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If You Have Probation In Oconee County This Is What You Save Their Number As

There are four Probation Officers from Oconee County who have hilarious nicknames. Josh is Controlling Asshole, Joy is Why Joy? Ginger is Blonde Bitch and Tyler is Dumb Ass. Depending on who your probation officer this is the nickname that you save their number as.

Josh is a bit of a control freak when he doesn't get his way which is why he is Controlling Asshole. Ginger has blonde hair but her name is Ginger. She can also be a bit of a bitch which is why she's Blonde Bitch. Tyler is Dumb Ass and Joy is Why Joy? Why have a PO named Joy?

On January 12, 2021, at the Oconee County Detention Center, in booking, the correctional officer was going through my backpack purse when she found condoms that I forgot that I had. Ginger said "Condoms really? At least she's being safe?" I said "Someone gave me those condoms!" Tyler said "Yeah, people just give me condoms!"

Shows how much Tyler knows those condoms actually were giving to me but Tyler would never know that because no one would ever give his dumb ugly ass any condoms.

This worry comeback I didn't think of but later while incarcerated I told it to a bunch of inmates and I lied and said that I restrained myself from saying it and they said that was good because I would get in trouble they also told me if they ever got Tyler as a PO they were going to tell him that I said that.

© 2022 Kristina Pitts

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