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In My Opinion the Only Reason Darlie Routier Is on Death Row in Texas Is Because Her Husband Was Never Investigated.

There was no evidence to support the intruder theory and Darlies husband knew that when he made the deal with her lawyer not be implicated in the crime.

I don't understand how so many people can just dismiss what has gone on with this case?  What kind of a husband goes to such lengths to make sure the jury never sees any of the evidence that implicates him in the crime?

I don't understand how so many people can just dismiss what has gone on with this case? What kind of a husband goes to such lengths to make sure the jury never sees any of the evidence that implicates him in the crime?

Darin Routiers involvement with the lead detectives son and family should have screamed corruption from the get go.

Detective Jimmy Patterson was a narcotics detective. He had never been on a homicide case let alone made lead detective in one. We are talking about a double murder here of two children and the brutal attack on their mother and this narcotics detective just happens upon the scene less than one hour after Darlie dials 911?

He just happens to meet Darin's employee there and she just happens to give him a false statement about this black car stalking the Routier home weeks leading up to the murders?

Nothing is said to Darlie at all about this black car before the trial. How is that possible? Darin was telling the police that he believed this intruder had followed her home from the tanning salon or grocery store. She didn't even have a vehicle to drive, Darin was using her pathfinder to take himself and her sister to the shop.

After the police and detectives arrived Darin wasn't telling them about this suspicious black car, he claims to have seen weeks leading up to the murders, yet his first phone call immediately after the murders was to his sister-in-law Dana. The same sister-in-law he was accused of having an affair with. He calls her not to tell her to call all the family members to tell them what is going on, he calls to tell her to get his employee over to his house so she can give that false statement about this black car they claimed was stalking the house. It was a joke how Detective Patterson just happen upon this case and how he managed to become the lead detective in the biggest crime case to ever hit that area? Nobody was suspicious? Nobody questioned how this narcotics detective happens to take lead in this case when he clearly had a direct conflict of interest?

To make matters worse it was known that Darin was involved with Chad Patterson's criminal son. He was facing serious criminal charges at the time for drugs and a drive by shooting and his father just happens to be a long-time narcotics detective. Call me crazy but I find that more than suspicious.

At the time Chad Patterson was facing serious criminal charges including a drive by shooting.

Three days after the murders of Devon and Damon Chad Patterson has his little black crushed? This is all while he was about to face serious criminal charges for a drive by shooting.

Chad Patterson's girlfriend just happens to end up dead three weeks later in the same lake where Darlie's husband stored his big boat? That case is still unsolved today, yet Detective Patterson cracked a double homicide case in 12 days. Nobody is going to convince me there isn't something seriously wrong here.

It was learned through detectives that Darlie's husband was 200 thousand dollars in debt for drugs and detective Patterson didn't know a thing about that before the trial? Give me a break,

I couldn't help but look at the motives that Darlie or her husband may have had to kill the boys.

The prosecutor's theory didn't make any sense to me whatsoever, After doing my own research into Darlie and what people really thought of her I was shocked to find that there was no motive for Darlie to want to murder her kids. Those children were very healthy according to the doctors. They had perfect dental, groomed every day, best hair cuts and clothes and she home cooked their meals and kept a spotless house. Darlie appeared to have a need to please Darin as far as her appearance went. It didn't appear to me that her over the top appearance was her decision at all. It was Darin who wanting the fancy clothes and nice jewelry, not Darlie. In my opinion Darlie spend her money on things the family could share and enjoy and couldn't say the same for Darin. Darlie didn't even own the car she drove. It was leased by Darins company.

Darlie didn't go out and decide to buy the spa and the big or the hot tub.
That was all Darin.

Darlie was basically a child of 19 when she started her family. She had no history of abuse or mental illness or even depression for that matter. It was Darlie who chose to have those three kids and when it came to Drake she decided to have him even though she knew it was going to make Darin furious. He never let her live that down. He made it clear he wanted no more kids after they had Damon and when Darlie got pregnant she didn't even tell Darin first, she told his employee Barbara Jovell. Darin bought Darlie implants in exchange as a bribe for her not to have anymore children. He laughed about those implants during the bond hearing when he was questioned about them. This was two months after the murders. Darlie had zero to gain financially. In fact she stood to gain much more by having all three of h her children alive. She wasn't alone when it came to raising those kids. She had two sisters who were of age to help out. She had her mother and lots of other support if she needed it. It made no sense to me for her to kill the two oldest boys who were very Independant at the time. If Greg Davis theory was correct then Darlie would have gone after Drake because he was the most demanding child due to his age.

It wasn't Darin who chose to put Drakes crib in their bedroom, it was Darlie. She was concerned about Drake crawling over the top and falling out of the crib. She described how he was much stronger than the average 8 month old. Darin had no issues or concerns about Drake falling from the crib and that obvious when he begged Darlie to let him sleep downstairs on the sofa while Drake was left alone in the room upstairs by himself. He had to be furious when she rejected him.

Darin claimed that he had a life insurance policy worth 850 thousand. As it turns out that was also another lie from Darin. He wanted to make it appear it was normal for them to have such large life insurance policies. It was sickening and shocking to see how they dropped the ball on this investigation, and it all began to go down hill the second Detective Jimmy Patterson walked onto that scene and took right over.

Let's take a look at Darin now and what motives he may have had.

I want to start by saying that I don't believe for one second if the authorities had been told the truth about Darin right from the start that investigation would have taken a completely different direction.

Not only that if Darlie Kee and Darin had not been so greedy as to rush out and breech that gag order they wouldn't have met Doug Mulder and Doug Mulder wouldn't have told them about Darlies lawyers planning to implicate Darin in the crime. In my opinion if Darin was innocent he wouldn't have had to come up with 100 thousand dollars to hire a lawyer who cut a deal with him not to implicate him in the crime. That is the only reason all the over whelming evidence from that bond hearing never made it to trial and that is why the jury was left in the dark when it came to Darin. As far as that jury knew Darin was this honest loving upstanding caring faithful husband who was innocently asleep upstairs while his family was slaughtered. Talk about hitting the jackpot. Then he had Darlies own mother backing him up 100 percent. She was telling the world what a wonderful son in law she had and how she knew he had done some crimes in the past, but she drew the line at murder. Are you kidding me?

