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How To Survive A Foreign Invasion

Staying low in the dark and observing only when it is safe to do so.

Staying low in the dark and observing only when it is safe to do so.

The Initial Attack

By: Cow Flipper

Imagine now if you will; you go about your evening as you always do eating, watching television, reading the newspaper, or conversing with your family and friends. Suddenly there is a distant impact sound. The lights in your home dim. The air is still. You jump as all the electronics suddenly come back to life. On your television an emergency broadcast tone is calling out. You migrate to your television and concentrate on the ticker as it scrolls across the screen.

The United States is under attack by foreign forces. Stay in your homes or businesses and do not try to travel at this time, limit all phone usage to life and death emergency calls. If you are in a combat zone stay inside until emergency personnel can reach you. The message then repeats

Again there is the distant sound of impacts but this time the sounds are clustered one after another and the power then goes completely dead. There in the darkness of your home you see through the curtains and blinds dim flashing outside your windows followed by more sounds of impact. The roar of aircraft above and the echoing of deafening rapid cannon fire fill the air. You stay inside listening to the combat raging around you as you sneak peaks out the front window to the main street to stare outside at any activity going on. The distant sounds now are growing increasingly closer and the flashes of light are getting brighter and brighter. You can’t tell if this is your natural senses becoming heightened by the events going on around you or if the combat is drawing closer to your area. A war is raging right outside your home, and you are trapped, caught in the middle of the fighting… what do you do?

Stay out of sight!

Stay out of sight!

Try not to reveal your position in a combat zone.

Try not to reveal your position in a combat zone.

Staying Alive:

As you hunker down in your home you realize that the fighting outside is increasing. Now you can hear smaller arms fire being exchanged, you hear large vehicles moving blocks away from your area followed by booms. A helicopter flies right over your home and as you look out your window you see the helicopter’s silhouette and hear a distinct buzzing sound followed by whooshing rockets being fired. The area where the helicopter is firing is right down the street from your home. The fighting has reached your area and you don’t know if the helicopter was one of our own or if who they are attacking is the enemy advancing on your area. Your adrenalin is pumping and panic is now setting in.

The sound of a large vehicle drives past your house and takes up position just a few houses away at the corner of your street. As the vehicle parks more rapid small arms fire can be heard down the street. There is a flash followed instantly by a huge bang which shakes your house. The gun fire is now deafening and right outside your house. You can hear yelling and shouts right there in your yard! You run for shelter trying to find anyplace to hide from the bullets that are now impacting the walls of your home.

Caught in a Combat Zone:

If there is combat right outside your home or business you must get down and try to get to the safest most protected spot in your house. Stay to the center of the hallway on your hands and knees. Being close to the wall can be risky with falling objects and if gas is being used or if there is heat it will hug the wall. Cover your face with a dry cloth. If you have protective eye wear nearby, put it on.

If you have a bathtub crawl to the bathroom then get inside of the tub. If you are at work find a protected area in the building and get down. Stay as low as possible. Stay in the center of your house or building. If you have no real protected area to hide in get a large dresser, desk, bed or anything you can take shelter under or behind that will protect you from stray bullets.

  • If you are caught outside find a shelter immediately.
  • Avoid walls in hallways.
  • Cover your face and breathing surfaces.
  • Get low and stay low.
  • Hide in an ally or behind a building.
  • If you are near a ditch or a culvert then get inside and lie down as low as you can.
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  • Cover yourself with foliage if at all possible.
  • Stay where you are until the fighting has passed.
  • Once it is safe to move out of the combat zone do so.
An emergency survival kit will save your life!

An emergency survival kit will save your life!

Trying to escape a war ravaged area.

Trying to escape a war ravaged area.

How To Get Out of a Combat Zone

Getting Out of a Combat Zone:

The fighting in your area is intense. Most of the military forces are engaged in combat. If you are smart you can make it out alive. Now is not the time to let your shock and panic win over, try to keep a level head. Stay calm and collect yourself. If at all possible stay hidden from all military and

law enforcementeven if you perceive they are friendly. The soldiers and law enforcement will be in combat mode and will more than likely arrest you if not kill you. If you are seen and captured it is better to comply with those in authority than it is to try to run and be killed. Listen to their instructions to the tee and do not resist. Again keep your wits about you. You may witness things you could never have fathomed but do not linger or try to be a hero. Keep moving, stay out of sight, and do not engage anyone. Your goal is to get out of the danger zone as quickly and quietly as possible.

.Stay out of sight in a combat zone

Gather only the things you can carry. Do not try and pack stuff into your vehicle. Only take identification, money or gold, and clothing. Snacks small enough to fit into a backpack are also useful. Have a small radio, a flashlight. DO NOT TAKE A WEAPON!

