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If you ever feel different even as an adult, always love the things you love no matter what.

Your life, your way. FREEDOM.


Find kindred spirits

I know in society, especially in America, still to this day it is pushed upon us, what we should be and what should still be "expected" as a woman.

I learned that you have to go out on your own and truly find the people who truly accept you for who you are and what you are about.

These are the people that will want to see you grow in your own success and not feel jealously or any bad will towards anything you do in your life.

If you are surrounded by people who put anything you do or anything you like down, then you really have to look back at yourself because more than likely if you stay around people like that you are never going to be happy with yourself or your life.

If you share a joy with a film or anything you do in your life and people think that it is stupid or strange and seriously try to make you feel bad about yourself or try to tear apart anything you like or anything you do, than those people don't belong in your life.

I, myself have had my own personal experiences but have been lucky enough to wake up and go in search of enlightenment and find people who really want to see me flourish.

This is such a blessing that I am indeed truly thank for.

I think if you are truly outside anything normal in society or how do we say it, "outside the norm", people are going to try and push things upon you and that is not right.

Sometimes when we search for knowledge about anything, some people are not going to be happy with what we want to do. So that means the time has come to find out who you should or should not have in your life.

If anyone stunts your growth for knowledge then the best thing to do is to not have anyone that is going to try and stop you.

Sometimes what people do is to try and make you feel bad about yourself because the truth of the matter is, people are very unhappy with themselves and they don't want to see other people happy with their own happiness.

So what unhappy people do is make everyone else feel miserable when they are miserable.

Once again, the best answer is to eject those type of people our of your life.

It is sometimes a good idea to step back and take a good look at yourself and spend some time with your self to really truly see yourself.

I have done that and I can see myself for who I really am and that person I am content to look at in the mirror everyday.

I think for myself I learn from my past and know there is much better people in my life now.

Once again as I repeat myself I am very lucky because i know most people are going to be stuck and never continue to grow.

I always think that social media can make anyone look really good.

I try to tell people that social media is like make-up, you can wash off make-up but what woman is truly left standing there without make-up? That is just like social media. People can post all they want and try to make it look like they are having such a really good life.

The fact is everyone has problems they have to deal with and situations we all have to overcome.

I tell people, on my social media accounts, do not make me out more than what I seem because I am so far from perfect but I learn in life and that is what life is about "learning".

I know my life my not work for a lot of people, but it works for me.

I think if you pay your own roof over your head and your own bills, then you should be able to enjoy anything you want in life.

When your taking care of things by yourself, you should walk around with your head held high and be proud.

Ok so it may seem a little strange to some people that once and awhile I dress up like the Crow from time to time but once again, I am a functioning woman, human being in society where I have a full time job, don't spread my legs to get anything from a man or use a man to get what I want in life, and actually work a full time job.

I am just a woman that believes I do not have to trap a man to become successful and make my way in the world.

I also don't need to have 50 million men running after me to validate my womanhood as a woman.

I am happy enough to know that there are men out there that do find me attractive and that to me is also something special.

But I don't talk too much about my private life and this may sound a little old, but I believe that I can't like more than one man at one time and if anything a relationship should grow out of something good to evolve into a trusting relationship.

To get back to what my whole point is, we should have people that are like ourselves in our lives that just accept us for who we are.

We are not children but if we are taking care of our bills and doing our thing, it is ok to be child like and love the things we have always loved without feeling guilty about it what so ever.

Life is so short and we should look forward to everyday and know that it is o.k. to be very different from everyone else, especially if you are doing no harm to anyone and the only thing your doing is doing the right things, taking care of your business and then enjoying the life you have always wanted.

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