The only possible way Darlie's story would have made any sense at all to that jury was if Darin was implicated in that crime and they saw all the evidence that pointed away from Darlie and directly at Darin. If this were my daughter there is no way in hell I would have sat on that evidence about Darin knowing my daughter was facing the death penalty. Darlies mother never came clean until 8 years after Darlie was on death row. How does that even happen.

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We didn't learn about Barry Fife until years after the trial. This man was a friend of Darins and nobody ever contacted him before or after the arrest until years later when her appeals began. This man never held anything back. He said he believed Darin murdered his boys and he left Darlie for dead. I could not have agreed more after viewing all that shocking evidence the jury never got to see.

For years Darin has been free to live it up and even remarry his old flame. A woman he dumped in 1985 to start dating Darlie. Talk about the ultimate slap in the face. Darlie is with Darin struggling through the touch times trying to build a life and get ahead and Darin just remarries this woman when he is living high on the hog profiting off the death of children and conviction of his wife. I am sickened and bitter as hell about what the state of Texas did to this young girl. She had never seen the inside a court room, no criminal record and no enemies what so ever and she had the whole world against her. The only one there for Darlie was aunt Sandy and Darin made her life so miserable for trying to warn Darlie about him that she almost lost her entire family. I knew Darins mother would never look at the evidence against Darin. I knew his father just wanted this to go away and Darin had manipulated every other member of his family into believing his ridiculous versions of the story.

The worst part is after Darlie was arrested she only had a handful of people she could rely on. After her mother and husband breeched the gag order the judge did a complete shut down with her. Her lawyers had to get permission to talk to her. How sick and sad is that?

Darin made sure to have his visits when he could though. The whole time he was manipulating and lying to her telling her the police had another suspect and an arrest was about to happen. Naturally Darlie got excited and wrote to family and friends telling them the good news. That was the final straw for the judge. He shut her down completely and then she had nobody. Meanwhile her husband and mother were out there doing all kinds of interviews. It made me sick.

Back to the motives that Darin may have had.


He was broke and struggling for money. According to his employee the business started to go down hill right after she got pregnant with Drake.


He had two large life insurance policies on her with the accidental clause included. He stood to gain 500 thousand from her policies alone.


Darlie learned from her lawyers Darin went behind her back and made changes to her policies making himself the sole beneficiary of both policies.


He had cheated on her contracted infections and at the time of the murders he was being accused of having an affair with her 16 year old sister.


Darin didn't drive a vehicle suitable for a family of five. He drove a car that a swinging single man would drive that clearly had no room for his family. That car wasn't even reliable, but it was all about the image for Darin. To top things off Darin owned his car not leased for the company like the one Darlie drove.


Darin was in serious debt for drugs. He was broke and desperate for money.


There is no doubt in my opinion that Darin was hiding the over due debts on the household expenses. During the trial he said he wouldn't even get out of bed until after the mail came. The over due bills were found in the garbage in the house and in the glove compartment of the vehicle Darin was driving at the time. When Darlie said they were not broke I believe she was telling the truth because she didn't know anything about the financial issues they were having. As far as she knew things were great. Darin hired her sister to work the shop, he hired Jovells mother to come in and help her with the house and kids. Of course Darlie believed things were good financially, why wouldn't she. I mean who would go out and hire two more people they had to pay a wage too if they were broke?


I personally found enough evidence to convince myself that Darin was having an affair with her sister. He was broke but he hired Dana to work the shop with him? His employee testified that the shop was slower than it had ever been since Darin opened it so it made no sense for Darin to hire not only Dana but a housekeeper for Darlie too? He had a purpose for both of those people. He could freely spend time with Dana away from Darlies suspicious eyes and he could bring in Jovells mother to make sure she was witness to this black car that Darin and Jovell had been staging at the house to make it appear someone was stalking Darlie. I got that information from Jovell herself.


Darlie wanted that boat sold she knew they couldn't afford it and that was something Darin was not willing to do. He was so desperate to hang on to that Jag car even though it was constantly breaking down and costing him money. His image meant everything to him and still does to this day.


Darin said himself when he came home from dropping Dana off that night of June 5th, he went into the garage to hide/yes hide his belongings so Darlie couldn't sell them at the garage sale. Darlie was clearly trying desperately to try and get the money together so she could go to grandparents 50th anniversary. If Darlie knew the truth about the finances, she would have known right then she wasn't going to her grandparents 50th anniversary and she sure as hell wasn't going to Cancun with her friends. It was all lies Darin told the jury in order to make it appear that Darlie was the selfish greedy mother who only cared about herself.


Darlies mother took 8 years to come forward and tell the world about Darins plans to rob his own house. The problem is Darin played Darlie Kee as well. He didn't confide in her about his plans to rob his house because he trusted her. He was building up witnesses to support this intruder robbery theory. I don't believe a robbery was intent. It may have been in the start but once his affair with Dana was exposed I believe all that changed. Now it was a stalker watching Darlie when she was home alone. All the sightings happened in the hours that Darlie was alone and Darin and Jovell planned it that way.

Reasons I believe the prosecutors at Darlies trial knew all about Darin all along and still prosecuted her.

Greg Davis asked Darlie some very suspicious questions. Unless you knew about the over whelming evidence the original court appointed lawyers had against Darin the prosecutors' questions would not have made sense whatsoever to that jury.

Greg Davis was fully aware of the floor plan in the Routier house. He was fully aware that there was two separate paths to get from the garage/utility room to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

He asked Darlie if there was any possible way a person could have gotten from the garage/utility room without her seeing them.

The reason he asked this question was because he was already aware of the hidden bloody jeans belonging to Darin that were found in the utility room hidden between the boys jeans. He was also aware that both of the first responding officers testified that the garage door was open when they first saw it. He also knew that Darlie had stated that the intruder entered the utility room and then went into the garage closing the door behind him. Greg Davis knew whoever went into that garage came back into that house forgetting to close the door behind them. I have no doubt Greg Davis was fully aware of all the lies Darin had been telling and that is was possible that Darin was that intruder Darlie saw go into the utility room. The same man she says that attacked her and was holding a knife as he walked away.

This is the day Darlie went to the police station and here Detective Patterson is patting Darin on the back right behind Darlie's back.

Darin shows up at the police station with a bible in hand ready to flash the reporters looking like a God fearing victim?  It makes me sick what they did to this girl.

