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How to Stop The Uprising Fundamentalism of Bangladesh

Dear Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Bangladesh is a country where the sculpture of the Father of the Nation is shattered in the name of religion, here if you protect religious feelings, it will not take long for Bangladesh to become Saudi Arabia.

Of course, the people of Bangladesh want it to become Banglastan. Militancy will not be suppressed if militants are shot dead. Militancy is in the hearts of almost all the people of Bangladesh. Millions of people support the terrorist Osama bin Laden and want to make Bangladesh an Afghanistan. Millions of Muslims want Sharia law to be established in the country

There is a saying, "The father of the child is asleep in the heart of all children." In the same way, we can say, the militant leader is asleep in the heart of almost all Muslims.

In order to suppress fundamentalism, one must first awaken the consciousness of the Islamic golden age. The period from 622 to 1258 is called The Golden Age Of Islam. In this era, the capital cities of the Muslim world, Baghdad, Cairo and C‌cordoba became the intellectual centers of mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, medicine, commerce and education. Arabic became the language of science at that time for the benefit of scientists like Al Hazen, Al Biruni, Al Khwarjami, Ibn Sina etc. Those who started the Islamic golden age were the Mutazila community. They judged everything by reason. The Mutazilis combined the ideas of the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the Qur'an with new ideas about the creation of the world. The rationalist Mutazilas used to judge all the beliefs of Islam by reason. They rejected irrational explanations.

This version of Islam must be brought to Bangladesh. Those who will not judge anything (secularism, homosexuality) by Islam. But they will examine Islam on the basis of logic and science. If it does not conform to modern science, it will not hesitate to revise the Qur'an.

The people should be encouraged to adopt the Mutazila version of Islam in a covert manner so that they do not notice. This change has to happen very slowly. In the school's sociology book in Bangladesh, it should be included the history of India as well as the history of different countries. So let the history of the Islamic golden age be inserted. But it should be written in such a way that the students do not feel that the Qur'an is the best source of knowledge. Rather, it seems, “Doubt is the first step to knowledge. You have to be skeptical about everything"

The government should instruct all the religious speakers of the country to describe the greatness of the Muslims of the Mutazila community in the religious assemblies.

There is an old dialogue, "secularism does not mean irreligion." ... that is partly true. Even if a person is secular, he can pray five times, fast, and practice his religion. No one needs to be irreligious if he is secular. Therefore, the saying "secularism does not mean irreligion" applies to the individual, but not to the state. In the case of the state, secularism means irreligion. The state cannot have any state religion.

The debate over the sculpture of Bangabandhu ( father of the nation of Bangladesh) started in December 2020 just like in 2016. Statues or sculptures should not have been the subject of debate, the subject should be – “is the Qur'an really the word of the Creator? Is there really a creator? If so, what is the proof?” ....

If the existence of the Creator cannot be debated in the land of Bengal, it will not be possible to suppress even the fundamentalist fanatical evil forces.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh thinks, "Insulting religion is never freedom of speech." Agreed but criticizing is freedom of speech. Insult is bad but criticism is good. Individual feelings have value but the value of any collective feeling including religious feelings is less. Why less? Because, even if there is no instrument to measure feelings, it is understood that, “when everyone feels pain together, that pain is shared among all. Then each person does not suffer so much separately.”

Giving the right to hurt religious sentiments will not make the people as angry as removing “Bismillah O Rahman Rahim” from the constitution and abolishing the state religion Islam.

We have to work with such intellect that the movement of fanatical people can be stopped. First of all, the prime minister has to give people a hint for a year that in the future she is going to hurt their feelings. They need to be mentally prepared to handle that mental injury.

How to prepare them mentally? It will be shown in TV advertisements, signboards will say great speech: The responsibility of the government is only to serve the people, not to protect the feelings of the people. Along with this, various talk shows will be shown on TV, debates for and against the state religion Islam. The one who supports the state religion in the debate will lose and the one who opposes the state religion will win the argument. A fanatic man can never win an argument with a secular man. The people have to be persuaded by showing these debates.

