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What is ISA - International Solar Alliance? Members, Objectives & Impact

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International Solar Alliance - ISA!

International Solar Alliance - ISA!

The year 2017 was a difficult one as regards the environment. Firstly, climate change made its presence felt.

Secondly, the US President, Donald J. Trump signed out of the Paris Agreement. Adding, as the result, to the distress of climate scientists and activists.

Leaving, in its aftermath, an environment utterly in shambles – totally ignored and unattended.

But, when in the year 2015 the world was celebrating the Paris Agreement, something remarkable happened along the lines.

Hopes were rekindled as they came under one roof to fight against climate change. A landmark project to fight against climate change came into being called International Solar Alliance.

ISA India

As a founding ISA Member, India has played a pivotal role in forging this alliance, along with other ISA Countries.

It's for introducing this novel concept of Solar Alliance to the world that many people, especially from India, tend to refer to it as ISA India.

And Indian leadership aims for the participation of all International Solar Alliance Members for making it a truly global phenomenon.

American exit, however, replaced hope with doubt. Scepticism rose to unprecedented levels and the success of global agreements on climate change seemed a far cry from reality.

The same disbelief is also associated with ISA - short for International Solar Alliance. And the uncertainty is also sky high.

Can Solar Alliance transform our estranged world? Can International Solar Alliance Members succeed in giving a healing touch to the environment and do what Paris Agreement couldn't, only time will tell?

ISA in the Time of Climate Change

US exit from the Paris Agreement may not appear as fatal a decision to a layman as to those who understand its fallout. Its implications can prove very dangerous.

It means countries that leave PA will end up increasing their non-renewable energy consumption.

As such, the use of coal and other resources that emit greenhouse gases will manifold, and that's exactly what is happening in the US.

At the time, when environmental pollution should decline, it's escalating rapidly. That puts pressure on ISA members to deliver on promises made!

Formation of International Solar Alliance

ISA ( remember this for International Solar Alliance UPSC ) aims to make solar energy our primary source of energy.

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Those who've been vocal and uncompromising in their efforts to take care of the earth's environment, see December of 2015, the foundation day of International Solar Alliance, a landmark moment in the history of mankind.

Its creation paved the way for long-term global collaboration where countries came together to make a shift to solar energy top priority for their respective governments.

International Solar Alliance Members

ISA, which is a formidable organization of 120 nations, have been enthusiastic and pent up for their long-term association with ISA.

Doesn't matter whether it's a developing or developed country, a European or Asian country. All are one in the fight against climate change and fossil fuels.

Manifold Solar Energy Capacity!

Manifold Solar Energy Capacity!

Objectives of International Solar Alliance

ISA has given reason enough for people to rejoice in its creation. If the objectives of the International Solar Alliance are met, it could prove an effective force against climate change and in our efforts to save the earth.

One of the primary objectives ISA has set for itself is popularizing the use of solar energy in general, especially in countries known as ‘Sunshine Countries'.

It's also hell-bent on innovating novel solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. It's astonishing to learn that countries that fall near the equator suffer utter energy shortage.

Despite these countries receiving plenty of sunshine, they fail to trap and utilise solar energy up to their potential and the reason for this inadequacy is lack of equipment and poor investments.

ISA aims to share cutting edge technologies with member countries and continue to invest in solar technology. If everything goes as planned, these countries could become self-sufficient and self-reliant in electricity and energy.

Popularising the Use of Solar Energy in Sunshine Countries!

Popularising the Use of Solar Energy in Sunshine Countries!

If ISA is a Success ... International Solar Alliance Impact!

To find solutions to climate change and the threats it entails, ISA aims to create a trillion-dollar fund to evade any possible apocalyptic outcome.

The hefty amount that will go into the coffers of this alliance will be used to increase our solar energy capacity.

One of the aims of Solar Alliance is increasing, our solar energy capacity by thrice its current value by 2030.

Trillion watts of solar energy for global consumption isn't an impossible feat to achieve.

If ISA could exercise its true potential and live up to the expectations of billions of people worldwide, it's possible.

The primary concern today that haunts our imagination is the devastation climate change has caused.

If we could avert the havoc it would wreak on earth, it could be a happy ending to a great beginning.

For that to happen, fossil fuel usage has to go down, and shift to solar energy made commonplace. And ISA aims just that:

  • To popularize solar energy,
  • Make it affordable, and
  • Accessible to people around the globe.

However, it remains to be seen how ISA could make the right of wrongs Trump`s exit from the Paris Agreement has caused. What's remarkable however is the enthusiasm shown by world leaders towards solar energy.

Therefore, one could, out of sheer hope, expect something good to happen. Trump`s signing out has certainly left a void in the Paris Agreement.

Back at home and abroad, countries are divided and common goals no longer please world leaders.

However, ISA came into being as a ray of hope because it has the potential to unite countries and forge alliances in fighting the menace of climate change.

Seen from that viewpoint, it appears ISA could ameliorate our lost fight against forces of environmental degradation. Maybe it could right the wrongs if leaders remain sincere and do their bit.

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Liz Westwood from UK on October 22, 2020:

Although the UK is not known for year round sunshine, more people are getting solar panel installed to harness whatever energy thry can from the sun's rays.

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