Darin shows up at the police station with a bible in hand ready to flash the reporters looking like a God fearing victim? It makes me sick what they did to this girl.

Darlies first description of the intruder should have thrown that investigation on Darlies husband immediately but that never happened.

Detective Jimmy Patterson was the first person to interview Darlie right after she woke, Detective Patterson and Officer Chris Frosch were there when Darlie first woke from surgery.

Darlie gave a very specific description of the man she saw walking away from her. The strange thing is that description didn't just fit Darlie's husband Darin, it also described Jimmy Patterson's son. I suspected that Darin may have been trying to frame Detective Pattersons son based on a lot of suspicious things he had done.

Darlie told Detective Patterson the intruder she saw was over 6ft tall, just like Darin and just like his son. She told them the man had longer hair in the back, just like Darin just like Pattersons son. She told them this man had a wide build just like Darin and just like Pattersons son. To make matters worse, Patterson did not disclose these details to the authorities when they held that public conference to announce her arrest. According to the authorities they said her description was very vague and that was not true at all. We know Darin was friends with Patterson, we know Darin was deeply involved in drugs right along with Chad Patterson. We know Darin owed over 200 thousand dollars for drugs. We know Darin staged a black car to stalk his home to make it appear someone was scoping out his house or wife. He made sure that the sightenings only happened when Darlie was home alone. I learned of this detail through Darins employee. Darin asked her to help stage that black car just like he asked her to report his jag car stolen while he was safely out of town with an alibi. Chad Patterson went to Darlies new lawyers office asking questions about the investigation and the progress. He was friends with the secretary at Doug Mulders office. Darlie Kee made a point of exposing this to the public making sure that Chad Patterson was injected right in the middle of that case. I have no doubt what so ever Darin had put Chad up to this in hopes that the investigation might turn on Chad. With Chad out of the picture the debt for his drugs might also disappear. That is my opinion.

Once Darin realized that Darlie was their one and only suspect he began to make public statements that would imply Darlie was guilty.

These are just a few of the lies Darin has told over the years and I am going explain why I believe he told those lies in order to save himself.


Darin lied when he said he had the perfect marriage and there were no issues at all between Darlie and himself. This lie was exposed by Darin himself when he wrote an affidavit to the courts admitting that they had serious issues and at one-point Darlie asked for a separation.

In one of the last interviews Darin did he actually accused Darlie and her lawyers of forcing him to write that affidavit because they were desperate to get her out of jail and off death row. That should tell us everything we need to know about him.

Before the trial Greg Davis called Darin as a witness for the state during a bond hearing. At that hearing he confronted Darin about so many things and what came out at that hearing should have without any doubt opened the prosecutions eyes and forced them to stop prosecuting Darlie. Instead, what they did was subpress all that crucial evidence and information and make up a whole new theory knowing not of it was true at all.

What Greg Davis and Toby Shook did to Darlie is way beyond cruel evil and criminal in my opinion. They knew their opening statements were nothing but hog wash. Greg Davis publicly slandered Darlie before the trial painting her as their own Texas Susan Smith. Darlie never had a chance at a fair trial and the corruption in her case was deep it is shocking to me what they all got away with.


Darin clearly lied about coming downstairs before Darlie dialed 911. The 911 call proved he was not there until after she returned to the hall already speaking with 911.

In my opinion Darin had to put himself there in the hallway with Darlie much sooner in order to give himself that false alibi. He had to put Darlie at the foot of the stairs so she could tell the police she saw Darin come out of his room and down those stairs. We know not only by the 911 call that was a lie but we also know by the blood evidence because there was no blood puddle at the bottom of the stairs to prove Darlie stood there screaming out Devon's name.


Darin lied when he said he didn't have jeans on when he first came down and he also lied about having his glasses on. That was all proven through that hearing with Greg Davis in August.

Darlie never swayed about her story regarding Darin not having glasses on. Darin made a point of going into detail of how he removed his glasses in bed that morning and how he made a point of telling the police how he woke up and put his glasses on before running downstairs. In my opinion this lie was so important to Darin because it would convince Darlie he actually went to bed that morning when he went upstairs. He couldn't and wouldn't have come downstairs without first putting on his glasses because he is or was blind as a bat without glasses. That would have ment Darin still had in his contacts he wore the earlier hours the night before.

Darin trapped in his lies by Greg Davis in August because Davis knew for a fact he had lied in his police statement he wrote about going back upstairs after the police came in to the house. He said in his statement he went back upstairs after Waddell came in to put his pants on.

Greg Davis was smart, he asked Darin what he wore to bed that night and Darin said he went to bed naked. Davis jumped all over that and confronted him by saying " So you were naked when the officer came into the house?" Darin was caught off guard because he didn't know Davis had read his police report. Darin quickly retracted that statement and tried to convince Davis he was confused when he wrote that statement. He wasn't confused. He gave very specific details about when and why he went upstairs. Again, Davis withheld this from the jury. Why?


Darin lied about coming downstairs already wearing his glasses. Darlie never strayed from that detail of how she described Darin when she first saw him in that hallway. She said he had no glasses on when she first saw him. I asked myself why would Darin harp on about his glasses in his police and his interviews. He claims he didn't remember running out to meet Waddell in the front yard but he gave specific details of the color of the cloth Darlie put on Damon what he did in detail after he woke.

I realized why Darin had lied about his glasses. He couldn't see a thing without glasses and there was no possible way he would have gotten up, got dressed and ran downstairs without putting his glasses on unless he still wearing his contacts. It was just more details that proved to me Darin did not go to bed that night as he claimed. He didn't get naked take off his glasses and go right to sleep after that huge fight he had with Darlie. What he did do was go back upstairs before the police arrived, he opened the door to where he locked that dog up earlier and I believe that is when he removed his contacts and flushed the cocaine, he used earlier that morning. You will hear in the 911 call that the only time we hear that dog bark is just as officer Waddell is pulling up to the house.


Darin gave very specific details/lies about when he went back upstairs claiming to have put his pants on only after officer David Waddell entered the house.

