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The Keystone Xl Pipeline Is Bad for America! (Extra Special Updates)

Shyron has been a researcher of American Politics from a young age and believes in fighting for the rights of all American Citizens.

Keep our Country alive

The Toxic Keystone XL Pipeline, carrying corrosive, toxic tar sand oil

When President Barak Obama gave his January 20th, 2015 'State of the Union Address' and he spoke about, climate change, and you know that he cares about the 'State of Our Country.' But, then I received an e-mail from my friend Au fait with an article from the New York Times which read: "WASHINGTON — The State Department released a report on Friday concluding that the Keystone XL pipeline would not substantially worsen carbon pollution, leaving an opening for President Obama to approve the politically divisive project."

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva has just written a great letter asking President Obama to reject Keystone XL Pipeline

Eminent Domain--is this a way to steal private property for personal gain?

Update from, January 25, 2014

On the morning of January 25th 2014 on the radio, I heard a woman from Oklahoma talking about Canada acquiring American lands by eminent domain and she and her neighbors are watching as the Keystone XL Pipeline is laid across their lands, and the workers on the pipeline are NOT American workers. This pipeline is all the way to the Oklahoma, Texas border.

I thought the President had not approved this. Am I mistaken? Did President Obama approve the Keystone XL Pipeline in secret?

Then I started to research and found an article "GOP senators urge Obama to make decision on Keystone XL" Published January 25, 2014

Who do you believe? The Oklahoma woman, who is watching her land being taken-over by the Canadian Oil Company to lay a pipeline across it, or the GOP senators who are pushing to have done what is already happening.

Who do these (politicians) work for? The Americans who elected them? Or the Canadian Company that wants to take our lands, to our detrement for their own gain?

Ask yourself what does the GOP senators stand gain from the President's approval of the Trans Canada's Keystone XL Pipeline?

Why would an American Senator urge the passing of the Canadian Keystone XL Pipeline if not for personal gain?

Ransom Demand: Defund Obamacare and Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline

Members of the 113 Congress of the United States Ransom demand is the defunding of an already FUNDED Obamacare (Affordable healthcare for everyone,) also the TeaParty Republicans in their ransom demand is that the Keystone XL tarsands pipeline have the right to lay their pipeline across America, but not only that, also grant them the right to take American's property to lay it on.

Tell Congress: the Keystone pipeline and the debt limit does NOT mix!

BP Oil Spill - Pensacola Florida

Tar in the Sand, the lines drawn!

Tar in the Sand, the lines drawn!

American Jobs

It is not a question of ‘if the Keystone XL Pipeline should burst, but when, how many places and how many times.

The clean-ups, that is when it will become American jobs.

I Thought Mr. Ryan Was/Is An American. Am I wrong?


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October 2012, Paul Ryan said "TransCanada's pipeline would receive approval on 'Day One' in a Romney administration." He told supporters in Ohio, "We need to unlock the energy we have in this country to create jobs."


Why I think Paul Ryan is a Lobbyist for 'The Keystone XL Pipeline.'

March 12, 2013 Rep. Paul Ryan (R. Wis.) is saying the Keystone XL Pipeline will produce jobs, and in his budget proposal released Tuesday 03/12/2013 he proposes that the Keystone XL Pipeline needs to be approved.

According to The State Department's latest report it contradicts Mr. Ryan's claim that 118,000 indirect jobs and 20,000 direct jobs would be created.

Per the State Department, the pipeline could support only about 42,100 jobs and approximately 35 of those jobs would still be held after the Pipeline is laid.

The Pipeline will produce short term jobs to clean-up the inevitable leaks.

Source: Huff Post Green

My Question: After you Mr. Ryan have helped Trans-Canada get the Keystone XL Pipeline laid and the production from said Pipeline that would be going through our country not to our country for the purpose of being delivered to other countries (as I have heard), how many of our countrymen will still have their jobs?

Got Paper?: Save it for the oil leaks.

Got Paper?: Save it for the oil leaks.

Mr. Ryan on Energy in his Op-Ed Piece

Ryan's Wall Street Journal op-ed, piece stated that the Trans-Canada's Keystone XL Pipeline could put North America on a path to energy independence.

"First, energy: America has the world's largest natural-gas, oil and coal reserves--enough natural-gas to meet the country's needs for 90 years. Yet the administration is buying up land to prevent further development. Our budget opens these lands to development, so families will have affordable energy. It approves the Keystone XL pipeline, which will create 20,000 direct jobs -- and 118,000 indirect jobs. Our budget puts the country on the path to North American energy independence."

Source: The Wall Street Journal -- Op-Ed by Paul Ryan Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Questions:

1. How is this possible when the Keystone XL Pipeline is not to benefit America, but only to get it across OUR country, so that the American people take all the risks?

2. Why does Canada not want to put the Pipeline across its own country?

3. Mr. Ryan, are you saying the Pipeline will benefit the American People, once it is complete and to a place where its product