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I Really Don't Care, Do U? Melania's Message and a Call to Action

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Would you wear this when visiting a shelter for migrant children?

Would you wear this when visiting a shelter for migrant children?

There Have Been Better Wardrobe Choices

I'll admit it—I never really appreciated how much a politician's wardrobe choices when attending pretty much anything will lead to analysis.

Granted, Melania Trump is no politician, but that said, neither is her husband, the 45th president of the United States. However, she is a former model and, generally speaking, is known for usually dressing sharply.

While people did freak out a bit about her decision to wear heels, for instance, to one of the sites hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey, that seems to have been nothing compared to the furor sparked by a Zara jacket.

Granted, this is no ordinary jacket. In other circumstances, it might have appealed to the coolly disinterested. However, in this situation, the first lady chose to wear a jacket that said, "I really don't care, do u?" while on her way to a detention facility in Texas. The overarching goal of the visit seems to have been to check out the facilities and visit the kids who had been separated from their family members. However, in literally letting her clothing choices speak for themselves, Melania Trump has sparked a range of responses.

It's been very easy to vilify the current first family, and certainly, anyone who takes on the office of president of the United States is most certainly signing their family up for a whole lot of scrutiny and potential denigration. However, the choices that President Trump and his assorted family members have made since taking office have on an almost daily basis created an atmosphere of anger, if not hatred, towards the first family that has been unseen on this level until now.

Anyways. Back to the jacket.

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Many have come out and offered scathing interpretations about Mrs. Trump's choice of wear to this detention facility. Certainly, she could have chosen more wisely, given she knows how much public scrutiny she is now under. Of course, her husband said the jacket was a public slap in the face to what he terms the "Fake News," and whether he is defending himself or his wife is really quite irrelevant.

Negative Responses Lead to Positive Actions

What is noteworthy, however, is the response some have taken to Melania Trump's choice of clothing in this instance.

Writer Parker Molloy, for instance, bought the website, and has posted a number of websites to which people can donate in order to try and make a difference for immigrants and their families. Lawyer Loren Collins may not necessarily have been inspired by Mrs. Trump's wardrobe in this instance, but decided to purchase the domain name, which offers some pictures of one of the detention centers.

" serves to comment on social and political issues and problems regarding the federal immigration policies of President Donald J. Trump, as well as other statements and actions made by Mr. Trump, through the use of ridicule and criticism," the website states in the area usually reserved for a disclaimer.

We may never know the real motivation behind Mrs. Trump wearing such a tone-deaf jacket, but in choosing to do so, it would appear that there are some individuals who might want to focus on positive change. Parker Molloy's tweet has gotten over 2,300 comments and has been retweeted 77 thousand times. Mr. Collins' website, while likely not set up as a reaction to Mrs. Trump's outerwear choices, has garnered over 100 shares on Facebook, and while not as impressive a response as, still speaks to people's desire to respond, somehow, to what's happening in the U.S. right now.

I wonder if Mrs. Trump's decision to wear that jacket is a reflection of how she feels about life in general. After all, when you're married to a man who appears to be fairly loathed on a global scale, and the press has you under the microscope in a way you'd never been before, there has to be a part of you who feels as though you have nothing left to make you feel like caring, and that has to be a sorry place to be.

I do feel sorry for Melania Trump, in many respects, because of the extreme focus that is on her every move. It probably seems as though there's very little that she can do that the press won't tear apart. However, in the case of this Zara jacket, I find it refreshing that at least one person has decided to spark some positive change.

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