This was a lie that prosecutor Greg Davis exposed with Darin before the trial. First he asked Darin what he wore to bed that morning and Darin was quick to say he went to bed naked. Darin unaware that Davis had already read his police report knew Darin either lied about going to bed naked, or he lied about coming downstairs without his pants on. He then asked Darin if was naked when officer Waddell arrived, and he said no. He tried to back track and claim he was confused as to when he went back upstairs and why but Davis had already exposed the lie and quickly moved on.

The prosecutor didn't just expose the lie about the jeans or when he went upstairs, he also exposed the fact that someone had locked up Darlie's dog earlier that morning. That was a very suspicious detail considering the fact that her dog was never confined to any one room. He was free to roam that top floor at night but not on this morning. I believe he was locked up in that back bathroom so when the attack on Darlie and boys began he wouldn't wake them all at once. It was clear to me who ever attacked Darlie and the boys had to make sure there was no physical confrontation from any of the victims. That said to me, this person knew he was going to have contact with the police sometime in the future. I don't believe for one second a stranger went into that house and attacked three sleeping victims, specially young children like Devon and Damon. I believe they were murdered for what they saw and heard that morning. It wasn't Darlie who was angry with the boys that day, it was Darin.


Darin lied about when he came downstairs and he lied about what he saw and heard when he went downstairs.

Darin said he didn't stop first at Damon because he didn't see him. That was impossible, he had to go right past him to get to Devon. Darin then told the police that his attention was drawn immediately to Devon because Darlie was screaming his name over and over again. According to Darlie she called/screamed out for Darin. He then took this lie a step further by saying his attention was drawn to Devon because the glass coffee table had been tipped over on top of him. We know for a fact that this detail was an outright lie. It was proven through the investigation that the table nor the flowers were ever tipped over. This was just another elaborate lie Darin would tell in order to explain why he never once stopped to check on Damon.


Darin told police that he ran over to Devon and lifted the table up off of him and looked for cuts. He went into detail with Greg Davis how the delicate flower arrangement was laying on the floor beside the tipped over table.

Detective Cron was first on the scene to start the investigation. He actually took the time to test that table theory by first using his leg to try and move it. He said it was impossible that a five- or six-year-old child could have moved that table let alone tip it right over. He also stated that the flowers had never hit the floor as Darin claimed. There was no damage to the delicate flower arrangement and no Debree from the delicate flowers or leaves were found on or off that table. It was clearly another lie Darin told to make excuses as to why he never first stopped at Damon before running over to Devon. You will see as I go Darin came up with several other lies/excuses as to why he never helped Damon.


The cruelest evil and manipulating lie Darin told was the details surrounding that cpr he describes when he first went to his son Devon. There are only two people who really know for sure what Darin did when he first went over to Devon. What I am going to expose is the lies Darin told regarding when he did that horrific cpr on Devon and why he lied about stopped that first cpr on Devon before the police arrived. Darin said he came down and immediately started this horrific cpr on Devon. As you will see in his interviews he takes duping delight in describing every gory detail of what he did to Devon regarding that cpr he said he did immediately after he got to him.

To fully understand why I say the cpr Darin did on Devon in front of officer Waddell was fake, I have first explain his about the cpr he continues to brag about on national tv year after year in his interviews.

As we all know Darin is not a stupid man. Knowing how to trick and manipulate people is something I believe Darin learned at a very young age.

At 15 seconds into the 911 call Darin claims he ran over to Devon and began this horrific cpr on him. He goes into every specific detail of what he did and why. It was what he said next to the prosecutor that really got my attention. Darin told Greg Davis that he never left Devon's side from the second he got downstairs right up until the time officer Waddell entered the house. Greg Davis would later rip that version of his story to shreds by getting Darin to admit that he did actually stop that cpr he claimed he did on Devon before the police arrived. He was able to get Darin to admit that he had actually left that house before the police ever arrived. Greg Davis knew for a fact before the trial that Darin had lied to him about this cpr he said he did on Devon when he first came downstairs. He knew Darin knew for a fact Devon was already dead when he first got to him. He also knew that Darin knew for a fact that Devon was already dead when he did that second cpr on him 4 minutes later in front of officer Waddell. He also knew that Darin bragged about having 7 years of cpr training and that Darin knew one of the most important things they teach you in cpr training is to never stop cpr on a victim until medics arrive unless/UNLESS, you know for a fact that that victim is too far gone to help. He also knew the second rule in cpr training is to make sure you immediately go to any other victims that may need assistance. Darin not only walked away from Devon pronouncing him dead, but he also deliberately lied about why he didn't help Damon or Darlie after he gave up on Devon.

You will see in that hearing that Darin made up several different lies as to why he never helped Damon or Darlie. First he said he didn't know Damon was hurt. Davis knew Damon was swimming in a pool of his own blood. He had zero blood in his body when he was removed from the house. He then said he didn't know he was injured. Yet in another statement he said he saw the injuries through the holes in his shirt. Then came the biggest lie of all. Darin actually told Davis that Damon had no pulse even before the police arrived. Davis knew for a fact that Darin was lying about this detail because Damon was alive for almost 10 minutes after Darlie first called 911.

In order for Darin to make his story more credible he had to make sure to destroy Officer Waddells credibility and that is exactly what Darin and Darlies mother did. He actually denied doing that cpr on Devon in front of officer Waddell. I couldn't believe the extent of lies Darin told in order to keep himself from being investigated.

What Darin didn't know was Officer Waddell described in detail what Darin did to Devon when they came back into the house. Darin also didn't know that Waddell was transferred to another station right after the murders. He didn't get involved in the investigation and he didn't know any of the details of who said what. Waddells details described that cpr exactly the same way Darin claimed he did it before the police ever arrived. He also didn't know that the neighbor across the street had also confirmed without doubt that he was telling the truth about Darin exiting that house when he first arrived.

I had to ask myself why a father would lie about such details regarding an attack on his family? For years the Darlie haters would defend Darin to the bitter end claiming all his lies were done to protect Darlie. I knew that was not right.

There was one lie Darin could have told that would have and could have helped Darlie and that was the detail about the intruder. All Darin had to say to the authorities to protect his wife was that he saw that intruder leave the house.

The reason Darin didn't and couldn't tell police he saw this intruder was because he knew it would have destroyed his alibi. He needed to put Darlie at the foot of those stairs to give him a solid alibi that he was in his room. In my opinion his story stunk from the get go and thanks to Detective Patterson Darin was never investigated.

