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How the Usa Committed Hara Kiri in Middle East

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MG, an air warrior, a health freak, and Sportsman with wide experience.


The Sand Castle


The end of the Second World War saw the rise of two superpowers the USA and the USSR. The USA feeling a morbid fear of communism decided to contain the Soviet empire. They thus set up defense pacts all around the Soviet Union. One of these was the Baghdad pact. It mattered little to the US that most of the countries who became members of the Baghdad pact were obscurantist regimes, steeped in Fascism. Countries like Iraq, Jordan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia became members of the Baghdad pact. All this was really like a Sandcastle.

The first nail in the coffin of American thinking happened in 1958 when a military coup ousted the Iraqi Royal family with all its members butchered and the prime Minister, an American supporter Nuri el Said lynched in Baghdad. Iraq withdrew from the Baghdad pact and the pact had to be recast and named CENTO. Still, the light did not dawn on American thinking and it continued to back despotic regimes like the Shah of Iran.

A revolution in Egypt further ousted King Farrukh and Gamel Nasser who entered the arena was no friend of the USA. The Shah who had been propped by the USA also had to flee Iran and a hard-line Islamic regime inimical to the USA took over. In 1978 this regime reduced the USA to a toothless tiger when it captured and held as hostage all American soldiers and diplomats of the US embassy in Tehran. A botched rescue attempt authorized by Jimmy Carter did not enhance American prestige.


Supporting obscurantist and despotic regimes

The USA was now at its nadir and it opted to back regimes that were not only Fascist in nature but also obscurantist in the extreme. Thus they cultivated the successors of Nasser in Sadat and Mubarak in Egypt and the Saudi dynasty in Saudi Arabia, not forgetting the King of Jordan. The Americans were so intent on containing the Soviet Union, that they overlooked that these regimes had no mandate to govern and were centers of nepotism and corruption. Countries like Saudi Arabia were living in a medieval age where there was no freedom and blatant sex discrimination was practiced, yet the USA allied with them.

The inevitable happened and Hosni Mubarak was toppled and Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood became president. Though Morsi is executed yet the man at the helm General Sisi wears an uneasy crown.

Iraq which was attacked in an ill-advised war by George Bush is now afire.It is rocked by sectarian violence and thousands have died and the day is not far when the remaining 2000 odd troops will have to flee Iraq like they have decided to flee from Afghanistan( they call it withdrawal.

Last word

The Future

All these can’t be comforting thoughts. But the thread of the US Middle East policy is for the last 6 decades of backing dictatorships and regimes that are living in the 16th century have come home to roost. Who is to blame for this? In another decade US influence could well finish in the Middle East and this can be pinpointed to an irrational fear of Communism and choosing anybody even if he is a killer as an ally so long as he towed the US line against Russia.

Take the case of Saudi Arabia. How does a regime that executes people by beheading become a US partner and ally? Surely once this regime is replaced the new dispensation will regard the USA as an enemy.

The fat is now in the fire and Biden has a real task on his hands to negate the effect of the folly of at least 6 Presidents before him. But as we have seen he is not capable of the task and as yet he has not realized the danger China poses as he continues to cement old and obsolete alliances like NATO.

If readers are interested to read further they can read the book whose cover I have published on this site./


MG Singh (author) from UAE on June 30, 2021:

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Thanks, Tom, you have made very relevant points. Even the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has now questioned the veracity of the Hadis, this means that things are changing. As far as US policy is concerned it always backs dictators and most of the Middle East allies of the USA are actually useless. Just look at Pakistan A pseudo-Muslim state that does not follow the Koran and the ideals of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

tom on June 29, 2021:

us foreign policy back dictators vs commies,failed in arab spring ,islam va communism,oil rich worth less allies,nato wont fight china,islam will self destruct

MG Singh (author) from UAE on June 29, 2021:

Thank you for commenting David, basically, the Americans are not having the nerve and the guts to fight. That is the issue really and one of the reasons is a complete lack of strategic appreciation about how to win a war with the results right after 1945 I have not heard of an American military victory anywhere.

David Lloyd on June 29, 2021:

I think you have raised some excellent issues. I have also read this book there is no doubt that the United States is chickened out and the American masses have not really realized what has happened. They are still wasting time on inconsequential things at a time when America is slipping economically as well as militarily.

MG Singh (author) from UAE on November 01, 2012:

Thank you for your comment

Chriss on January 20, 2012:

It was an interesting article, well written perhaps a little bit humourously emotive in places.

American power brokers have played a different game abroad than they did at home. This is obviously in large part to the different habits and ideas people in other countries have.

But from a fear of "Communism" itself?

For the normal sheeple who are the average American citizens?

Perhaps maybe.

The states that declared themselves as communist were simply dictatatorships that brainwashed their people from all levels of bureaucracy and social strata, with level appropriate Marxist soundbites issued through the media and representatives ) Simply getting the people motivated to work for a dream, for an idea of themselves as a group being bigger than each of themselves can be.

And the people ended up poor and waiting in queues for bread whilst the affluent "Communist" power brokers played their part in the political games abroad - wanting more workers, more land etc.

I think it was the leaders and politicians of the scary communist countries during the cold war. China was a worry for a while, but in a short while it reverted to being generally known and into itself, by itself until recently. Now it is trying to connect and play a larger, more complicated, maybe even leading commercial role - even though the Chinese people, despite their everyday western technology, are way out of touch with the big, wide world outside in quite a reassuring, yet baffling, way. I know this because I live here, in China. They dont much really about anything outside of China. They know that America somehow makes trade harder for them, but they don't actually know why except that America maybe bullying them a little. Cute, but Policies are really aimed by American affluent power brokers to target the opposite Chinese affluent power brokers. The little people find sufficient excuses and reasons from the home media peddled to them by the power brokers.

Basically, the Americans were correctly paranoid about those dictatorship Governments that were using Marxist soundbites to boost their manpower.

However, due to the lack of perceived threat by the terrible regimes in the Middle East, they sought them out as allies, the reprecussions can be delt with by those people in power many years in the future.

Now that future is here and the little people are, once again, caught up in the centre of the mailstum. Either as shop assistants or soldiers - the little people accept whichever media they choose to believe in and subsequently make up the numbers of fatalities often read by other, fascinated, little people like you and me.

MG Singh (author) from UAE on October 17, 2011:

Thank you for your valuable comment

perrya on October 17, 2011:

I agree, a decline of an empire is happening.

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