When this great speech is firmly entrenched in the minds of the public, then suddenly remove "Bismillah O Rahman Rahman Rahim" from the constitution and repeal the state religion, Islam. As soon as the people join the movement, they will remember the motto "Government's responsibility is only to serve the people, not to protect the feelings of the people."

However, some Islamist parties may join the movement. It doesn't matter if govt. deal with them. The prime minister has suppressed the revolt of “Hefazat-e-Islam” (an Islamic Party) with the arrival of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

When Islamic minded people of Bangladesh says, "Nothing will be anti-Islamic in the country of 90% Muslims."

Then I wanted to say to them, "That is why Bangladesh is a uncivilized & barbaric country, where fools live. There is no other religious group in the world today as devoted to religion as Muslims, and Muslims are the most backward in education and knowledge than any other nation."

Hearing this, many may talk about the contribution of Muslim scientists in the Islamic golden age. I have already mentioned that. No one is denying the contribution of Muslim scientists and mathematicians. The renaissance in Europe started after reading their books. But those great Muslim scientists belonged to the Mutazila community. Shia Sunnis have never been able to do anything. I am quoting a paragraph from the article "Towards Students" written by Bengali scientist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.

"On the occasion of traveling around the world, I have noticed two national characters. One character is that they have fallen into the memories of yesterday with vain pride. They do not understand that the earth is immovable, that it is ever-changing. Even the mark of these religiously infected nations is being erased from the face of the earth. Egypt Assyria and Babylon - what is there but their past memories? ”

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There is no need to forget the glory of the past and there is no need to be stuck. The glory of the past needs to be revived in the present. Do you know how the Islamic golden age was destroyed? Because of a man named Imam Ghazzali. He said that “manipulation of numbers is the work of the devil”.

Then the people of the Middle East also began to think - '' Everything happens by the will of Allah. When you shoot an arrow from a bow, the arrow does not reach the target just because you have shot it, but because God has commanded the arrow to reach the target. And all knowledge is given in the scriptures. So, what is the need to discover new knowledge through research? Heaven is certain if the Qur'an is adhered to. "

These thoughts are the cause of the destruction of the Islamic golden age. Many blamed the Mongol invasion. But after dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Hiroshima has just risen. Why not the Middle East? Zakir Naik says, "The reason why Muslims deviate from the Qur'an and Hadith is the reason for the decline of science."

But the reality is that "the grasp of the Qur'an and Hadith is the reason for the decline of Muslims in science." If we take it for the sake of argument, Zakir Naik is right. Then the question arises, "Jewish Christians have not even touched the Qur'anic Hadith. They have always been away from the Qur'anic Hadith. If Jewish Christians can improve science without the Qur'anic Hadith, then why do Muslims need the Qur'anic Hadith to improve science?"

What do you say now?

Just as Rabindra Srijanakala University has been set up in Uttara of Dhaka, branches of this university have to be set up in the divisional cities. Music, dance, drama, fashion design, will work like a weapon to stop fundamentalism. However, some more departments need to be added to this university. Such as fine arts, philosophy.

The Islamic evil must be suppressed, either through the tradition of Mutazila or through Rabindra Chetna. The virus, which originated in the Arabian desert 1,400 years ago, is now engulfing the world. If Nobel-laurate poet Rabindranath Tagore and poet Kazi Nazrul Islam ( national poet of Bangladesh ) had been born in Afghanistan, the Taliban would not have been born.

Even four hundred years ago, everyone thought, "The earth is the center of the universe, the sun and other stars revolve around the earth." The Bible says so. Scientists say that the earth revolves around the sun. They were unspeakably persecuted by the Christian clergy. A scientist has been imprisoned for speaking out against the Bible, and another scientist has been burned to death in Europe. The Dark Ages in Europe has gone.