Are we expected to believe that Darlies husband just happen to sleep through the brutal vicious attack on three members?

In the first days after the murders Darin said nothing at all about hearing the sound of glass breaking. By the time he was called as a witness for the prosecution at Darlies trial his story had grown signifyingly. He added a very suspicious detail in his testimony at that hearing and it really got my attention.

Darin told the prosecution there was no issues with his marriage but those prosecutors had already spoken to a very important witness who played a huge role in this case. That witness was Darins long time employee and friend. Right up until the trial this woman pretended to be Darlies friend. By the time the trial rolled around she had completely turned on Darlie and her testimony against Darlie was crippling.

What people don't know is this woman had a long time crush/love for Darin. She was jealous with pure hatred for Darlie while pretending to be her friend for years. Before and during the trial she was under the belief that Darin was going to make her a partner in his business but once the trial was over she had no hope of ever becoming partner. She ended up jobless instead. In my opinion Darin used this woman up knowing he needed her crippling testimony against Darlie at trial. Once that happened she was Dis guarded like trash. She would open up over the years now claiming she suspected Darin was more than involved in the crime.

Barbara Jovell knew perfectly well on June 5th that things were going hit the fan between Darin and Darlie because she had spoken to Darin before he got home from work that night. She confirmed the affair between Darlies sister and Darin. The prosecutor was fully aware that Darlie confronted Darin about this affair and that they fought just hours before the murders.

Darlie threatened to separate from Darin and Greg Davis knew for a fact that it wasn't Darlie who stood to lose or gain by the death of the boys it was Darin. Darin knew if Darlie left him he would be financially crippled for the rest of his life. He was already crumbling financially and a separation would have been almost impossible to recover from.

It was until 2005 that Darlies mother and husband would come forward with information about the true state of their marriage.

I do not believe for one second that Darin went upstairs after 1am that morning and went right to sleep knowing his entire marriage and life was crumbling.

I thought long and hard about all the evidence that proved to me that Darin couldn't and didn't go to bed that morning and go to sleep. I think about all the evidence that was kept from the jury that pointed directly at Darlies husband.

I don't know of anyone who can fight with their spouse and simply go to bed and go to sleep. This was the first red flag for me.

I then learned that they found cocaine in Darins room, the same room he slept in with his 8 month old son. The jury never heard a word about that cocaine found in his room but Officer Mayne let it slip at trial that pot was found downstairs with Darlie. Even though she tested negative for drugs that jury was not going dismiss that comment even after the judge told them to disregard that part of the officers testimony. I don't believe that was a slip up with officer Mayne. I believe it was calculating and planned by the prosecution.

So we have Darin upstairs claiming he got naked and went to bed took off his glasses and went to sleep. There is so much evidence that proved to me that never happened.

First of all Darin was wearing underpants when he went to the hospital. So I am expected to believe that he got up after hearing his wife screaming took the time to put on his underpants as well as his pants before going downstairs to check on his family? I don't believe that for a second.

We know Darin had underpants on because they were taken from him at the hospital after 6am that morning. He was never allowed back in the house and there was no chance for Darin to have put underpants on before or after the police arrived.

What is even more interesting is those underpants had the same stains in the same spot as the bloody hidden jeans found in the utility room. Those jeans could only have been hidden after the boys were attacked and according to Darlie the only person who entered that utility room was the intruder she saw. More importantly whoever wore those jeans also wore Darins underpants at the exact same time because they had the exact same blood stains and type in the same spot. This convinced me that Darin had changed his jeans after he entered that utility room. He took those jeans and he hid them in between the boys jeans. Detectives met with Darlie after the trial and they confronted her about those jeans and her reaction was shocking. She became physically upset, cursed out Darin and had to leave the interview to be medicated. I believe at that moment she finally realized that the man she saw walking away from her was her own husband. She was vague in her interviews when she finally admitted that she knew Darin was involved in the murders. I think she knew he was more than involved in the murders.

Darlie has had 27 years to sit back and think about what happened that morning. She has had 27 years to go through her own testimony and put the put the pieces together and for the life of me I can not understand why she is holding back.

Darlie said she first called out while still on the sofa yet Darin claims he never heard a thing. This is after the brutal attack on three people. She then says she follows the person to the kitchen calling out to them and Darin is no where to be found.

As she is following this person she hears a glass break and this is the exact time when Darin claimed he was woken from his sleep. Darlie begins to follow this person calling him yet Darin is still no where in sight. She takes the time to stop turn around go back to the hall and turn the light on to continue on through the kitchen and Darin is nowhere in sight. She goes the full length of the kitchen all the way to the door of the utility room where she sees the man drop the knife. She goes to the door and she stops and picks up that knife. Still Darin is nowhere to be found.

She then walks back through the kitchen but not before leaving that knife on the counter and turning her back to it. That one detail told me Darlie felt familiar with that person, familiar enough to set that knife down on the counter and turn her back to it.

She then goes to the hall where she turns that light on and realizes that there is blood everywhere. She says she sees Devon laying face up motionless and she calls out to him but he doesn't move. He just lays there on his back still with his eyes open. Where is Darin? Nowhere in sight. By this time she has seen all the blood and she sees the injuries on her son Damon. She has to be screaming out by this point but Darin is nowhere to found at this point.

She heads down the hall obviously screaming out for Darin at this point but he is nowhere in sight. She stops in the hall to get Damon to lay down. Still Darin is nowhere in sight.

She finally leaves Damons side and she heads for the kitchen to get the wall phone to dial 911. We know that Darlie did in fact dial 911 almost immediately after she got up because Damon lived for almost 10 minutes after she first dialed 911 and according to the doctors Damon could only have lived up to 9 minutes with the injuries he sustained. That detail completely debunked the prosecutors theory of how they claimed Darlie had stabbed the boys, ran the sock down the alley while leaving Damon alive and returning just to attack him again. That theory was nothing but a joke and had that jury looked at the evidence rather than watch that silly string tape 8 times they might have realized it was impossible for her to have done all those things herself.

This trial was a joke and it was obvious to me that there was no possible way Darin could have slept through everything I have described. I have even injected the smoking gun in this theory.

