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Real News of Real Corruption & the Biden Family, Hidden Away, Suppressed, by Big Tech, Mainstream Media, Before Election

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Joe and Hunter Biden

Joe and Hunter Biden

Evidence and Cover-Ups

As more and more information comes out about Joe Biden and his son Hunter and their dealings and money-making practices in foreign lands, with foreign Nationals...

  • Although, the Obama/Biden Administration, with the assistance of Bob Mueller and his team (DOJ) and their extra attention to phone wiping/erasing techniques and Hillary Clinton's detail to email cleaning services, have all worked together with the media, to protect all of the dirty dealings and dirty little secrets of the Obama/Biden Administration.
  • All while they {the media, big tech} have gone along with the setting up of Donald J. Trump as the fall guy and the one participating in the dirty little games, which have their names all over them
  • Although, Joe Biden has been in denial since the first time we heard the name Burisma, the truth always manages to find a way. Well, it finds a way, but that doesn't mean that the dark forces {the swampy establishment} which has been at work, since, we the people elected Trump, will allow it to make its way

They are requiring more and more effort in the practice of covering their hides is all coming together, to the point where it can no longer be denied. If Joe Biden is continuing to deny it, I haven't heard it.

Joe Biden's campaign message is about 'restoring the soul of America', and yet this is the type of behavior, the Left, has been participating in, as they've lied about it, time after time.

Their idea or definition of restoring soul and the majority's are not only on different pages...they are in different books, on different planets!

A respectable, historic newspaper, the New York Post, which has actually stayed true to the business of truth in their reporting of the news, not a tool of the left nor an arm of the Democratic Party, has come out with a well-investigated, well-documented news story.

It's not hearsay nor gossip, it isn't dealing in innuendo, half or partial truths, designed to hurt or protect any one, it is simply a reporting of the facts.

There is a hard drive to boot.....and it definitely belongs to Hunter Biden, his Attorney has sought its return.

It’s damaging alright; much more so than them having some information or them having a source or’s evidence; it's the cold, hard truth.

Joe Biden used his position to do favors for his son Hunter Biden, therefore doing favors for China and Ukraine, as they...all reaped the rewards, as they...made millions.

Young Mr. Biden was placed in a position, without any knowledge or any experience whatsoever in the Energy industry, to become a key player in the Ukranian Energy Company, known as Burisma.

Mr. Hunter Biden, sat on the Board of Directors, between 2014 and 2019 and I highly suspect that the only reason he stepped down was because his father would be making a run for President of the United States.

You know - appearances and all that!


In emails released by the New York Post, a company official {of Burisma} is asking Hunter for a meeting with his Father, Joe Biden, Vice-President of the United States of America, at the time.

In another...he is thanking Hunter for making the meeting with his Father happen!

Another email refers to Hunter's dealings with China in yet another energy company, which led to yet opportunity for the Biden family.

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As reported by the New Yorker, a representative of China-based BHR, stated that BHR came together, as a result of a meeting between the Bidens and the man who would become the C.E.O., which, incidentally, the Bidens are chief investors in, along with China Development Bank and China's social security fund.


As the New York Post story came out and citizens began sharing the citizens of this Country have always had the right and the freedom to do, chatter began of suppression of this story.

Current Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnamy, was kicked off of Twitter for sharing this hard truth story.

Facebook fact-checkers have radar out on the story, as attempts to share and/or re-share have been stopped dead in their tracks.

People have been chattering a lot on this one, so the people must be dealt with, right?

They must be stopped, for we cannot have the people talking and the truth circulating, what will that do to the plan of gaining complete control over the people, via a Biden/Harris ticket?


I shared the story on Facebook, as a hypothetical, as Senator Josh Hawley (R) of Missouri had done when presented with his opportunity to question Judge Amy Coney Barrett, during the confirmation hearings.

Of course she couldn't answer a hypothetical about a Father/son situation as he had already assumed. He then went on to mention that a non-hypothetical may present itself before the Supreme Court, in the future, so he was quick to just let it lie!

