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I Do Not Sleep Well

I am a delegate of World Sleep Day and a motivational speaker.

Healthy sleep helps us age well.


What is healthy sleep?

There are three basic factors that contributes to healthy sleep. First, it is the duration. Secondly, it is the depth of our sleep. Thirdly, it is the continuity.

For our sleep to have the proper duration, we must have our eight hours sleep everyday. That mean we have have a regular sleep schedule we must follow. Like a balance diet, nothing should alter our sleep. We must endeavor to see sleep as a balance diet, something essential for a healthy life.

The depth of our sleep is another factor in achieving a proper sleep duration. To enable us accomplish this, we should stay away from caffeine and alcohol prior to our bed time. We also need to keep our room free from work related activities, have a good bed and dim light, so sleep doesn't become distracted.

These things are necessary for continuity. Why you may ask? If duration and depth are strictly followed, we will enjoy sleep and see it's benefit in our health, and that will make us keep up the routine. When a healthy and safe routine is constantly followed, we can expect regular benefits.

Why do I not sleep well?

There could be a number of medical reasons why you may not be having a good sleep or a regular one. So it is always advisable you visit a neurologist or your medical doctor. But therein may be a few other reasons as to why.

(1) Hunger: Hunger kills deep sleep. A few claim to sleep off when they are hungry and have better sleep eventually. Facts prove otherwise. Going yo bed hungry will make you wake up with body pains or a headache. So in essence, the sleep wasn't deep and relaxing. Make sure to eat a light meal before going to bed. Then your sleep will not be disrupted by deep hunger pangs.

(2) Worrisome thoughts: Non of us can add a cubit to our life span by being worried. Neither can we have a sound sleep with worrisome thoughts. It is very important to note that one of the antidote to forgetting your worries is to sleep. So instead of thinking of your problems or challenges while lying on your bed, replace them with a sound sleep, so you can wake up feeling refreshed to face your issues.

(3) The right sleep materials: Having the right sleep materials would enable you in having a sound sleep. Please abstain from sinking mattress, and bedbugs infested ones. A sinking mattress would only give you body pains and discomfort throughout the night. And a bedbug infested mattress would endanger your sleep with itchings. Remember the old saying that says: Don't let the bedbugs bite. Good cover cloths should be available to keep you warm in times of cold, and light cover cloths should be used in times of heat.

(4) ill health: Health related issues sometimes disrupt our sleep. When we find it difficult to sleep when we are ill, then we need to let our medical practitioner know about this immediately. Why? You need sound sleep for your medications to work effectively. So if you are not having the appropriate amount of sleep, how would you get better.

(5) Work: This is a major reason why majority of mankind have a very irregular, deep sleep. Many are employees, and have to report to work at a specific time despite the time they got back home due to traffic, or other work related issues. There are so many complaints of people forced to wake up by 4:30Am and return from work by 11:30PM. Before they retire to bed after a very late meal it is already 12:30 AM. And the routine of waking 4:30 AM begins again. Well, we know making a living can be very hard, especially in developing countries, so it is advised to make use of what we have. If there is no other way of getting a less time consuming job that will not rub off us our sleep, which improves our health; then we can apply these few tips:

i. Have your dinner immediately at the close of work. If you still feel hungry when you get home, then take fruits instead. This will save you the stress of preparing or warming a meal when you get home. And you wouldn't have to have a heavy meal before going to bed. You will go off to bed immediately and it will be deep.

ii. Do not turn your home into another office when you get home. Take a shower and go off to bed immediately. Avoid any other distraction! Switch off your phone and stay away from checking your mails. Your healthy deep sleep matters.

iii. The biggest thief that can rub you off your sleep is your television set. Do not be tempted to put it one when you get home late. You can always read the newspapers in the morning to know what's trending. Or visit news site on your mobile APP during the day.

Healthy sleep, healthy aging.

We all want to look young despite age. That is why we invest a lot in cosmetic products, beauty therapies, supplements, and gym. There is nothing wrong in this investments but something could go wrong with it if we aren't careful. What could that be you may ask? Let me ask you a question instead.

Do you think without a proper foundation a building would last? Even though it is built by the best engineer it wouldn't. Now, what if the foundation is solid, and the building materials are inferior? What do you think will happen to that lovely looking building after some years? It would collapse. So, if we focus on just going to the gym to grow muscles and increase our hips, or buying the latest makeup kit and trusted lotion, and most expensive anti aging supplements, our beautiful body will soon collapse without a good regular, deep sleep.