Darlies dog was upstairs and that dog would have been screaming bloody blue murder the second there was any motion in that house and Greg Davis knew this. Witnesses were questioned about that dog and they all said that dog screamed at every sound no matter if he knew who it was or not. So how was Darin able to hear that light glass break over the dog barking just a few feet away from him? How was he able to hear that glass break when we know the tv was on downstairs as well?

There was nothing about his story that made sense and I am shocked that Darlie continued on with that lie and false alibi for Darin knowing what she knew.

During that bond hearing Greg Davis was able to get Darin to admit that she wasn't at the foot of the stairs as they claimed to see him come out of his room. She was down the hall by island near the kitchen proving she was already on the phone when he appeared. If anyone has any doubts all they need to do is go to that 911 call and listen to Darlie telling Darin to hurry 15 seconds into that call. No way in hell she would have been saying that to Darin if he was there already desperately trying to save Devon.

Everything about his story was a joke and could be proven to be a lie.

I have a lot issues with Greg Davis theory on this case and I specially had issues regarding the sock theory.

After watching an interview that Officer David Waddell did I was confused about some of the comments he made during his interview. Waddell said after Darin got into the house he told him to go over and help Damon. He also instructed both Darlie and Darin to go and sit by the sliding patio door and window. I knew the only way I was going to get answers was to contact officer Waddell myself.

To my surprise Waddell was very honest and straight forward with me when I asked him questions. I was aware by this point that Darin and Darlie Kee had painted this officer as a liar and fraud. They accused him of unspeakable things. In my opinion Officer Waddell was either all those horrible things they accused him of or he was a threat to this case and they wanted him silenced. After speaking with Waddell many times I knew exactly why Darin and Darlie kee had been slandering Darin.

One of the first questions I asked officer Waddell was what he meant when he said "After Darin came back into the house?"

What he told me next shook me to the core. I didn't know if I should be shocked angry or repulsed. Officer Waddell told me that Darin had exited the house immediately after doing that cpr on Devon. He said he was busy talking with Darlie near the kitchen about the intruder. He said in one second Darin was over with Devon doing that horrific cpr on him and the next second Darin stood up and announced Devon dead. (This would be the second time he would announce Devon dead within a 4 minute span). He said Darin began walking towards them in the direction of Damon who was laying on the floor, gasping for air drowning in a pool of his own blood trying to crawl. He said he turned his attention back to Darlie and in that split second Darin exited the house. I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

He said when Darin got back the second officer was just entering the house through the open front door. He then instructed both Darlie and Darin to sit down by the window so he could go and clear the house for the medics to come in.

I didn't even know where to start with Waddell after hearing this shocking news so I asked him flat out. "Why didn't you tell the jury about Darin sneaking out of the house?" He told me he couldn't just walk into court and say whatever he wanted. He told me he told Greg Davis all about Darin leaving at that time. Sure enough I hunted through those court documents and there it was in black and white.

Greg Davis confronted Darin about leaving the house right after Waddell got there. He asked him where did you go. Darin told him he went to Karen Neals to get help for his family.

You have to understand how important this detail really is to this case. First of all we are talking about 4 to 5 minutes into that 911 call. Davis wanted to make sure he got this detail right, so he asked Darin. "What did Darlie, and officer Waddell talk about after he came into the house. Darin couldn't tell him what they talked about because he wasn't there. Instead, what Darin did was accuse officer Waddell of being in shock and doing nothing at all to try and help his family. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Had this case been televised like Johnny Depp case Darin would have been exposed right then and there before Darlie ever set foot on death row.

The timeline here is very important because Darin did not go over to Karen Neals house either of the two times he claimed to have gone there. First he said he went to Karen Neals when Waddell first pulled up. Then he said he went to Karen Neals while Darlie was still on the phone with 911.

This is what really happened, and this is according to many of the witnesses on the scene.

When officer Waddell and Walling went into the kitchen Darlie said Darin immediately got up from that window and he ran towards the front door. Keep in mind here that Darin has completely denied ever sitting next to Darlie at that window and the reason he denied this is because he has said from the get go he didn't know she was injured and that is why he never helped her.

Waddell said he went towards the front door after checking the garage and utility room. That is when he encountered Darin. At this point now Waddell believes that Darin had already gone to Karen Neals to get help but that wasn't the case at all.

When officer Walling showed up at the house, he parked on the side of the house next to the alley. He said he looked up that alley and he saw a man running in the direction where the sock was. I asked Waddell about this and he told me he always believed it was Darin who put the sock in the alley. I asked him why he never told the jury and he again told me that he wasn't permitted to say what ever he wanted. He stopped doing interviews because they would cut out parts of his interview and twist his statements. That is why he never did the last defense interview.

I then asked Waddell if he was aware of all the lies Darin told to Greg Davis before the trial. He was aware of a few of them but not to any extent. That is when he told me that he was transferred right after the murders. He said he put in for a transfer before the murders and it just happen to come through right after the murders so he wasnt actively involved in the case. I then asked him if he thought that was suspicious that he was transferred right after the murders. He wasn't suspicious of anything but I sure was.

I then rambled on to Waddell with all the lies Darin told Greg Davis during that bond hearing. I told him that Darin denied he tried to help his family. He accused him of standing there in shock doing nothing but the 911 call proved Darin was a liar. I then told him about mocking him for letting him leave the house right after he got there. I told him that Darin told the prosecutor that he went to Karen Neals house right after he got there but I knew he didn't. Darin had plenty of chances to go and get that nurse but he didn't. When Darin finally went to Karen Neals it was because Waddell wanted him out of the house. The neighbor heard the whole conversation between Darin and officer Waddell. He said Waddell asked Darin if he had some place else he could go to stay. Meaning he believed that Darin already went to Karen Neals house when he left earlier.

I then asked Waddell, " What did you think when Darin put on that sickening horrific show while running over to Karen Neals house. He was screaming and yelling pretending to be in desperate need of her help when he knew for a fact that the medics and police already had everything under control. It was all an act to make it appear he was trying to save his family. It was so obvious and had Darin been investigated this all would have been exposed before the trial.

Then came the big question that I knew I had to ask officer Waddell. I asked him if he was aware that the cpr he watched Darin do on Devon after they came into that house was fake. He said at the time he believed Darin was trying to help his family. I made sure to expose everything I found out about Darin.

I asked him if he was aware that Darin denied ever doing that cpr in front of him. He said he wasn't aware of that.

