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I Am Tired of War…

Photo by Horacio Villalobos on Getty Images

Photo by Horacio Villalobos on Getty Images

I speak to neither heads of governments, nor international organizations, nor military officials, nor broadcasters. I do speak to you, to an ordinary person from a peaceful city. You raise children, every morning you go to work, you discuss last news with colleagues, and spend a weekend with a family outdoors. You haven’t seen war and you can’t even imagine what I see from the first row. War is so far from you, and you don’t expect it to come to your home. Either I hope so.

But you notice war to take more place in what you talk about and what you hear of; it’s slowly approaching to you. Our World is being torn to pieces, and every year more and more people come face-to-face with war. It’s growing fast, covering more areas, taking more lives and throwing the development of countries for many years back. You’re concerned in it, you read newspapers and watch different TV-programms. In addition to a last football game and new movies, you talk with friends about another war, you’ve heard about on the radio that morning. The topic has started to be trendy.

Having read articles on the internet and having heard speeches from podiums, you’ve probably formed ‘your opinion’. Moreover, you can support one of the parties, but you don’t understand that the future winners are far away from the soldier trenches. I know this, because I was in your shoes, until the war knocked my door. People around me are blinded by horror, hatred and revenge, they don’t see the way to the peace, they’re busy aiming at an imaginary enemy. I need your help and I want you to see the war through my eyes, eyes of a Ukrainian paramedic.

So, what is war? First of all, it’s death, mutilated bodies, mass graves, and funerals with empty coffins. It’s stench being carried by the wind over huge areas. It’s the WHO and epidemiologists’ warnings about an approaching infectious disaster. It’s contaminated lands and ponds, lack of food, drinking water and medicine. It’s multiple diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, viral hepatitis, etc. Those things are not very popular to be reported by mass media, so I doubt you’ve heard of it.

Secondly, it’s psychological wounds. Madness of mothers having lost their children, insanity of soldiers running to the death in front of bullets, horror of ordinary people seeing ‘collateral damage’. Quiet voices of politicians on TV drown out moans of women looking through a window at shells explosion near a house. All the people get used to new reality after a while, and their madness seems not to be out of the norm. However, there’re not the same people they were before. Pallid grey faces of men digging new pits behind the house, empty glazed eyes of women, crazy smile on the face of soldier going to take others’ lives.

Photo by Alexey Furman on Getty Images

Photo by Alexey Furman on Getty Images

The third point is that war destroys the base of human life — economics. Factories, research centers, ground lines of communications are going to ruin. Fields, forests and pastures are aflame. In this way even you might have felt the consequences of my war. Growth of inflation, rise in price of food and fuel have probably affected your life. Maybe you have even thought about taking to the streets in order to show your discontent by high prices to the government. But all of that is just the serious illness symptoms apparent in so many countries.

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The World is sick with war and being cured with a placebo. The World is set on fire, and by sending Ukraine more and more of death-dealing help, the public leaders are just throwing gasoline on this fire. In fact, there is a method for extinguishing fires with explosives, but nowadays every sane person hopes that an explosion with scale enough to put out the Ukrainian fire will never occur. This war is just an indication of inability or, more likely, unwillingness of politicians to resolve the conflict peacefully.

The criminal logic is clear, there won’t be a conflict without one of its parties. And the fire is growing, that means somebody warming himself in the light of it. It’s impossible to forecast now the time and the way it will be put out. It may be peaceful way or an explosion, which could make the world tremble.

Who can describe war better than its participants? Few of them in right mind would remember it as good times. Erich Maria Remarque wrote: “How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible. It must be all lies and of no account when the culture of a thousand years could not prevent this stream of blood being poured out. A hospital alone shows what war is”. He saw that one hundred years ago, and I see the same picture now.

Every day I see young guys running from the opposite sides in order to kill each other without understanding a reason why. And then I go and collect the fruits of war trying to save at least someone. And there’s no point in telling that in many cases I’m powerless.

However, there’re those who knowingly and willingly take part in this bloodshed. I mean foreign volunteers. I’m very grateful to medics from multiple countries for what they selflessly do, but foreign fighters make a talk for another day. Our paths have crossed some times. With an insane gleam in their eyes they boast, when and in what conflicts they have participated and how many people they have killed. It’s not difficult to understand what drives them. Solidarity, support of our nation, fight with the great evil? Or thirst for thrills and maniacal madness?

I’ve said a lot of bad things about war, but some soldiers find war to have a place for good things. For example, when they come across a trench full of dead enemy soldiers. In such cases it’s even customary to take a souvenir photo with them. Like children getting Christmas gifts, they happily receive new foreign rifles, grenades, missiles, and especially combat vehicles. They tear a gift wrap, take their new adult toys and hurry to ‘play’. Nothing to say: which reality society has, the same happiness people possess.

Banksy’s Bomb Hugger

Banksy’s Bomb Hugger

I do need your help and support to establish peace in my country. But how can you help: extinguish or inflame? Think about, if you’ve made any contribution to what I see now. But even this is not so important. The most significant point you can think about is what you can do to put an end to it.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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