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If the Left Went Right on Trump's Covid-19 Diagnosis

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On October 2, 2020, it was announced Donald J. Trump and his wife, Melania, were diagnosed with Covid-19. Many saw this coming as Trump and many in his administration had shunned wearing masks, ignored social distancing guidelines, and continued to hold large rallies and indoor fundraisers.

Trump's campaign has been an onslaught of falsehoods about his opponent, including amplifying Russian propaganda pertaining to Biden's mental acuity and spewing information about Biden's son Hunter acquired from a known member of Russian Intelligence in Andriy Derkach.

What stories would the left create based on Trump's current situation if they treated media coverage in the same professional regard that we get from the right?


Story #1 - This Whole Positive Test Result is a Hoax

It has been widely reported that Trump fabricated his medical records prior to the 2016 election. In 2018, Trump's doctors made the claim that he was 6'3" and just 239 pounds in weight, which no one actually believes. Based on his past then, nothing that can be said about his actual medical condition can be trusted.

With an average approval rating of just 40% during his first term, Trump needed to do something to help people see him with something relating to humanity. Nothing helps that than a medical crisis and voila, a Covid-19 diagnosis.

In a brutal week where he failed to denounce white supremacy and that was dominating the headlines, changing the topic to something that would make the American people feel sorry for him was just the right remedy.

Story #2 - Trump Gets Covid-19 to Avoid Having to Debate

Many are speculating that Trump is going to use a Covid-19 diagnosis to avoid having to appear at a second debate because his first one was, as Jake Tapper noted, 'a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.'

Everyone, except Trump, agreed that the debate was the worst in American history thanks to Trump interrupting Biden constantly and doing what he normal does, spewing lies and conspiracy theories.

In polling of independent voters, they did not have very flattering words to use to describe Trump after that performance as seen in the video below. This gives Trump a way out of the next debate so he doesn't being further embarrassment to himself or the country.

On top of the past, the upcoming debate format is a town hall format. Biden has done well in this format, while Trump held one a few weeks back that caused Laura Ingraham of Fox News to claim that he was ambushed during the event. Only right-wing media would see having to answer real questions from Americans as an ambush, and this now gives Trump a way out of a format where he was sure to get hammered due to his failures to manage multiple crises.

Story #3 - Did Trump Try and Infect Biden at Tuesday's Debate?

If it really wanted to go outlandish, the left-wing media apparatus could start asking the question and putting out fake stories that Trump may have had symptoms start as early as Monday and used the debate as a way to try and infect his older opponent in the upcoming election.

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Many acknowledge that Trump is willing to do anything to win this election because losing will mean facing up to the numerous investigations hanging over his head. Those include campaign finance violations where he was named an unindictable co-conspirator in the case where his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was actually sentenced to jail time.

On top of that charge, recent reports from the New York Times about his finances have raised fraud and money laundering claims, let alone Cohen having already submitted the checks illegally used to reimburse him from the Trump Organization in the Stormy Daniels payoffs.

Then there are the ten counts of Obstruction of Justice where Trump protected Russia in the Mueller investigation and tried to fire those handling the case, among other examples where 1,027 former federal prosecutors claim they could have achieved a conviction had it been any other United States citizen.

Seeing the desperate circumstances Trump is facing and his opponent's clear advantage in 2020 polling, it's definitely not outside the realm of possibility that Trump would use the virus for his own benefit. His own administration has already been accused in an article by Vanity Fair of scrapping a nationwide testing program because the virus was ravaging Blue States and they thought they could use that destruction to their advantage, politically.

Story #4 - Trump Needed a Covid-19 Diagnosis to Help Sell the Benefits of Hydroxychlorquine

Trump has been pushing hydroxychloroquine on the American public since the start of the pandemic. It's been an oddity and there were reports that he had personal stakes in the companies manufacturing the drug.

The actual benefits from taking it have been minimal, at best. ABC News put together a fantastic timeline of Trump actions and the government findings pertaining to the drug.

Based on how often and how committed Trump is to promoting the drug, linking a false Covid-19 diagnosis to an opportunity for Trump to bring it back into the mainstream is not a far reach.


Story #5 - Is There a Hope Hicks - Donald Trump - Melania Trump Love Triangle?

If you're looking to go full right-wing media, hypothesizing why the only three people to test positive so far are Donald Trump, his wife, and the very attractive assistant brings up a few questions.

What were the circumstances that allowed just the three of them in close proximity? If Hicks was around others, why was no one else infected? It's long been suspected that there's more to a Donald Trump and Hope Hicks relationship. The right-wing would have definitely made up something pertaining to it by now had the shoe been on the other foot.

Bonus Story #1 - Trump is Claiming to Have the Virus to Pretend the Upcoming Vaccine is Safe

With Trump touting that there would be a vaccine available prior to the upcoming election, but only about a third of Americans either trusting in a vaccine or trusting anything that Trump touches, it wasn't going to be much of a usable remedy to a virus response he had summarily bungled.

His Covid-19 diagnosis gives him the opportunity to claim he has taken the vaccine and that it cured him, much the way he claimed he had been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure. He needs a win badly in relation to the virus and needs one quickly, and this can offer him an opportunity.

Plus, he's been saying there'd be another October surprise and with the Senate Investigation landing with a loud thud among Biden supporters who can see through the falsehoods contained within, he's going for a hail mary.

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