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If I Were A Politician

What Is Politics and Politician?

Politics is the science and art of the government and the government is one of four factor of the state. It deals with the public affairs in general. A politician is person who takes part in active politics or is much interested in politics. In the true sense, he is a selfless worker who seeks to run the affairs of the state and devotes his time and energy out of patriotic zeal for the welfare of his countrymen. Over the centuries, the politicians have played the most crucial role in the development or ruining of a nation. As they possess power in the state, they can do things that can be beneficial or ruinous for the sake of the country. That’s why good politicians can be the greatest asset in the development of a country and on the contrary bad ones can be the worst. Here we will focus on different aspects of present politicians and their attitude towards politics.

Today Politics Meaning:

Nowadays most politicians of the world follow politics as a career, regardless of principle. By and large, the people think that our national politics has gone into the hands of wrong people who have made it nasty, corrupt and murderous in order to fulfill their selfish interest at the cost of the general people. Thus one thing that is most disquieting to me is the so-called politics of our country as it is self-centered, terror-oriented and suicidal. Politics has been driven to the opening up of many tempting avenues to get involved in corruption throwing at a discount the motto of public welfare. Instead of being public servants, the politicians nowadays are behaving like they are the master of the normal people and they can treat them in any way they like. In another word, the politicians have sacrificed their ethics and political beliefs just for the sake of their well-being. That has leaded the whole nation to a disastrous situation.

My Thoughts:

Sometimes I give thoughts to take initiative to bring about a change in this deplorable state of affairs. For this purpose I need to be a politician. Of course, I would be a different person with a lot of commitments to the people of the country. In fact, if I were involved in politics, I would try to become a genuine lover of the people rather than a political deceiver.

My First Duty:

I would first look into the dark chapters of our politicians and unveil them before my audience. I would expose their selfishness, nepotism, favoritism, party-service and corrupt practices or ill practices. I would also disclose the secrets of how they exploit the common people with the mischievous motive to serve their own interests as well as the interests of their respective parties. I would show to the people why my resourceful country cannot come out of our corruption. I would make the people aware of their rights and privileges and encourage them to reject the dirty politicians. Having rescued politics from the eclipse of the vested interest groups in this manner. I would set about thinking how to ensure maximum welfare to the maximum people.

My Second Duty:

My second duty would be to clean up the bureaucrats and put the administrative machinery on an even keel. It would be my sacred duty to identify the conspiracy of the super-powers who are bent upon exploiting our country and interfering in our internal politics. Their local agents and collaborators must also be identified to safeguard the liberty of the people and the sovereignty of the state. We know that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and we must exercise vigilance to ensure law and order as well as peace and security of the country.

Development Programs:

Having thus setting the stage favorably I would exert myself to identify the problems in the various sectors of national development and address the problems sector-wise on priority basis. There would be some short term and some long term projects or program on the basis of importance, practicability, availability of funds and resources. In respect of foreign relations, diplomatic measures have to be geared up in a manner that can brighten the image of the country abroad in all respects.

In order to be successful in my mission as a politician I would have to enlist some like-minded persons. I believe, such persons will be available and if I encourage them we shall be in a position to make concerted efforts to achieve the goal.

So from the above discussions, I think I have been able to present my thoughts clearly on how I want to play a crucial role as a politician in order to develop my country. I strongly believe that if I can carry on with my plans than there is hardly any way I cannot be successful in achieving my goals-only bad luck can change the scenario. So I earnestly request to all the politicians of the country to fulfill their duties sincerely. Then the country will be a much better place to live in.


Arif Hussain on May 01, 2012:

I Like this Notes about The Political and its really nice to watch.

manu on April 21, 2012:

really nice one and i really appreciate the person who wrote it

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on January 12, 2012:

Well, you got one like-minded person here. Let me know when that political party comes to being - I'll join the membership. : )

All the best - great write!

TANJIM ARAFAT SAJIB (author) from Bangladesh on June 30, 2011:

Daffy Duck, you are absolutely right.thanks.

Daffy Duck from Cornelius, Oregon on June 30, 2011:

I'm sure that quite a few people who get into politics have the same goals. Unfortunately survival instincts and politics, in general, tend to cloud people's minds. It starts out slowly and virtually undetectible and just gets worse. It's like becoming a lawyer.

People have good intentions, but they don't realize how powerful and subtle corruption can be.

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