Having a healthy sleep helps you age better. It reduces the stress we face daily from within! It is a natural and God given method to staying healthy. With our continuous eight hours deep sleep, our face becomes more relaxed, we are less worried, more healthy inside, and looking more beautiful and enduring; like a solid building on a solid foundation, built with quality materials.

Treasure sleep, like you treasure love.


Sleep, sleep, Sleep

Nothing smooths better like a sound sleep.

Why should you sleep?

To be relaxed and stay healthy.

Healthy sleep gives you healthy aging!

Why can't I sleep?

It could be health issues or you just not doing it right.

Make sure to visit your doctor if insomnia or other deep sleep related issues affects you. Have you tried the above basic factors listed?

How do I make myself sleep?

Sleep is natural. A gift from our creator to help us grow and stay healthy. Always remember this and you will make sleep a priority like you make food a priority.

Looking good is good business. The best way to look good is to have the right amount of sleep, and make it a continuous practice. It is something only you can decide to do if you want to live longer and healthy.

My sleep, my love.

I am a delegate of world sleep day. I observed last year's event on a radio station and observed this year's event on my YouTube channel. Why did I decide to venture into this selfless practice? I have long ago known the importance of sleep, but never have I ever known it's deep importance in our life span. In fact sleep can never be over emphasized! But I sometimes wonder why a few know about this treasured activity. Then I realise that it has been ignored and given very little relevance. In fact sleep as been associated to laziness. People are afraid to say they are sleeping when people ask. A friend of mine woke me up one day with a call, as I struggled to answer the phone, his next reply sounded sarcastic. I was forced to explain why I still needed to sleep. Many would make sure that there is no hint of sleep in their voice when they answer a call from bed. Some brag that they do not sleep! They say they are so busy and have not gotten time to sleep! And you hear people hail them and say: Wow more money in your account. And it is so shocking to know that those who sleep have been tagged poor.

As a writer and Author, I need a very active brain and mind. I need to be able to recall things in my subconscious thoughts and create a powerful story. I need to be alert and agile. And as a public figure, I need to stay beautiful and age gracefully. I recently shared one of my article: Single at thirty; and my online friend said I look ten times younger. I am able to achieve this by having a regular sleep.

Since I know by experience the impact of good sleep, I have devoted my time and energy in promoting deep, long and continuous routine of healthy sleep. Your health should come first before money. Remember, health is wealth! Those who lack good sleep are poor in health - this should be avoided instead of being glorified.

There is time for everything. A time to sleep, a time to eat and a time to work. Non should erode the other. Non is less important! So why should sleep be viewed as an optional activity. Nothing should replace your sleep, just as no one can replace the love of your life. In fact, if you love your life, you would love sleep.

Hold on to sleep like you hold on to love.


Let's vote in sleep to improve our social life

No matter how we play politics, we cannot vote off sleep. In our social life, personal life, and work life, good sleep is very much important. Let's start with our social life.

For us to be active parents, we need to be relaxed. We need to have good sleep to be stress free so as not to irritate our children. When we lack good sleep, we are prone to anger quickly! And not in the right frame of mind to listen to our children when they need our attention. We would also not be active sexually when we are stressed and that would bring in emotional issues between you and your mate, which could lead to adultery. You would not also be attentive towards your neighbour! Remember your neighbour is anyone you meet and you meet a lot of neighbours when driving. When you do not have a good sleep, you lose that attentiveness you need while driving, and you could cause an accident that could kill your neighbour and you too.

Your personal life is your life span. It is you and all you enjoy doing. Without having a good healthy sleep, it is impossible to enjoy your personal life. Do you love reading? You would never concentrate with a good book when you lack sleep. Do you like cooking? You will forget your recipes. Do you like playing football? You would not have the energy to run up and down the pitch. Do you love life? You will not live long to enjoy it. Good healthy sleep cannot be over emphasized.

I love working. I love working a lot! I have a personal deadline to write and publish an Ebook every month! Now that's work. But in order for me to achieve that, I must have a regular healthy sleep so I can be very active and creative. Sleep doesn't deprive you of work or the time and ability to be creative, active and make money. In fact it makes it possible for you to get the best out of yourself when you are out there working and making money.

Good sleep helps you from becoming selfish; it makes you think of how you can give back to society, because if you love yourself, you will love others too. If you love yourself to make sure that you by all means work on having the right amount of healthy sleep; you prove that you love life, and that also means you can love others too.

Say yes to good sleep from henceforth. Remember, it is healthy sleep, healthy aging.

Talk Sleep!

© 2019 Jade George Anibor

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