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Learning How to Acknowledge One Another

As a Behavior Science major in my educational studies, and an observant and aware individual, social issues interest me.

Words are like weapons...

Words are like weapons...

What Most Human Beings Desire...

What do most human beings want at their very core? Nearly all human beings, at some level or degree, wish to be acknowledged, to be validated in some form or fashion. An employee to gain the trust and respect of their immediate boss, the daughter of her mother/father/parents, the student of their teacher/professors; whatever the case may be, we ALL want to be 'seen' and shown that we 'exist'.

Within our relationships, we each desire to 'mean' something to someone else. A wife or husband to their spouse or significant other. A manager to those they manage and lead. A peer with whom we work with daily and wish to be seen as an equal; despite varying strengths or weaknesses each has compared with the other(s).


Kindness Begins with You and Me

Through a social project that I've been promoting and building from the ground up, I am bringing awareness and a 'call-to-order' (of sorts) to all who read these words that we can be actively engaged in lifting up one another rather than pulling one another down. By doing so, we actively acknowledge and validate one another's existence through common goals, accomplishments, and other causes that uplift and enlighten each other through generous teamwork and camaraderie.

Our actions will immediately convey our willingness to either portray an air of 'indifference', or that of compassion and concern for those around us in our own communities. One of the focuses of this project involves eradicating the rampant and varying types of bullying and hazing that still takes place in many of our our individual spheres of interaction. For children, it generally takes the form of the peer-bully who intimidates or taunts another to buoy themself due to a myriad of weaknesses they are trying to conceal. For adults, it can be at their place of employment or in the home. This can also happen for children as well; where a sibling engages in familiar roasting or taunting etc. all the while claiming the 'disclaimer' of 'just joking'.

This project's goal is to help any and all be more aware of their own behavior toward others they interact with on a regular basis. How we treat one another no matter who it is really DOES matter. As we each become more aware of our own actions, we can indeed be a positive example to those around us; the adage of 'be that what you want to see in the world' really does carry some social weight.

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How can one begin the journey to become 'more aware' you ask? By taking it one step at a time. Just as it is with learning a new habit or breaking a bad one, it takes time. The acronym 'ACKNOWLEDGE' stands for the following: ~always compliment~ keep negativity out~ welcome love every day~ give encouragement. If you break up the various concepts into four parts, you can take three months to perfect each concept within a year's time. For example, say you start next year, at the beginning in January; meaning January, February, and March you work on refraining from pointing out negative traits so much and instead, focusing on 'always complimenting' others on one thing that you can find about them as you interact. This trains your brain to notice positive attributes more readily rather than negative or derogatory ones. Next, you would then move onto 'keeping negativity out' during the months of April, May, and June. This hopefully will be easily transitioned into from the last three months as you practiced always complimenting rather than pointing out flaws. However, this also means you should be practicing this concept on yourself as well. When you notice that you are focusing too much on something negative, immediately try to find something about yourself or your situation that could have a positive spin or view to it. Once July, August, and September come along, you can move forward with welcoming love (in all its various forms) every day. This means both outward displays of affection as well as inward demonstrations of self-love/self-care. Finally, during the final quarter of the year, October, November, and December; the focus will then shift to giving encouragement. This concept should hopefully by this time be relatively easy to incorporate into one's daily routine having developed the practice for the other principles of 'acknowledge'-ment. Just by demonstrating kindness to others and offering words of support or acts of kindness and service will suffice for giving encouragement toward others. Don't forget to incorporate also giving of encouragement to one's self however, as this is just as important as to those around us.



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