I then asked him are you aware that Darin claimed he did that exact cpr on Devon 4 minutes earlier before he ever entered that house? He wasn't aware of that either.

I asked him if he was aware that Darin announced Devon dead long before he entered that house. If he did start cpr when he claims he did, he stopped that cpr and he gave up on Devon. He didn't give up to go help the other victims. He gave up to run outside and to go back upstairs for what ever reason.

I asked Waddell to listen to the 911 call. I told him Darin told the police and prosecutors he went back upstairs only after he entered the house. Waddell told me that never happened. I told him I knew that and the 911 call proved it. Three minutes and 30 seconds into that 911 call was when Darin went upstairs. He opened the door to where he locked Darlies dog up earlier.

I could understand why or how officer Walling and Waddell didn't put the pieces together right away because officer Walling didn't know at the time the man he saw running in the alley was Darin.

Walling said when he entered the house through that open front door he came down the hall and Darin was standing in the living room. He did say that Darin was red faced and out of breath as though he was running.

I told Waddell that Darin actually took the time to see how long it would have taken to run that sock down the alley and get back to the house. Darin said it took him 25 seconds. Greg Davis knew exactly who put that sock in the alley and when they did it.

I went on further to tell Waddell that I believed they dropped the ball with Darin right from the second Detective Patterson showed up. I told him when Patterson took Darin's pants from him at the hospital they had a fresh rip in them. He questioned Darin about the rip in those jeans and Darin told him he ripped them fixing the back gate. That back gate was never fixed. I told him I believed that Darin ripped those pants jumping that fence. They never checked the jeans for fibers from the fence in that part of the pants that were ripped.

Waddell told me that the back fence was very high, and he wasn't sure Darin would be able to jump it. I explained to him that I knew for a fact Darin could have jumped that fence with ease. I told him Darin went to Brian Pardos house and he jumped his fence when pardo didn't answer the door. That fence was much higher than the Routier fence. Darin always bragged how he was so much stronger than the average person. He was energetic and physically fit at the time. Nothing like he is now.

Greg Davis had all this evidence against Darin and they sat on it because they knew Darlies new lawyer would not bring this evidence to trial because of the deal Darin made with Darlies new lawyer not to implicate him in the crime.

The many lies told by Darlie Kee in order to protect her son in law.

In my opinion Darlie Kee played a huge role in the conviction of her daughter. She knew things about Darin that would have turned that investigation completely around and instead of sharing that evidence and information she chose to publicly lie and defend her son in law even though she was fully aware that her 26 year old daughter was facing the death penalty.

Darlie Kee didn't just keep crucial information about Darin away from police, she took that extra step to out right publicly lie about evidence in order to protect Darin from being investigated. There was never any evidence of an intruder and Darlie's mother knew that.

Darlie Kee and her then boyfriend knew that Darin was desperate for money and spoke to them about robbing his own home for the insurance money. I never believed for one second he was planning on robbing his own house. I believe that was all part of the staging to build up clues that would point to someone stalking the house and having Darlie as their target. That is why they staged that car in the hours that Darlie was home alone. That is why Darin kept asking the police if they noticed Darlies looks and her large breasts. He was planting that seed to make it appear that Darlie was always the target but we all know now Darin and his employee staged that black car to stalk his house and that came from Darin's employees own mouth.

I wondered why Darin wrote about seeing his wallet in the middle of the bedroom floor. Now I know.

Darin went into detail in his police statement describing how he went back upstairs and his wallet was laying in the middle of the floor. He would later tell Darlie Kee and others that he wasn't the person who ran out to meet officer Waddell. He told everyone it was the intruder who ran when Waddell arrived and he only ran out after that heading over to Karen Neals house. Darin didn't stop there with the staging though. He actually went to Dallas on June 7th and picked up his wallet that was turned into the police station in Dallas. He never missed a trick. There was Darlie Kee telling the world in that interview how Dariin wasnt' the man who ran out to meet Waddell. She accused him of standing there and letting the man get away. She tried for years to have Officer Waddell fired from his job. Pure evil in my opinion.

I believe everyone that played a role in this case had their own reasons for being deceptive and dishonest with authorities.

This is my opinion.

I believe Detective Patterson refused to investigate Darin Routier because he knew implicating Darin would drag his own son right in the middle of that investigation. His son fit the description of the man Darlie described to him and that is why he didn't disclose those details to the authorities at first. He son was in serious trouble with the law at the time and he also drove a black car. Not sure how he was able to have his car crushed three days after the murders of Devon and Damon without his father being suspicious or curious.

I believe Greg Davis and Toby Shook withheld at that crucial evidence from the jury in hopes or belief that they would charging Darin Routier for the murder of Devon. I don't believe they pursued those charges because if they had they have to expose their own participation and corruption in this case.

I believe Officer Waddell was guickly transferred out of Rowlett in order to keep his testimony and knowledge of the case to a minimal.

I believe the judge was not physically fit to see over that trial due to his illnesses and strong medications he was taking at the time.

I believe the prosecution was dishonest and that they manipulated and tainted the witnesses by holding that mock trial allowed each witness to hear testimony of all the other witnesses.

Let's be realistic here regarding the version of the story Darin gave to police and try and make sense of how they failed to investigate him.

Darin says there were no issues with his marriage even though Greg Davis had exposed accusations made by Darlie of an affair between Darin and her then 16 year old sister. There is overwhelming evidence to support Darlies suspicions.

Then we have Darin claiming there were no financial issues and Darlie was there to back up his claims. The problem is Darin admitted to waiting for the mail everyday before he even went to work. That happened around 10am in the morning. We also know that the overdue bills and mortgage payments were found in the garbage and in the glove compartment of the vehicle Darin was driving. So we know he was lying about being broke and desperate for money.

Let's look at who really had the motive to do such a horrible evil crime. The prosecution said Darlie was tired of her lifestyle and wanted out. She was broke depressed and no longer wanted the life she was living. That made absolutely no sense to me what so ever.

First of all Darlie was not the big spender. It was Darin who drove the Jag car built for a single swinging man not for a family man with a wife and three kids.