I figured if it was good enough for the good Senator, it was good enough for me!

That way I could keep Facebook’s fact-checkers, which are always lurking, at bay!

What I am hearing, what I am reading, from people who haven't paid much attention in the past, are paying attention now!

But, will it be enough?

Many are expressing concerns of suppression and control over their thoughts (as in what they may or may not read, what they should or shouldn't think) and many are beginning to recognize these as early signs of the move toward Communism, via Socialism...if they continue in their support of the Democratic Party.

If, after all that has happened over the past few years, with the left's attempt to end Trump, after so many signs have been happens, if we go there, it will be because, We The People, have allowed it to!

You've Got Skeletons in your closet...

Joe Biden boasts about having the Prosecutor investigating Burisma, in which his son Hunter sat on the Board, Fired

What More Evidence Do You Require?

We have the vote, for now, we are the difference makers, for now -

This is not just another election, of Democrat v Republican.

I've also heard and read of lifelong Democrats, wanting so badly for this move to the far left and such corruption, to not be so...but it is so -

Wishing and hoping for it not to be, won't change that!

Many in the Walkaway Campaign have already bravely broken away from the Democratic Party and the numbers are growing with each new day.

This election will determine whether we stay in charge of our form of Government or whether we will be ruled over by the Left and their vision of Government - them in power, with all control!

  • The Democratic Party has fully-embraced full blown socialism
  • They've strayed to the dark side and there is no coming back for them
  • They, along with Big Tech and MSM are all in against we the people, for they have shown us their willingness to participate in control measures (as they closely monitor what we see or don't see, what they deem is worthy of 'making the news' and what's not, completely controlling the narrative) trampling our rights, sacrificing our Republic in the process

We can’t have it both ways!

We don’t get to keep our form of Government; Government of, by and for the people, by going with the Party that has sold us out!

We don't get to utilize our God-given right to speak freely, to freely assemble, to petition Congress for a redress of grievances....

Socialism, the back door to Communism, isn’t something you experiment with, dabble in and then go back.

By the time your life and liberty are destroyed by it, it will be too late.

It’s permanent, once a Republic is doesn't come back!

I am appealing to those of you that are either still on the fence or that have always voted for the Democratic Party and are beginning to see this for what it is.

You who are beginning to see that it is no longer, what it once was, it isn't the same Democratic Party, I know it, you know it!

It has been radicalized and taken over by the far gone left of the Party.

Many in Government present day, are in love with the idea of having complete power and control over all decisions in our lives. They do not see us as capable of making decisions about our own lives!

They do not believe in our capabilities to self-govern, as our Founding Fathers did, as the Republican Party does.

Those who have had no problem controlling the people, those who wish to keep us under their thumb, have shown their true colors over the past few months:

We've had more than a glimpse, we've had beyond...‘here’s your sign' moments, as we have watched liberal-controlled city after liberal-controlled city keep their citizens under their thumbs, under their rule, setting them up to live in fear, many afraid to make a move without permission.
While the elected leftist control freaks turned their back on the burning of the American flag, the toppling and destruction of statues, the burning and looting of their local businesses, they gave their undivided attention to keeping those citizens who refused to live in fear... locked down, unable to make a living, unable to go to church, under their thumb

Here’s your glimpse into a future with Joe Biden and the Socialist Party or whatever the Democratic Party has morphed into.....

Here’s your sign, your wake-up-call!

What more do you need people?

UPDATE: Post-Election, Zuckerberg Admits.....

What's Next?

The campaign to supress the Hunter Biden story:

by continuing to make Donald Trump the story with new evidence, new scenarios, more hearsay, more outrage, etc.

With press releases and breaking News of all that Joe Biden is doing for us or intends to do for us - over time

Is beginning to lose traction.

Can it be supressed, kept from the majority, for a little longer?

Does it have enough gas to get the Bidens and the Democrats through one more election?

What will they have to do to make it two more?

~ Stay tuned

The Snake

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Angie B Williams


Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 05, 2021:

Sharing again...just because!

