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There's a Lot of, I Told You So, I Say, I Say (Part 6) and That's a Wrap

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

I Say, I Say


From Colluding to Outright Criminal Intent/Activity

In 2017, I wrote the first in a series.

I call them, the "I Say, I Say" series.

We were knocked over the head with so much chatter and innuendo, when Donald J. Trump made the decision to change hats and make a run for the White House.

The chatter?

Donald Trump and the company he was supposedly keeping!

The innuendo?

Hard evidence of secret servers and collusion with Russia, according to...wait for it:

His competition, Hillary Rodham Clinton (D))!

How's that for irony?

Let's not forget the infamous dossier, that which was used to go after Donald Trump.

To me, too many were trying too hard to convince us that Donald J. Trump did not belong in Washington D.C.; he didn't have the clout nor the credentials and he didn't belong.

I knew they were desperate early on, just wasn't sure how desperate!

I guess Trump wasn't nasty and shady enough for the swamp -

Although that's not the way politicians and the mainstream media put it!

Evidence has shown that they {crooked Hillary and crooked D.C.} needed for Trump to look real bad, really fast, in order for them to look somewhat appealing.

But, it began to stink to high heavens, real fast and it soon became very clear to many, that "nearly everyone in Washington D.C., (a.k.a. - the swamp) with the exception of Donald Trump, was doing some form of colluding!"

The new guy in town, was being scapegoated, big time and now we know how far they were willing to go!

Hillary Clinton (D) and company, made the most noise, calling attention to, pointing out and raising a ruckus about the so called "ties" which had been "uncovered", connecting Donald Trump to Russia.

Adam Schiff (D) continually stated that there was "hard evidence" of it, he'd seen it!

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I don't need to remind you how often we heard about Russia from the mainstream media -

let's just say it was multiple times per day, per month, for years.

The media had a field day, every day, at the expense of this man, his family...and this Nation! They may have been privy from the start, who knows with such despicable people, but they sure attempted to sell it, whether they were or weren't -

It was as if they began to believe all of the lies they told, as their hate grew, they taught a Nation to hate, just as much!

A Despicable Plan and Despicable People

I was not a Trump fan initially, I didn't have anything in particular against the guy, I just didn't think a celebrity was the right person for the job at the time.

I felt as if the rest of the Republican field were barely getting any attention, any time that Trump was in the room, he seemed to take up all of the space!

But, in time...when I began to see what was really going on and how career politicians, both Democratic and Republican, worked to push him out, my attitude began to change.

I began to pay attention to what he was saying, what he stood for, etc. and everything he was saying, I agreed with.

He wasn't the bumbling, stumbling fool that the media and career politicians were attempting to make him out to be.

Although I must say, we do have all of that and then some, with Joe Biden

I digress!

I never really knew how in love with America, Donald Trump is!

I too, am in love with America.

Our first connection.

It wasn't just that, it was the idea of securing our borders, in order to better protect us, not to shut people out, but in order to have migration work properly, once again.

The idea of energy independence, understanding that we could be energy independent, if we could finally get around unreasonable regulations and get past bogus climate change speculation, all of which has kept us beholden to other Nations.

The idea of building up America and our military again, after both were so torn down by the Obama/Biden administration.

Somehow, even with all of Washington working against and pushing against him and with the bulk of media doing the same, he became the Republican nominee.

And then somehow, with everything and everyone working against him, he became the 45th President of the United States

Because there was a ground swell from the people, who were ready for an outsider, who were done with the establishment and with the corruption on so many levels; he was elected, and so, he had to be stopped!

They never let up for a moment pushing the narrative, that he, Donald Trump, had colluded with Russia, to work against the Democratic contender, Hillary R. Clinton, to work against the United States and with Putin, for Russia.....blah, blah, blah!

Any and all speculation is out the window now

The entire time Trump was President, he remained under the scrutiny of both political parties!

The entire time he remained under the scrutiny of mainstream media.

It was beyond infuriating, knowing that the people's choice for President, would never be given a fair chance, the writing was on the wall, early on!

Even so, he managed to run circles around his predecessors, from day one, he managed to accomplish what others promise but never deliver on.

Remembering all of this... the numbers of people working against the President of the United States, therefore, working against the best interest of the American people, is beyond infuriating.

I can't find the rights words to amply describe what was done to him...

what was done to us!

All in the name of power.

All in the name of keeping power!

"Many individuals, cared/care so deeply and so passionately, not about this Country, but about keeping an outsider out of D.C., out of the White House" and out of the way of their power, that they never gave a second thought about the damage done.

They never considered who could be hurt in the process or of the jeopardy they placed us all in.

"If you've never before given a thought to there being an ugly underbelly in D.C., if you've never suspected an establishment, network, deep state, it what you will."

What are you thinking now?

There's a whole lot of bad actors, a whole lot of funny business and deception on a whole other level!

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First we Practice to Deceive

The Durham Report has come out and John Durham, Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice, has alleged that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign did indeed spy on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, just as Trump informed us, early on.

According to the New York Post, Hillary Clinton's campaign paid an internet company to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower and the White House in order to link Donald Trump to Russia.


Not a single one of these devious devils in D.C., expected the American People to hire an Outsider, but we did!

Hillary Clinton expected she would have all of the time in the world, to make all of the evidence disappear once elected...but the people had other plans.

It has finally caught up with her and with all who colluded, conspired, lied, broke the law, lied some more. There has been at least one arrest for lying to the F.B.I. and more indictments are coming.....

Enough of the American people already suspected, ugly through and through in our Nation's Capital, that's why we ended up with Donald J. Trump

I remember mentioning in one of the articles that Donald Trump had nothing to lose and Hillary Clinton had everything to lose.

Yet, apparently, half the country didn't see it that way

It should anger every single one of us, the how and the why this all went down.

The fact that so many people ate it up, believed everything they were told and learned to hate the man... over what were manufactured lies, all by design, should have them livid at this point!

We must take our Country back from these despicable people and these destructive D.C. clicks.

Hopefully, everyone that actually cares about the best interest of this country and her citizens, finally can come together and agree on this!

© 2022 A B Williams

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