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Incomplete US Policy to Change the Plight of the Afghan People

Incomplete US policy to change the plight of the Afghan people

Russia invaded Afghanistan at midnight on December 24, 1979. Russia sent 3 divisions of its troops to Afghanistan, which captured Kabul within a few days. After Russia's occupation of Kabul, Russia began to spread its influence and its culture throughout Afghanistan. Not accepting this change of Russia, Afghan Mujahideen came to the field. Due to a deficiency of weapons, the Mujahideen started a guerrilla war against the Russian Army. Mujahideen would attack Russian troops and hide in the mountains. After that, the United States provided anti-aircraft missiles and weapons to the Mujahideen and at the same time, the United States with the help of Pakistan trained these Mujahideen. Mujahideen continued to shoot down Russian planes and helicopters. As the days passed, defeat approached Russia. Russia was finally forced to concede defeat. Russia's last soldier left Afghanistan on February 15, 1989.

After the US left Afghanistan

Russia wanted access to hot water through Pakistan after its occupation of Afghanistan. After this victory, Russia wanted to maintain its prestige and supremacy in the world. The United States also wanted to dominate the world because of its growing economic growth. After the defeat of Russia, the United States got a chance. After the defeat, various independent states were born in Russia. Russia's economy has weakened. The United States took advantage of this success and withdrew from Afghanistan. After Russia's defeat in Afghanistan, civil war broke out. Groups and organizations were born. Poverty came to Afghanistan. Terrorism came. Drugs began to be grown and shipped to foreign countries to meet their needs. Along with Afghanistan, Pakistan also came under its sway. What Pakistan was developing was also affected. The civil war in Afghanistan brought millions of refugees to Pakistan. The influx of refugees has had a devastating effect on Pakistan's economy.

After the arrival of the United States in Afghanistan

After 9/11, the United States invaded Afghanistan and forced Pakistan to side with it۔Pakistan sided with the United States. The United States invaded Afghanistan voluntarily. The United States established its government. The United States has been running its government for 20 years. The United States has voluntarily done whatever it wants in Afghanistan. India also took advantage of Pakistan with the help of the pro-US government. India favored the Afghan government and used Afghan territory against Pakistan. India trained terrorists against Pakistan and sent them to Pakistan for terrorism. After Russia's defeat in Afghanistan, it became weak and declining, and the United States had the opportunity to become a world power. Russia did not forget the defeat that the United States had inflicted on it with the help of Afghans and Pakistanis. Russia realized its mistake and vowed not to make any more such mistakes in the world. Russian started to develop them and increase their military power against America.

After the US left Afghanistan

The United States withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021. The pro-US government fled۔The United States has spent billions of dollars, but the economic situation in Afghanistan has not improved. The last American soldier has also left Afghanistan. There is still poverty and scarcity in Afghanistan. Afghanistan's economic situation is very weak. People are suffering from hunger and poverty. The condition of women and children is very bad. There is no one to help, neither the United States nor Russia. Along with Afghanistan, Pakistan has also been affected. The two wars in Afghanistan have had a direct impact on Pakistan. These two wars have given rise to Afghan refugees and terrorism. Pakistan is the only country that has been most affected by these wars. Pakistan's industrial and economic development has stalled due to these wars. Afghanistan and Pakistan continued to develop. Neither Russia nor the United States remained in Afghanistan. Only poverty and hopelessness remained in Afghanistan.

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