Time to tune out CNN and MSNBC...and tune into AB Williams! ;)

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2020:

I was just thinking, even if people cannot or will not accept this as corruption, then what about the other "c" word...compromised.....and which is worse?!?

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2020:

T, great information, thanks for sharing.

Kayode, agreed. Those who know better, have to be in complete denial and....wearing blinders at this point, in order to continue their support for this lost Party.

Kayode Doyak on October 28, 2020:

AB, anyone who sees this and still thinks Biden or anyone from the Democratic (cabal) Party should be president of the US needs their head examined!

T on October 28, 2020:

Latinos, African-Americans Break For Trump

Polling this past weekend by the Trafalgar Group — the only polling firm that predicted Trump’s 2016 victory — shows big gains by the president among African-American and Latino voters, cutting deeply into the Democratic base.

In four polls that interviewed 1,000 likely voters each, sponsored by political commentator John Jordan, the president is getting 20-25 percent of the vote among black people and 25-40 percent of Hispanics in key states like Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan (each of which he is carrying by 3 points). Trump only got 6 percent of the black vote and 28 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2016.

During the second debate, the last half-hour turned out to be the most important of the contest. Trump’s clear and articulate listing of the things he has done to raise minority incomes, release prisoners sentenced to long terms for minor crimes, create opportunity zones and fund historically black colleges appears to have driven his share of the black vote through the roof and Hispanics seem to have followed suit.

These findings, in four such diverse states, amount to a political earthquake.

And not just in this election. Such a gain among the minority vote is tantamount to a historic realignment.

Black Americans voted Republican, in deference to Lincoln’s legacy, until they switched to Kennedy and Johnson by a small margin in 1960 and in droves in 1964 after GOP candidate Barry Goldwater voted against the landmark Civil Rights Act.

Now they appear to be swinging back to the Republicans as Donald Trump delivers for them in a way that no president since Johnson (including Obama) has ever done.

For Latinos, the increasing assimilation of the two-thirds of the Hispanic voters who were born in the U.S. is also kindling a move to the president.

There may also be a linkage between the two groups in their joint move to Trump.

As more black people publicly embrace the president, Latinos increasingly may feel that they have permission to support him.

This narrative may also apply to many white voters who secretly support the president but keep it to themselves because the media has been shaming those who back Trump.

The sense that they would seem “deplorable” if they vote Republican may have kept them in the “undecided” column, led them to vote for third-party candidates or even encouraged them to lie to pollsters and say they are voting for Biden.

The biased media polls are designed to catalyze this sense of shame by making Trump backers feel engulfed in a sea of blue.

But as these white voters see black people supporting Trump, it conveys permission to vote for him.

Nobody in their right mind would predict this election (or anything in this year of constant change), but Trump sure looks good to me.

Rasmussen said black approval for Trump job performance now at 44% !! It was 25% just 2 weeks ago

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 28, 2020:

I saw an appearance by Joe Biden yesterday and he completely lost it. It was as if background noises messed with his head, his train of thought crashed...and he couldn't recover from it! It was sad really!

And yet...he is propped up, while MSM and the Dem Party run his campaign in his stead....all while assisting him in multiple denials of his involvement in shady dealings, even with Communist China (of all places) (even while Vice President of the United States!!)

Bobulinski has ALL the documentation to back it up and still they deny and deflect. Crazy!

Also...I don't believe for a second that Biden has a lead. I believe we are being led to believe it though!

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 27, 2020:

Did ya'll catch the interview tonight with Tony Bobulinski? Wow! Not good! I don't see any way for Joe Biden to remain in denial of his involvement...even with the assistance of MSM and big tech, he is up to his eyeballs in corruption!

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 22, 2020:

Great post on FB this morning by John Q. Logic:

"Quick rant...

