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How to Remove a Government, or Make It Backtrack on Its Policies



This is being written in the context of protests world-wide against health mandates imposed by government bodies and when there has been a lot of talk of "removing" governments, or changing government policies. There are many people who are either extremely naive, or misguided on this topic so, let's clear-out some confusion.

The first and easiest way, in which citizens can change the policies of their government, or remove their government all-together, is through elections (assuming the electoral system is free and fair). Elections provide citizens the opportunity to gather support amongst each other, on different issues and select a candidate, who can promote their ideas in government if elected. Thus, anyone can try to form a political party, or put forth independent candidates, to run for elections.

Elections are the most common way of changing policies within governments, in the western world nowadays. And it must be noted that this is also the most peaceful and free of risk method. That is why it is important to try to preserve the democratic system of government above all other things in a society. Without democracy, we start sliding into pain.

The second way of removing a government, or having it backtrack on its decisions/policies is through protests. I know this because I have been to protests since I was ten years old. That's over thirty years now, on two continents. I have been to protests of all kinds, shapes and sizes. I have walked with people, sat with people, gave interviews, dodged tear-gas canisters and rubber bullets; there have been attempts by police to try to intimidate and restrain me but I have always walked away free.

So, what is important to remember at protests is the strength of your movement. To actually remove a government, I would like to give the example of what happened in Romania in 2017.

People went out on the streets due to massive corruption in government and the government's proposal to implement laws that would have shielded corrupt politicians from being prosecuted. The latter was the straw that broke the camel's back as the saying goes. The abuses had already been going on for a long time and ordinary citizens had had enough.

Around two hundred thousand to a quarter million protesters show-up downtown Bucharest, night after night. The capital had come to a complete stop. Everyone was on the same page and people came out night after night, day after day. Even when the government backed-down from the legislation it had proposed and that people were unhappy with, everyone still came out to protest. At that point, everyone wanted the government out. The stakes had been raised. It wasn't election time but with nearly a quarter million people coming out each day, that was a clear sign that the government had failed and it soon resigned.

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Changing a government can be done through peaceful protests for sure but there needs to be a massive support from the general public and it needs to go on continually, not every weekend, or once a month. Everyone needs to stop what they are doing and join the cause until the government officials get the point that they have to resign, or call-in the army, which brings us to the last point.

A government can be removed through a revolution. I lived through that in 1989, also in Romania, where I was born and raised. Here it is important to realize that in revolutions people are basically "all-in". They are ready to remove the government in any way possible, violence and all. To get to this point though, the accumulation of pain endured is what gets people to move.

For example a revolution in Canada now in 2022 is impossible because people do not know what living in fear of tomorrow means. Nobody needs to go hungry in Canada, there is support. Nobody is afraid that if they speak against the government they will be taken to a prison, or labor camp forever. Sure the majority of people are displeased with the government but not displeased enough to stand in front of tanks, or jump on top of them trying to get at the soldiers inside.

I saw footage of police officers using stun grenades two days ago at the protest here in Ottawa. People ran away. In a revolution they would be running towards the police officers, or soldiers, stun grenades or not because revolutions happen when people have nothing left to lose. Or, at least they feel that way. It isn't a good feeling, that I can say. My family has been there already and that gives me the insight to know that very few people in the western world now, are ready for a revolution.

There is a fourth way to remove a government, or get its policies backtracked and that is a coup d'état but I am not getting into those because they are often part of revolutions and quite complicated in their nature. January 6th, 2020 in the United States was a failed coup d'état, as the latest major example but a more violent one which also failed was in Turkey, in 2016 and that ended quite badly with massive incarcerations and restriction of freedoms in its aftermath.

These are it, in terms of options on how to remove a government, or have it change its policies. The first one is the one people should always strive for because the latter ones can get really painful real quick. That is why I always ask people to be part of the political system and not to ignore it. It is for the best of all of us.

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

All the best to everyone!

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