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Impeachment of Trump for the Second Time

President Donald Trump has been indicted by Congress for the second time. this is often the second time within the history of the us that a president has been impeached. The impeachment motion was passed within the House of Representatives on January 13 with 232-198 votes.

Ten lawmakers from Donald Trump's own party have voted in favor of impeachment during a historic move. Earlier, Donald Trump has first impeached in Congress in 2019 thanks to the Ukraine scandal.

The Capitol was stained with blood on January 8 at the urging of supporters gathered in Washington DC at the decision of President Donald Trump. Five fresh souls fell. The disgusting incident in US history happened when the Democratic candidate Joe Biden was being certified within the Congress session. People broke down doors and windows into Capitol Hill and ransacked offices, creating a daunting situation. At the decision of Donald Trump, supporters from everywhere over the US gathered in Washington DC.

The impeachment motion was swiftly adopted, led by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The new president is going to be sworn in on January 20. within the last week of his rule, Donald Trump faced impeachment again.

President Donald Trump released a video message shortly after the impeachment motion was passed in Congress. Trump, who has been banned from all social media including Twitter and Facebook, didn't say anything about impeachment in his video message.

Trump has said those liable for the January 8 violence are going to be delivered to justice. there's no place for violence within the name of freedom of expression. Trump mentioned in his video message that those that would do so would harm the "Make America Great Again" movement.

In his message, he said that impeccable security measures are taken to make sure the peaceful inauguration of the new administration on January 20.

The impeachment motion, which was passed within the House of Representatives as per the traditional procedure of the Congress, is now to travel to the Senate. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said during a statement that the proposal wouldn't be discussed within the Senate while Trump is in power.

Mitch McConnell said it had been important for the country to possess a replacement administration. The impeachment motion gone by the House of Representatives within the interest of the country is going to be discussed within the Senate only after Trump steps down.

In a day-long debate in Congress yesterday, angry lawmakers spoke out one after another about Donald Trump's shameless behavior. Mentioning that Trump has broken his oath within the name of the Constitution, they need said that American democracy has been trampled by Trump. A nasty precedent has been set. equivalent words were uttered by 10 Republican members. they assert now's not the time to team. Standing outside the party's position during such a blow to the country's democracy, they said they might vote for impeachment.

Among Republican lawmakers who spoke out against the impeachment, they said it had been politically motivated. they are doing not think that such an impeachment motion will bring good results for the country within the current divided political situation within the US. Lawmakers have criticized Trump's false claims of violence and changing the result of the election.

Meanwhile, widespread arrests for the January 8 violence in Washington continue. This includes not only Trump's blind fans, half-educated white supporters, but also important people. The violence on January 7 was attended by athletes who won gold medals in Olympic swimming and former army members. The FBI is getting bomb-making equipment, an inventory of who is going to be targeted and attacked. Those liable for the violence are being delivered to justice through a comprehensive investigation.

Around the time of Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20, not only Washington DC, but also the whole Matter Washington area has been given perfect security. In the meantime, check posts are found out on roads and highways. 20,000 members of the National Guard and a contingent of police from a minimum of eight states are stationed in Washington. A team of 200 policemen is joining from NY.