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How you know the government does not care about pollution

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Emissionguy is a professsional car mechanic who enjoys the outdoors, dogs, guns, riding, relaxing in the sun, and pool.

Do as I say, not as I do!

Invent new ways to waste money and destroy the environment.

Imagine if you will the hypocrisy of the EPA to saddle industry with regulations and fines regarding air pollution based on the mantra of providing a better future for our children whilst the very same government operates nearly 200,000 mail trucks built in the 1980's.

The General Motors LLV or Long Life Vehicle is a design based on the Chevy S10 Chassis from 1987. Think about a 1987 Chevy S-10 Pickup with a 2.5 liter iron duke engine.

The vehicle emissions systems are rudimentary at best, and the frequent stop and go usage, which requires the letter carriers to turn off the vehicle when they exit, means the barely functional emissions system does not even function at all because closed-loop operation is not obtained with short term engine operation.

To pile on insult to injury, the mail trucks are exempt from state emissions testing altogether because they are gubbment vehicles. The sadness does not end here because under the guise of responsible spending the replacement catalytic converters the vehicle maintenance facilities purchase are the lowest grade known to man such as this one:

On a brighter note, the USPS plans to build newer mail trucks at the cost of 6 billion taxpayer dollars over 10 years, but they are still in the planning stages on this (soon?) to be catastrophe. The new proposed trucks -aka- Next Generation Delivery Vehicle by Oshkosh corporation will be obscenely expensive and make use of a loophole that will also allow them to be gross polluters getting less and 9 miles per gallon. Oh and we the people paid the company to design it (it's just a Ford transit van) and paid Oshkosh to build and tool a facility in South Carolina (it's still not done.)

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