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How Feminism Is Not About Any Gender

Feminism is about establishing a co dominancy in society but a lot of people have a very wrong insight into the topic which makes it arguabl

What makes feminism a frowned upon topic ?

Feminism aims at removing the double standards and partial nature of our society when it comes to gender. It aims at the development of respecting people’s individuality irrespective of their gender. It aims at establishing a neutrality which our society never had.Feminism faces a lot of backlash and one of the major reasons being the fact that the way people perceive it is not what it actually is. Many women who label themselves as feminists commit sins and then try to give it the shape of a courageous act. This is not what feminism is.We can’t make our society neutral by allowing women to commit the same crimes as many men commit and then label their acts as “feminism”. That’s not how things work.

Feminism is about restoring a neutrality that our society never had

In the olden days, when the medical field wasn’t as advanced as it is now, the use of antacids to cure acidity was very common. But, later, it was found that when a base is put into the body to cure acidity, it just triggers the production of even more acid.So, instead of making the environment neutral, it raises the problem even more. Because of this, one needs to consume more of the base and then comes neutrality for sometime. But, again, the acid production rises even more.Later, a medicine named Cimetidine. It was meant to stop acid production in the first place and it turned out to be successful. We need to establish a pattern same as this one in the society as well.


Feminism is about co dominancy

Objectifying women is an issue so instead of focusing on educating ourselves about it, we have diverted our attention to applauding women who objectify men in return. Isn’t this pattern the same as the acid-base story written above?If objectifying women is problematic, so is objectifying men. Not only this, but people can be seen cheering the dominance of women in Bengali homes. Why is a male-dominated society a narrow-minded one, but a female-dominated one a modern one?In my opinion, what we need in our society is “co- dominance”. Both men and women should have a say in the matters they are directly or indirectly a part of.


Men deserve love and women deserve freedom

The most useless statement I have ever heard of is “men and women are equal”. In my opinion, men and women aren’t equal and they can never be the same. Men and women are different in in terms of their physiology and psychology.But, there are some elements like respect, freedom, love and understanding—which both deserve. It might not be given in the same manner, but it should definitely be in the same amount. Men deserve respect too and women deserve freedom.I found a very meaningful picture which resonates quite well with what I just said.Women and men can never be compared as comparison is a beauty killer. They have to be admired and accepted the way they are.

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