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Hyde Park, Speakers Corner: No Longer Safe for Christians?


Hatun Tash, a convert from Islam to Christianity, was attacked by a figure in black with a knife. At the time, Ms. Tash was wearing a Charlie Hebdo top. Charlie Hebdo is the French satirical magazine that featured, a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. 12 people paid the price, for daring, to feature a cartoon of Islam's Prophet. Recently, a French teacher was beheaded, for featuring the same cartoon, in his lesson. Also, in England, a teacher has gone into hiding because he too, featured the same Charlie Hedbo caricature. Recently, some French soldiers were arrested, because they were preparing for a probable or possible civil war, between France's large population of Muslims and the Native Christians.

Islam forbids images of the Prophet or any other figures, hence, in a mosque, you will never find depictions of figures, (as you would, in a Christian church). So, when mocking images of the Prophet Mohammed are shown, it is obvious, there will be demonstrations, and the more extreme Muslim, threatening violence, (or indeed, carrying out, acts of violence, in the name of God-Allah).

So how does Islam, in its forbiddance of depicting images, especially, those of the Prophet, square against the West's freedom of expression? This indeed, is a conundrum, while you have to respect people's faith, that does mean that faith or culture, overrides the native law of the land. Yet, it seems it does, look at the innocent Rotherham girls, used for the sexual pleasure of Muslim men. Look at the terrorist attacks in Manchester and other parts of Europe. There are probably, parts of the UK, with large Muslim populations, where Sharia law, is enacted. While our authorities do act against terrorism or the bating of non-Muslim girls by Muslim men, etc, it seems often the law acts too little, too late, or turns a blind eye. There seems a line running thorugh, much of our establishment, that we are afraid of the Muslim community or we don't act, because of being called, Islamaphobic. Maybe, its time without offending anyone, our establishment grew some balls, and tackled these issues.

Hatun Tash, a former female Muslim, has been arrested allegedlly for clashing with Muslims in Hyde Park, Speakers Corner. Those arrests, occured in December last year and in May, this year. This time, Hatun Tash, who gave an interview to GB News, (because, apparently, no other news outlet carried the story or wouldn't touch it, with a barge pole), saying that Speakers Corner, is no longer safe for Christians to preach or do anything else, for that matter.

Hatun Tash was taken to hospital, after being slashed by a figure in black. Ms. Tash, wearing a Charlie Hebdo shirt, received a cut to her temple from the knife wielder. Her wound was not serious and she was subsequently, released from hospital.

Police described the attack as "distressing" as Ms. Hatun was put into a police van, to attend to her wound. A knife, has been recovered from the scene and the Metropolitan Police, are investigating the incident. Police are appealing for witnesses, as there must have been witrnesses, that day gathered at Speakers Corner.

If Speakers Corner, is no longer safe for Christians to preach for example, what is happening? Will Christians now, no longer preach or debate their faith, at Speakers Corner, because of some intolerant Muslims? The first thing that is happening here is that, some parts of the Muslim community are trying to close down Christians. Or indeed, using the attack on Hatun, as a warning to Christians or others, who dare question Islam or mock the Prophet. Also, people like Hatun, wearing Charlie Hebdo shirts could run foul of Islamphobia laws and possibly, (although Muslims are not a race), racist laws. Speakers Corner, a place where for years, people could espouse their views, (whether you agreed with them or not), is no longer a place for freedom of speech, (at least it seems for Christians, for fear of physical violence). Speakers Corner has always been a place of debate, even argumentative debate, but never until recently, physical violence. If Christians, took revenge on those mocking Christ day in, day out, those attacks would be on a scale higher, than any Muslim retribution. Why? Jesus Christ is used nowadays, as a throw-away swear word or indeed, an exclamation of surprise or shock. In the mainstream media God, Jesus Christ, etc, are disrespected day in, day out. If extremist Christians (and yes, sadly, they too exist - David Koresh), used violence as a means to get back at those who mocked Christ, we would be as bad as those Muslims who use violence, (when their Prophet is mocked). People think that Christianity and Christians are a soft touch and easy meat, for mockery. However, while many Christians, would not advocate violence, against those mocking the faith, Christians are a tough lot. Christianity has survived Jewish, Roman, Soviet, and every other persecution that has come upon, the faith. Christians have even persecuted other Christians, and yet, the church is still standing.

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In Communist and Muslim countries, Christians are being persecuted for their faith. Even in the so-called tolerant West, Christians are being persecuted, mocked, etc. But there is a spiritual strength there, that not even death can touch. Christians believe in a God, who will make them steadfast, no matter, what they are facing. They believe in a better life, beyond this life, and whether non-Christians mock them or not, faith is something you cannot define, as the world defines things. And, therein, lies the strength of the Christian community. Something atheists, humanists, secularists, some scientists, politicians, etc, cannot, will not, or are afraid to understand.

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