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Identifying the Root Cause of Crime, Violence, and Prevention.


Crime and violence are major problems all across the world. In every community, you will find good as well as bad. Some people tend to get along fine with their neighbors, family, and friends, living in peace and harmony, While other people do not have such togetherness.

When it comes to fighting crime and preventing violence it’s no quick fix, it takes a unified effort. Everyone must come together and do what is right, not just for them but think about the future.

Violence cannot build a strong society, it causes unprecedented fear, and it makes people's lives miserable. Communities will turn against communities, Idlers tend to form alliances, and next thing you know there are gangs and then warring factions.

Community policing

This is a strategic approach used in areas plaque by crime and violence. Law enforcement officers have to collaborate with other organizations to find effective ways for individuals in communities to have greater trust in the police.

Base on my observation here in the Caribbean, community policing works when there is consistency. The authorities identify some of the causes of crimes committed and also the needs of the individuals within a particular area.


Unified Effort

Residents, politicians, business people come together and make it a unified effort to solve the many issues within the community. Townhall meetings are held where people can share their views and opinions of things they need to improve the lives of everyone.

Anyone who owns a business is considered a key asset; they will play a key role, they are the ones who will bring forward greater resources to assist with many projects.

Wants and needs

Many people do not have precious commodities such as running water supply. Bad roads some don’t have regulated electricity instead they connect illegally. Lack of jobs for the youth, little or no skills due to unknown circumstances.

The relevant authorities must investigate and identify the things that are most needed.

Community needs

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  • Vocational Training center
  • Homework center
  • Sports team
  • Old age homes for all the elderly
  • Birth certificate application for those without
  • Tax registration application
  • Provision of food for the less fortunate
  • Job placement
  • Job recruitment


Most people who are involved in crime are not just gang members, they might be gang affiliated. For them to be upstanding citizens again, their mindset would have to be renewed. They would need a more positive influence in their life, real role models. Someone he or she can look up to like a second father or mother, brother, and sister.

Bad Influence

To identify some root causes of crime we must look very deep. Music, Video games, and movies can play a crucial role when they consist of violent content. Not everyone has the mindset to know that some things are just for fun and not to be acted upon.

Violent lyrics and images can live within our subconsciousness, and the results we react in a violent way towards the simplest things; when we are accustomed to bad influences.

Stay on the righteous path

"Be careful of the friends you keep!"

Mom and Dad have warned us many times to stay out of trouble. Keep clear of trouble makers, and do not get drawn into their wrongful deeds. If you see something bad taking place alert the police.

If you are anyone who is in a bad situation and is heading down the wrong path seeks professional help. Talk to the community pastor, Talk with a guidance counselor, find a community peer group.


Become a role model

"Be the change you want to see"

Let's say you are a successful person with skills, you can start to teach those skills to someone else. That person will then grasp everything he or she has learned and pass it on to someone else further on in life.

If you have no physical skills but know how to get people to do the right thing, you can be a motivational speaker, a youth advocate, someone people can come to for advice. These are some of the ways we can be good influencers in society.

We may be able to show more people there are ways to survive without turning to a life of crime and violence.

© 2021 Andre Mckay

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