And the dark age is starting anew in Bangladesh. Because before the believers would get angry if they criticized Islam or the Prophet. Now it is not necessary to criticize Islam to provoke the Muslims, nor to criticize the Prophet. People of Bangladesh get angry whenever anyone say something anti-Islamic. Example: Two former colleagues of Ayman Sadiq, the founder of Ten Minute School, an online education youtube channel, created video content supporting homosexuality, so Ayman Sadiq was threatened with death in 2020. The people of Bangladesh have become like the Christian clergy who persecuted those scientists four hundred years ago. Darkness is rising. The darkness of religion is engulfing the society of Bangladesh.

Being a country of 90% Muslims is not a matter of pride. Whether it is India or Bangladesh, it is a shame for the majority of the people of any country to be religious.

The prime minister of Bangladesh often says, "Terrorists have no religion." With all due respect, you are wrong. Terrorists have religion. Religion is not for innocent, conscientious, rational people (like me).

One of the misconceptions is that militant organizations become militants only after hearing misinterpretations of scriptures. But in fact, the militants understand the perfect meaning of the Qur'an. Billions of peaceful Muslims know the wrong meaning of scripture so they think their religion is a religion of peace. Religion never speaks of peace, religion always speaks of unrest, war, destruction. So we have to come out of religion.

Now you may be thinking, "Why would the Creator speak of unrest and destruction?" Well, the scriptures are man-made. These are not the words of the Creator. Prophet Muhammad lied. How do I understand? Common sense, no raped person would want his rapist to burn for eternity, whereas the Creator would burn sinners for eternity. How could the Absolute Merciful Creator be crueler than his creation? What is it but mental distortion? Moreover, if the scripture is the word of the creator, then it should be understood, "The creator himself is a militant, he does not understand the difference between good and bad." We understand more what is good and what is worse than the creator. Militant groups would not have been formed if the Creator had understood the difference between good and evil. As I said before, the militants are the ones who understand the meaning of the scriptures best.

Please try to understand, no scripture is the word of the creator. Throughout the ages, some cunning people have spoken in the name of the Creator. All the religions of the world are false.

As you read this, you may wonder, "Does that mean there is no such thing as a Creator?" The answer is: whether God exists or not, there is no need for Him in our lives. Religion is false even if there is a creator. If the Creator existed, then perhaps He did not send any book or messenger to the earth. He created man through evolution. We know nothing about him. There may be such a creator, but the conventional scriptures are imaginary.

Religion kills the conscience of man, deprives the power to judge right from wrong.

If you have to believe, don't believe the words of the shepherds of thousands of years ago, but firmly believe that there must be a scientific explanation for everything, from the origin of humans to the origin of the universe. Nothing is above science. If there is a God, then there must be a way to dissect God-like biology practical. Now the reader must argue, "The creator is never a creation that can be seen in detail."

Then I would argue, “Then at least let the creator have a mathematical basis like physics. There is no such thing. "

Now you will say, "Creator is beyond science and mathematics."

I would say, “No, brother, it doesn't happen. There is nothing beyond science. This is the philosophy of science."

If we want to form a science-minded nation, we have to admit that there is nothing beyond science. Rabindranath Tagore was a scientific-minded person even though he was a poet, Bengali philosopher Arj Ali Matubbar was also scientific-minded even though he was a farmer. However, the head of the pharmacy department of Dhaka University the physicist preaches religion. Shame ... Shame ....

In ancient times, people did not know why it rains, storms, tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes. They have imagined different gods to explain natural phenomena. Later, although some people came and brought the concept of one God by removing the different gods, it is still a lie. Now we know the scientific cause of almost all natural phenomena and understand that "the correct way to know about nature is science. Even if science fails to explain something today, it will succeed after a hundred years or a thousand years. But the explanation of religion is wrong, false. So there is no way but to take refuge in science. " The idea of ​​gods and goddesses or one God originated from the ignorance of ancient people.