The FBI had emails detailing a meeting between VP Biden and a Burisma Executive in their possession since December of 2019. During the impeachment hearings in the Judicial Committee of the House, they said nothing. During the impeachment trial in the Senate, they said nothing. That information was crucial and because they concealed it, this President and this country suffered greatly. Would Joe Biden be the Democrat nominee if they had revealed the truth about the Bidens and Burisma back then? I don’t think so. Why didn’t they turn it over to the Senate Investigation looking into Biden‘s relationship with Burisma? At this point, I find it hard to believe we were ever going to hear about the contents of Hunter’s laptop from the FBI. Thanks to Hunter’s stupidity and the brave owner of PC repair shop, we now have confirmation of what we’ve known all along. Joe Biden is corrupt. President Trump was right to withhold aid to Ukraine and to demand an investigation. Joe Biden has been compromised. Christopher Wray should resign.

Vote like your life depended on it."

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 18, 2020:

Hi Kayode,

Yes, if only BIg Tech and MSM weren’t a part of the corruption, but they are, they’ve made their choice to cover make go along with.......the endless attempts to protect one shady group of people, by setting up another, so ready and willing to throw one man under the bus, from the get go!!!!

With the exception of a few, they have chosen politics over their reputations as fair and balanced journalists. It will be difficult to tune in to all of the major networks and trust them at their word, for a long time to come and that’s a real shame.

The left is going to have to give somebody up in the very near future, because people are no longer as accepting of what they’ve been fed for the past 4 years or so and most have had their fill or are getting there quickly!

Nice to hear from you.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 17, 2020:

Hi Bobbi,

Thank you!

I've tuned out today, but I am sure there is much, more to come!

As more information is released on the Bidens and their dirty dealings along with...easily a dirty dozen more from the Obama/Biden's easy to see why they've worked so long and so hard to blame it all on the new guy! I don't know if we will see any of them do jail time, but they've earned it, no doubt!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Sankhajit Bhattacharjee from MILWAUKEE on October 17, 2020:

beautifully spoken

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 17, 2020:

Thanks for stopping by Shannon, I welcome a visit from you any time!

Every time I make a plan

- - - - hits the fan

and then here I am again


Barbara Purvis Hunter from Florida on October 17, 2020:

Hi, This is the truth and excellent reporting of the facts that we know at the moment. And, I am sure more will come to light in the near future. It has been too long in getting to the bottom of all the corruption. Now, it is time for the swamp to be completed drained and and the evil doers jailed.

Bobbi Purvis

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 17, 2020:

Hi, Angie. Told ya I'd come by to read your latest. Wanted to let you know that I did, but I'm afraid I don't have much to contribute. I have no idea what is going on with Biden and his son because I haven't watched hardly any television lately and don't go to the forums. Needed a break from political posts on social media, too. I'm sure you've made several valid points, though. You usually do.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 17, 2020:

The hard drive doesn't to speak, but nevertheless, each individual should have access to news stories, in order to draw their own conclusions.

I've only lived here in the States, but I've heard my entire life that freedom lost, doesn't return. We can't toy with things which have consistently failed humanity and expect something different. The Dems are no longer toying with socialism>communism, they've surrendered to it.

Thanks Eric!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 17, 2020:

I did some research into the Biden pay for play matter. I am quite sure that it is a bit over inflated to a natural degree. But just the whole of the matter makes us see the mindset. For sure for the undecided.

I have lived in a few socialist/communist countries and have been blessed with doing business there. The Biden situation is standard fare. Pay some bucks or sit on the back of the bus.

I would rather my birth place does not go there.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 16, 2020:

Thank you Sankhajit.

If I can convince just one person to run away as fast as they can from today’s corrupted socialist Democratic Party, it will make my day...that’s how strongly I feel about this!

This isn’t politics as usual....

To go forward in a supportive role of today’s Democratic Party means turning one’s back on the freedom, Individual liberty, opportunity, etc. this great Republic was founded on and has represented so beautifully for closing in on 250 years.

I would love to hear from those who have, even if they didn’t run, but moved away at a pretty good pace. ;)

Sankhajit Bhattacharjee from MILWAUKEE on October 15, 2020:

superb post

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