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How to Deal with Severe Losses Caused by Lockdowns.

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Cult Survivor, Critical Thinker, Activist, Non-Conformist. Author of I AM JEZEBEL: A JEHOVAH'S WITNESS BREAKS HER SILENCE (Amazon)

The Pain of Loss is Relentless


How Do I Make Up for Lost Time?

"We're going to lockdown for two weeks to flatten the curve."

That lie was uttered back in March 2020. Two years later, here we are still fighting against unethical mandates, absurd restrictions which can be defined as psychological terrorism, and trying to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives. In some parts of the world, mandates and restrictions have been dropped, which is positive and offers us hope. Such is not the case everywhere, however.

Regardless of where you live, the last two years of your life was surely affected by the Covid pandemic. How do you make up for the lost time? You don't.

A lot can happen in twenty-four months.

Two years of constant stress, missed family holidays, postponed weddings, cancelation of scholastic milestones like proms and graduations, and zero social life due to tyrannical restrictions. People lost loved ones, businesses went under, homes were foreclosed, and careers evaporated into thin air.

Endless bullying and unethical mandates imposed upon us by our elected leaders only added to our ever-present state of anxiety. I'm referring to the anxiety that led to mental health issues like depression, eating disorders (the average American gained weight during lockdown), and sleeplessness. Alcohol and illegal drug use spiked, as did domestic violence, child abuse, and suicides.

Cut Your Losses

If you've suffered losses during this pandemic, dwelling on the issue won't help matters. Best to learn from the experience, cut your losses, and move on. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. Read on.

Pain = Stregnth


What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

John Hopkins recently released a study illustrating that lockdowns were ineffective since they reduced mortality by only 0.2% (click HERE to read more). This study mirrors what the Lancet and other reputable health experts expressed in December of 2020: Lockdowns do not work (click HERE to read more).

Reading these studies is infuriating, since it makes us realize that we've suffered for NOTHING. I can only imagine the outrage and fury felt by those those who have lost their homes, relationships, and businesses.

I suffered depression and my hard-earned career, so I can relate. But I take in stride and use my past experience to help not only myself but also others.

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Being a cult survivor affords me a unique perspective on life. All the fear, guilt, and abuse I endured for twenty years had been premised on a lie. I finally began living at the age of twenty-seven when I left the cult, but there was no way of getting my childhood back. I can't even express my fury.

Deprogramming and therapy aided me greatly. While it was impossible to recuperate my staggering loss, there were many ways in which I could strive for a better future. Thinking of others rather than dwelling on my past was a great start. Speaking at survivor group events and writing helpful articles served as a way to steer my pain in another direction and use it for something positive.

Loss makes you rethink everything, including how and with whom you spend your precious time. You become astute when you've suffered something traumatic, and trust me, these lockdowns were just that! Being kept in constant terror can make you snap. That's what happened to me in the cult. One day, I said, "Enough is enough!" Now, I'm a fearless beast.

One thing is certain: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


You never realize how strong you are until being strong is the ONLY choice you have!

Protect the Vulnerable


Use Your Anger for Good

Children have suffered tremendously during this pandemic. Tales of childhood depression and our precious little ones wanting to commit suicide are heartbreaking. Keeping children out of school has caused them to miss out on crucial psychological, social, and physical developments. Sadly, many are still being muzzled like dogs and prevented from playing with friends. This is more than cruel, it's child abuse.

I was indoctrinated and controlled by guilt and fear. The cult's insistence on isolation from "worldly people" prevented me from developing normal social skills, which proved detrimental later in life. As an adult, I don't want anyone to suffer as I have.

For this reason, I use my voice and money for good. You can too. Support politicians, businesses, and people who are on the right side of history. It's not about left or right in politics--we're beyond that at this point--it's about liberty vs tyranny. Truth vs. lies.

The losses suffered by children during lockdown will scar them for life. That alone should make us want to fight for their future.


Truth is like cream in that it rises to the top. Everything is revealed in time, including disingenuous elitists who have used this pandemic to force people into compliance with a tyrannical agenda that has nothing to do with science. Loss will never allow you to forget this monumental experience, and will prevent you from trusting those who don't deserve that privilege.

Canada is showing the world how injustice can push us into action. There is nothing more powerful than people committed to fighting for freedom and human rights. The world is watching, and more protests will probably come in the next few weeks. That alone should fill us with hope for better days ahead.

Whenever the pain of loss becomes unbearable (and it will) just remember to stop and breathe. Scream into a pillow. Have a good cry. If you don't have a mantra, invent one and repeat it a few times. It's normal to relapse. Take in in stride. Refocus.

You've got this.

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