The problem is that the missionary scientists of Dhaka University do not know history. They do not know that there were other species of humans besides Homo Sapiens (us). They do not know how religion has emerged, how language has emerged when people discovered fires, when and how people left cave lives and learnt home barriers. Because they do not know all this, they could not be free from superstition even if they became scientists.

Whatever the struggle for human rights or the human chain for justice, it will take a scientific mind devoid of religion (superstition). There is a lack of scientific mindset in legal and judicial activities. People easily give false testimony by placing their hands on the scriptures while taking testimony in court. Instead, he used a lie detector machine. No one could lie. The trial would have been completed quickly.

The imaginary creator cannot be dragged anywhere. Not injustice, not in social service, not in any discussion. The tradition of reading scriptures at the beginning of any program should be changed. Because gods of scriptures are false.

The word "science-mindedness" should be added to the constitution of Bangladesh along with secularism. The term is far more powerful than secularism.

Earlier women of Bangladesh used to wear salwar & sari. And now the excess of burkha has increased so much that I don't think I am in Bangladesh. Looks like I moved to Saudi Arabia. Even on the first day of the Bengali new year, the girls go out wearing hijabs. The barbaric culture of Arabia is consuming our beautiful Bengali culture. Now hijab is also appearing in shampoo advertisements. In the nineties, shampoo advertising with a hijab was unthinkable. How fanatical the people of the country have become!

When a robot does something on its own, it seems to be it has free will. But that's actually the way robots are programmed. That's the way robots work. Introducing religion into a child's brain at an early age means programming him/her. When girls say, “Hijab is my own choice. My hijab is my choice. " The girl thinks that hijab is her own choice, but a program called religion or virus has hacked her brain and made her tell these things.

I feel need to save the people from the religion virus, save the Bengali culture of poet Rabindranath Tagore, poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, writer Begum Rokeya, social reformer Raja Rammohun Roy & Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, the father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, novelist Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay, poet Jibananda Das, poet Jasimuddin. The prime minister of Bangladesh, please do not allow Bengal to become Saudi Arabia. Give atheist and sceptical bloggers the right to hurt religious sentiments and police protection. Stop religious groups using atheist bloggers. It is possible to temporarily stop the fundamentalists by beating them with the police, not forever. Atheist and agnostic bloggers are the only way to prevent Bangladesh from turning into an Islamic State.

It is true that Bangladesh is poor but in many respects, it is far ahead of any other Muslim inhabited country in the world. Here women can still go to school for education, boys and girls can study together in the same classroom, rulers can be criticized a little, people still draw pictures, make statues, women are engaged in all professions besides men, there is still dancing and singing. Cinema-drama has not been banned as haram, the practice of religion other than Islam has not been banned, love has not been banned yet, stoning of women for adultery has not started. There is no other Muslim country with such good qualities except Bangladesh.

If tomorrow India says they will not have any mosque or madrasa as it is a Hindu majority country, then how will it feel to Bangladeshi Muslims? As Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country, people can’t tolerate any pagan culture (statues, sculptures), this is not right. Cultural diversity is a resource of a country. If believers expect respect for Islam from atheists, then they too must learn to tolerate signs of different religions. The madman himself does not understand that he is mad. Even the people of Bangladesh do not understand how intolerant they have become.

In order to stop the persecution of minorities, the Muslims of Bangladesh must understand that the country is not their property. How to convince them? Arrange for planting trees as well as placing sculptures at the corners of each divisional town and district town. Tolerance will be born among the Muslims if they always see the patterns of pagan culture in front of their eyes.

