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I can't let people go hungry: Biden

President Joe Biden has signed two new executive orders for the backward and economically disadvantaged people of the United States. This has increased food aid for low-income Americans. For those who are unable to return to work due to health risks, their unemployment benefits have been increased.

In a statement before signing the executive order on Friday, local time, President Biden said, "People are out of work, we can't see it as a silent spectator."

"We can't let people go hungry," Biden said. We can't do that, we won't do that. '

President Biden said more than four million people had died in Corona in the country. There is a state of emergency in the country.

Biden added that he had instructed all federal authorities to extend maximum cooperation to small businesses. Tenant eviction has been ordered to be postponed due to non-payment of rent. No bank has been instructed not to seize the house due to non-payment of home loan.

"People are unemployed, we can't watch it as silent spectators."
President Biden