It wasn't Darlie who wanted the spa and hot tub. It was Darin. He wanted to entertain Darlies friends in a more friendly atmosphere. That is why he aquired that large boat of his. He loved to entertain people wearing as little as possible. Darlie didn't buy the large fountain out front it was a gift. What Darlie spent her money on was things that the whole family could enjoy like a nice house and pretty things in that house. She spent her money on making herself attractive for Darin. She wasn't the one cheating or contracting infections it was Darin.

I would like to know how Greg Davis came to the conclusion Darlie was the one over spending and living big? She didn't go out and buy her jewelry. Darin was the one who shopped for that at the pawn shop. When he saw something he liked he called Darlie to meet him at the pawn shop to buy it.

Getting back to Darin's ridiculous version of the story.

He claims he went upstairs to bed after that huge fight he had with Darlie and went to sleep. He claims he went to bed naked that night. Naked in the same room where he used his cocaine and slept with his 8 month old child.

He claims he was alseep for about an hour and 15 minutes when he was suddenly woken by the sound of very light glass breaking. He never heard any of the screams Darlie said she screamed out long before the glass broke but he says he was woken by light glass breaking. Keep in mind he is claiming that he heard this glass break over the sound of the tv being on downstairs and the sound of Darlies screaming barking dog that was upstairs with him at the time. Still no red flags to Detective Patterson he kept his focus on Darlie despite all the flaws in Darin's version of the story.

It gets better though. Darin says he gets up, not even putting on his pants but grabs his glasses and races downstairs. He says he pushes past his wife to get to the son who he says has a huge heavy glass table tipped on top of him. Within 20 minutes of the investigation it was proven that Darin had lied about the table falling on top of Devon yet Detective Patterson completely ignores that detail and remains focused on Darlie.

Darin then claims he was in shock even though every medical staff there said he wasn't in shock and he wasn't treated for shock but Darin claims he was in shock.

While Darin claimed to be in shock he did a number of very calculating manipulating things. First he had the good sense to leave that house and go up the alley where they would later find evidence. He had the good sense to go back upstairs before the police arrived. He had enough sense to run out in the front yard and try and stall the officer from coming into the house. He had enough sense to stay away from Damon completely knowing how he would have reacted had Darin tried to touch him. He had enough sense to fake that cpr on Devon in front of officer Waddell. He had enough sense to pretend that he was in desperate need of Karen Neals help when he put on that horrific show running over to her house screaming like a mad man knowing the whole time he didnt need her help.

He had enough sense to try and trick and manipulate Karen Neal to go back to his house giving him a reason to get back into his house. That failed miserably though. The officers stopped him before he could go back into that house. I wonder why he was so desperate to get back into the house? Could it have been to get to those hidden bloody jeans in the utility room? knowing those jeans would prove to the authorities that he was in fact that intruder Darlie saw walking away from her holding that knife?

Darin hung around that crime scene even after several officers told him to leave a go to his family at the hospital. His only concern was that investigation and what they were going to uncover. He even lied about inquiring about his son Damon. All the medics testified Darin never went to that van to ask about Damon.

What kind of clues do these clowns need in order to open their eyes and see what really went on here.

They just took his word for it that he just happen to sleep through the brutal attack on his wife and kids even when they knew there was a barking dog right upstairs with Darin. They knew the history of that dog. They knew he barked at everything including people he knew yet they still didn't bother to check out his story?

How was it possible that the most incriminating piece of evidence that pointed directly to Darin just happens to disappear from the locked secure evidence at the police station? Give me break.

Oh how Darin loved to talk about the injuries his family suffered. Here he is going into detail of Darlies neck injury.

Amazing how he seemed to know more about her injuries than anyone else.  Still no flags to detective Patterson though.

Amazing how he seemed to know more about her injuries than anyone else. Still no flags to detective Patterson though.

You know something is rotten in Texas when the prosecutors have withhold and twist evidence in order to get a conviction.

Greg Davis knew Darlie didn't plant that sock. He knew when it was planted and who planted it.

Greg Davis publicly mocked this young girl from the start. He knew that silly string tape was going to be her downfall. That jury didn't care about the real evidence. They sat there asking to watch that video of the birthday party over 8 times. What the hell kind of evidence did that tape prove. Darlie was clearly heavily medicated at the time. She has always been about her image and that party was no different. She wasn't going to ruin that party for the kids by crying and acting up. Darin on the other hand was the opposite. He never let Darlie out of his site. During that interview with news cameras, he took right over.

Darlie tried to step in and stop Darin from telling that story about flags but he was so desperate to make sure he took every opportunity to paint himself as the hero. It was sickening to watch.

He stood there slandering his dead boys telling the world how they were thieves, and he was the upstanding father who was threatening his kids with jail time if they didn't return the stolen flags. I was sick and furious when I saw that interview. He goes on to the tell the viewers how he was this honest upstanding parent who was there to teach his kids right. What a joke. This is the same man who was using cocaine in the same bedroom where his son Drake slept. This is the same man who stole his own car to collect the insurance on it. This was the same man who was telling his in laws he was planning to rob his house for the insurance money. The same man who owed over 200 thousand for drugs. The same man who cheated on his wife and was accused of sleeping with his underage sister in law. The whole thing made me sick and Texas just turned a blind eye to all of it and everything he did.

This is the look Darin gave when he was doing his interview on last defense while describing how Darlie was screaming out Devon's name over and over.

Amazing how Darlies story differs from Darins.  She said she was screaming his name not Devons name.  She only called for Devon when she first learned of the injuries.

Amazing how Darlies story differs from Darins. She said she was screaming his name not Devons name. She only called for Devon when she first learned of the injuries.

My biggest issue with this case was that cpr Darin kept bringing up that cpr in every interview. It repulsed me.

If Darin had no cpr training his version of the story still wouldn't have been credible in my opinion, but it wouldn't have been so obvious to me as to what he had really done regarding his son Devon.

I repulsed and angry that the authorities didn't even bother to check into his story. The 911 call proved without doubt Darin knew and announced Devon dead soon as he got to him. Over 4 minutes passed from the time he stopped doing any cpr on Devon but the second he came back into that house he ran past his living son to trick that officer into believing he didn't know Devon was dead for over 4 minutes.

I spoke to officer Waddell in length about this cpr. I told him without doubt Darin knew for a fact Devon was dead and had been dead for a very long time before he came in. Officer Waddell had no idea that Darin claimed to have that cpr on Devon before he even got there.

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