Another thing can be done. The first chapter of the famous writer Ahmed Shafar's book "Bengali Muslim's Mind" should be read in schools and madrasas. In the introduction to the book, Ahmed Shafa says, “No artistic or philosophical work written by a Bengali Muslim can claim any significance. The reason for this is that this society has changed a little bit due to the pressure of heat on the external world, but there has been no change in the boundaries of the minds of its people. .......... Bengali Muslims have not learned to think. "

No matter how many children of Bangladesh win gold medals in Math Olympiad, no matter how much they are 1st in a robotics competition, no matter how good the program is and no matter how skilled they are in artificial intelligence, they will not accept the biggest theory of science “Darwinian Evolution”. What is the benefit of becoming proficient in technology if the mind is against science? Science before technology. Mahmudul Hasan Sohag, the director of Udbhas Coaching, Ayman Sadiq of Ten Minute School, Chamak Hasan, a boy who talks about mathematics, always advises, "Think outside the box, think outside the box." But they don't understand that religion is the biggest box.

Sadiq Brothers, Sohag, Solaiman Sukhon, these motivational speakers did not say a word about the issue of communal violence in October 2021. They want to be everyone's favorite. I do not dare to be controversial. Einstein said, "The world is a terrible place not because of bad people, but because of inactive good people." It is better to be busy with personal life without worrying about small things. But communal riots are a huge issue. Now social reformer Rammohonn Roy, Vidyasagar, why people like them are not born? Those who do not follow the customs and manners of the society at all. Those who have the courage to be controversial or hated. People like Vidyasagar, Mr Derozio are very much needed in Bangladesh now.

Another bad habit of the people of Bangladesh is that before doing anything they will think about what Islam says about it. What does Islam say about Muslims attending pagan religious festivals, what does Islam say about listening to music, what does Islam say about painting, what does Islam say about birth control, what does Islam say about sex education, what does Islam say about transgender people, what does Islam say about love, taking loans What does Islam say about, what does Islam say about family planning ............... Oops, unbearable.

Under the influence of the early Hindu religious organization ISKCON, the followers of the Hindu religion also think before doing anything and see what the Geeta (Hindu scripture) has to say about this. Why brother? Why do you need to know "what Islam says" or "what the Hindu religion says " before doing any work? Muslims and Hindus cannot think independently. Whether it is Islam or Hinduism or Christianity, what is the problem of eating and reading without knowing the opinion of the scriptures? God will take you to hell? Then go to hell, what's the matter? Why do you need to go to heaven? What happens if you go to hell? It will be a lot of fun to burn in hell together.

It is because of this fear of hell that any religious nation lags behind in science. Muslims are a little more religious than other religious people, that’s why they are the most backdated among all other religions, castes, races. But Muslims will only blame western society and the Jews without seeing their own fault.

That is why Ahmad Shafa, in his “Bengali Muslim’s Mind” article, says: "Those who do not know how to think about his own affairs, is unable to determine their own good and evil, whose work is done on the advice and words of others (Islam), they to jump from fire to fire. The advantage is that you always get someone to blame for your disability. But he never looks at the source of his weakness. The primitive state of mind of Bengali Muslims is still not suitable for being a Bengali and not suitable for being a Muslim.”

Ahmed Shafa wrote the essay "Bengali Muslim’s Mind" in 1986, today the book is equally relevant in 2022. I am sure this article will be equally relevant in 2076.

They have to understand that the Muslim society of Bangladesh is backdated in thinking. That is why Ahmad Shafar's article should be read in schools and madrasas. Religious people are just backdated. If Bengali Muslims learn to think of themselves as backdated, they will respect different ideologies and the persecution of minorities in Bangladesh will gradually stop. Similarly, in order to make Hindus in India feel backdated, it is necessary to include an article of famous writer Rahul Sanskritization in the textbooks there.

Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, why do you think that there is a Creator of everything? The creator may not exist. Maybe all the religions of the world are less, and all the preachers are liars. We have been following the lies told by these false missionaries for thousands of years. As a child, parents first taught about religion, and because we love parents, it is difficult to throw away their teachings. If you try, it is possible to get out of religion. Doubt your religion, crack your faith.