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I Never Thought I Would Be Defending Harry and Megan Duke and Duchess of Sussex but Here We Are.


Harry and Megan on their wedding day

Harry and Megan wedding day

Harry and Megan wedding day

I have to admit that I was one of the first to criticize Megan Markel.

When the wedding was first announced publicly it came as such a shock because there wasn't a lot of details that came out about the woman Harry was about to marry.

As time went on articles about the couple were showing up all over the net. I found most of the comments negative and very cruel. I wasn't sure why so many had developed such a hatred for Megan Markel.

It soon came to light that statements Megan was making were not true. She began to isolate herself from friends and family. I am not sure I understood why she would have done this.

I was shocked to learn that Harry had never met Megan's father?

I never heard of Megan Markel prior to the wedding announcement. I didn't follow the royal family that close to begin with so it wasn't a big surprise that I had never heard of her.

When Harry and Megan did that interview on Oprah I was furious.

How dare Oprah allow Harry and Megan to do an interview based on lies. Not just lies but statements that damaged the UK and everything the royals stand for.

Oprah had no business allowing that couple to accuse anyone of being racist let alone one or more of the royal members?

I have no idea why the firm hasn't taken legal action against Harry and Megan. Even though I do not believe Megan knew everything that was involved with marrying Harry, she knew exactly what she was doing when she made those false statements against the royal family as well as her own family.

Harry has always been some what of an outcast when it came to members of the royal family.

When ever I saw Harry he was always pulling some kind of stunt or scandal. I just felt that he had a lot of built anger. I always believed Harry felt the royal family was some how responsible for the death of his mother Diana. Even though my family is from the UK I felt the same way Harry did.

There were a lot of things the royals did that I just couldn't agree with and one of them was the way they treated Diana.

Diana was baby when she met Charles. There was no doubt she loved him and that was so obvious in her interviews. It would only be natural for a woman to feel overwhelmed and special when meeting and marrying a prince. I think deep down most baby girls have had those same thoughts and dreams.

I have to say when I first heard about the affair between Charles and Camilla I was repulsed by their behavior. Camilla was almost twice Diana's age and she knew Charles was married. I blamed the both of them for the affair and break up of the marriage.

After the break up of Diana and Charles I was so happy to see Diana continue her charity work. The break up didn't change who she was or what she stood for. She became a light that was much brighter than than the royals.

When the announcement came that Charles and Camilla were to marry I was furious and repulsed at the same time.

This was a slap in the face to both Harry and William in my opinion. This woman had mocked and tormented Diana throughout her entire marriage and once they divorced she was like a vulture swooping in. My opinion of Camilla has never changed. I can hardly bring myself to even look at the woman.

I never believed for a second that Harry and William had welcomed that marriage. How could they? The UK seemed to welcome her as well and that also came as a shock to me.

I get the Queen only wanted what was best for her children but she should have stepped in and put a stop to Camilla long before the divorce. She had two grand children to consider and those boys never seemed to matter. Charles and his happiness came before everything.

I think I am entitled to my opinion regarding the royal family and the UK.

My family is originally from the UK. Members once danced before the Queen. Family members served in the army as well. My mother died a long time illness due to the chemicals that were used during her time serving with the army.

My mother would turn in her grave if she saw what was going on with the Royal family today.

I believe Megan Markel saw weakness in Harry and she exactly how to play on those weaknesses to take full control over him.

I can not say one way or the other if I believe Megan really fell in love with Harry. I do believe she fell in love with the idea of marrying a prince and becoming the center of attention.

I remember when the couple first announced they were getting married. I posted on a few blogs that I believed Megan was going to rip Harry away from his family and have him go on his own to the United Stated. I felt this way because Megan knew she would never be the center of attention being next to the Royals.

She gradually became distant from friends and family until it got to the point it was just her and Harry.

I have to say that I was shocked at the way she disposed of her friends and family and specially her father. I knew it was only a matter of time that Harry would do the same.

I know Harry had a lot of built up anger but I don't believe for one second that he would crushed his family the way he has if he didn't meet Megan.

Megan saw weakness in Harry and she knew exactly how to manipulate him. I felt the family should have stepped in and put a stop to her a long time ago but they stood back and allowed her to crush them all.

In Megan's defense

I realize that Megan didn't have any idea what she was getting into. She rushed into that marriage thinking this was her ticket to the good life.

Megan is a vegan and I respect that but she had to have realized that the Royals have certain traditions that she may not agree with.

Fox hunting was something that always disturbed me about the royals. To hunt down a small defenseless animal in such evil cruel way made me sick. This is a family who had everything at their disposal yet they chose to hunt a small animal down in the most sickening and cruel way. That would be something I could never accept or over look.

Megan allowed her greed to over look details and traditions with the royals that she would never be able to accept.

For the sake of the children I hope their marriage lasts.

I have my doubts about why Megan had children with Harry. I am hoping I am wrong about that.

So far it just appears to me that the children are being used as pawns in her game. I would like to see those children have a normal happy life but the path they are taking now is only causing those children grief in the future.

I believe she took those children from the UK only because she didn't want them to come second to Kate's children. Those children deserve to have family from both sides in their lives and Harry and Megan are robbing those children of one of the most important things in life FAMILY.

Megan complained of mental illness yet I have not heard a word about her seeking any professional help for herself or Harry.

I don't believe a mentally unstable person should continue to have children one right after the other. This just proved to me she had other plans for those children outside of becoming a parent.

I hope Harry and Megan get the help they need and I hope those children will be safe where ever they are.

I hope Megan's charity work for the animals isn't just another part of the scam.

I have seen that the couple have been involved in helping animals and I hope this continues in the future.

If Megan wants to continue winning over the public I would suggest she stop trying to convince people her and Diana are one of the same. Megan is nothing like Diana and she needs to find her own path in life rather than manipulate people into believing her and Diana are one of the same.

Last but not least the name Lilibet. This was a cruel and disrespectful move on Harry and Megan's behalf.

How dare Megan name her daughter after the Queens precious nickname given to her by her younger sister? She accuses the royals of being racist and then she names her daughter after the very person or firm she has accused of being racist?

Their daughter will never live this down. I believe she will be mocked for her entire life due to the slandering and lies being told by the parents.

This was the cruelest most ignorant thing Harry and Megan could have done. It is one thing to want to part from the royals but it is another to make up lies in order to explain away their ignorance.

Do the right thing and give the Queen back her family name before you shame her any further.

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