a mentally ill person. There is a mental health warrant available.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 27, 2016:

Thank you, Jay. I have also been an airman ( Fighter pilot) and I do agree that killing is not the answer, but there is a big BUT. What if you spare a dangerous man and he kills you? It has happened so many times. Sometimes it is righteous to draw the word like facing the ISI.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on April 25, 2016:

"If you recollect Guru Gobind Singh said " if all else fails it's righteous to draw the sword" This is what Krishna taught."

I respectfully disagree with Guru Gobind Singh and suggest that Krishna did Not teach the killing of one person by another. Yes, I know the Bhagavad Gita says what you suggest. However, I suggest a new and different view which is better.

I suggest Krishna/God/Allah/Yahweh are all one and we are all art of this one great God Organism. If we harm or kill another person it is like harming ourselves. We are not to harm, but to instruct. Killing has no part in it. Now do you understand?

I recognize the need for social order. After 20 years as a Peace Officer I have concluded that killing someone is Not the answer. You may arrest someone without harming them.

Arjuna had many options. Killing your family is Not one of them.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 25, 2016:

If you recollect Guru Gobind Singh said " if all else fails it's righteous to draw the sword" This is what Krishna taught. The battle of Kurukshetra was fought when all overtures made by the Pandavas for peace were rejected by Durodhyan and the Kauravas. It was righteous to draw the sword. Look what happened to the Jews in Hitler's Germany as they were defenceless. So the sword has a meaning, but not for converting but only to follow Dharma. Hindus never fought Islam with the English as ally.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on April 25, 2016:

Place God over nation and do not fight at all.

Look at the precedent set by Arjuna: kill during a war.

There is no duty (Dharma) to kill anyone ever.

There is a duty to arrest Without Harm to maintain social order, but not with intent to kill as with Arjuna.

Hindus fought with the British against Islam.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 25, 2016:

Hi OBrien. Thanks for stimulating the mind. However though violence per se is bad, the fact of Arjuna killing in battle his cousins and uncle doesn't fit in here. Firstly Hindus ñever killed anybody to convert to Hinduism, so rampant in Islam and Christianity. Secondly Hindus only reacted to force. Arjiná fought a battle and killings took place in war. I am basically talking about conversion by the sword which never happen during any Hindu rule/period.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on April 24, 2016:

Hello again, just checking in. Didn't Arjuna kill his family based on his religious beliefs? Let us agree at the beginning that harming/killing another person is the wrong result. Therefore any reasoning getting to a wrong result must be flawed.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 18, 2016:

Jay, you have raised some interesting points which I shall endeavour to answer in a later post. Thank you for commenting

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on April 18, 2016:

From article:

"Both Islam and Christianity at some point in time used the sword to devastating effect for conversion. But Hinduism is the only religion that spread by love. There has never been any violence in the spread of spread in ancient times by convincing arguments and not by force. It is belief system that is cerebral and caters to the higher echelons of the mind."

Yes, Judaism, Christianity and Islam converted by the sword and I am opposed to violence in religion. I am also concerned about violence in Hinduism. Didn't Arjuna kill his cousins and uncle based on his religious beliefs?

Dr K N Bastola FRCS on April 05, 2016:

If you do not understand the obvious Islamic and Christian rule, and then the occult socialist rule in India after the Brits left, you will never be able to get the answer. But if you do, the answer is very simple. The Hindus are not yet fully independent Try

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 18, 2016:

thank you grand old lady for appreciating and commenting. Its great to know that you like such hubs

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on March 18, 2016:

This is a wonderful article about the benefits of Hinduism. I hope you write more articles about it, like its faith and practices. Thank you for the learning experience:).

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 13, 2016:

Thank you Gundu for comments

madugundu krishna from Yemmiganur on March 13, 2016:

the great devotion

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 13, 2016:

Thank you Devika for your support..

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 13, 2016:

A very interesting hub on Hinduism. I like the way you presented this hub. The photos are colorful and I Tweeted.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 13, 2016:

Dear Promod, Thank you for your comment. I wrote this hub as many erudite Hindus are everyday criticizing India and Hinduism. I hope these people can see reason. Hinduism has some faults and need to be rectified, no doubt about it, but the philosophy is simply great

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 13, 2016:

Thank you Sukhneet for commenting. It is good you feel proud of being Indian

pramodgokhale from Pune( India) on March 12, 2016:

Yes ,

we need not shy at all.British education and England returned graduates were blind follower of Empire and became Anglophile.Hindus produced shenanigans (Above the top) like Gandhi and Nehru. They damaged Hindu social fabric and under the name of so called rationalist who criticized Hinduism for nothing.Hindus let Hindus down. Untouchable is a curse on Hinduism and we should rectify immediately.

Caste system needs to be overhauled and dialogues among communities should begin to close differences.

Sukhneet Kaur Bhatti from India on March 12, 2016:

Well, a bit perplexed about the points you have added. Somehow I am not shy about being a Hindustani, I am shy about the mentality of the people that still needs a revolutionary change. Else, I am proud to be an Indian, a country that is known for its cultural heritage. No other country in the world has such different cultures and colorful people. Love it!

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