  • Know the rural routes out of your area if you live in a big town or major city make sure you can reach those areas without having to go through any major parts of town. Use BLM maps to help guide your way through mountainous and rural areas.
  • If you can travel by foot or if you have a mountain bike take your bike. This is a quick and easy way to get out of the danger zone but the same rules apply. Stay hidden from sight.
  • Stay away from populated areas at all costs! Once you are behind friendly lines find a populated area and go to the authorities there and ask where you can get assistance, once you have a place to go stay there. Do not try and reenter the combat zone to retrieve anything or anyone. Assume that those you care about are educated in these facts (you should tell them all that you know or direct them to read up on the subject) and that they are doing the same thing as you. Contact can be reestablished at a later time if possible.
Get out by land air and sea.

Get out by land air and sea.

Travel During War

How to Travel To and Fro in a War Zone:

You are out of the combat zone but you are still in the war zone. You may be behind friendly lines but the military is fighting to keep the enemy at bay. Any week, day, or hour could mean that you will be caught in the middle of the fighting once again. You have to consider getting away from the front lines. What do you do?

  • Learn as much as you can about where there is no fighting going on or where the deepest areas of domestic strong holds are. Having a working radio is essential at times like this. Information will help you decide where you need to go.
  • Find out if there are any refugee camps that you can go to deep inside friendly lines. Families would do best to find a refugee camp and make separate travel plans for different parts of the family. Have the same destination in mind though. I know splitting up can be disheartening but if something should happen to one of you then at least the other spouse and those children will be with their parent.
  • Find out if there is anyone fleeing the area, if there is any public transport escorting refugees out of the area. You may need to give up all your cash at this time but that is okay, in life and death situations money has little value accept to those certain few.
  • Have gold to trade, having this precious metal will be more essential than having cash.
  • To leave the country purchase fake ID's - By this I mean have an ID for country like Mexico and a passport that reflects this information. Whether the information is real or not it just has to be able to pass as real at a glance.
Survival under enemy occupation.

Survival under enemy occupation.

Captured, the trick to staying alive is to do what you're told.

Captured, the trick to staying alive is to do what you're told.

Caught Behind Enemy Lines:

If you are caught in the combat zone and have been captured or are being held by enemy combatants the best thing to do is comply. Do not try to run or resist because they will be much harder on you if you do. The chances of escape after capture are very low; if you run you will likely be gunned down while trying to flee. Just give your capturers your basic information… name, age, date of birth, and any form of identification they ask you for.. If you are taken to an interment center and are being processed the chances are you will end up being released over time. If you fought against the occupying forces you will be regarded as a dissident, in this case you may be executed, imprisoned, or sent to a reeducation camp for forced labor. From there you may never return.

Internment camp processing center

  • If captured don’t fight back. Resisting will only cause you to be separated from loved ones and held as an enemy combatant.
  • Give your captures all your basic information.
  • If tortured or beaten, give your captures anything they want to know. They are not looking to find real information. Best to get it over with quickly.
  • If held under guard do not try stand out or speak out against the enemy. Keeping a low profile is the best way to stay alive at this time.
  • Over time maybe days or weeks you will more than likely be released back to your home. As long as the enemy knows you are not a combatant or affiliated with any military or local law enforcement there will be no reason to hold you.

Many people will say this is a very unpatriotic and even a weak standpoint. But this article is about how to survive a war on your home soil, not on how to rebel against an enemy occupation.

  • If at all possible try to keep a radio near because U.S. broadcasts will still be able to be picked up behind enemy lines. Keep your radio hidden and only use it with headphones.
  • If you have information only share that information with those you truly trust and know. Do not discuss last nights Free America broadcast in public places or in ear shot of people you don’t know.
  • Only go out when you really need to do so. This would be to get supplies, water, and food. If you can try to ration all that you have. Always keep inventory of your supplies.
  • Build rudimentary water collectors for things like hygiene and washing cooking utensils. Also have bleach and other water cleaners on hand to purify your water supplies.
  • Go to church, yes that may sound strange to you but most of the time especially during war, the occupying forces still allow the local population to practice their beliefs. At church information and help may be found. If nothing else it provides a sense of unity in the local people and helps keep up moral.

If you do the things talked about in this field guide you should be able to survive a war

Living Under Enemy Fire

Life under occupation will be difficult but not impossible. Most of the local food, and fuel will be confiscated by the occupying forces. Any guns or weapons will be confiscated and documented as to who owned the weapon. Most businesses will not be running in your area. The places and services that are going to be busy are hospitals, emergency personnel, and supply areas with relief supplies from agencies like the Red Cross for the local population. There will be rationing of water, food, and other supplies. Though it will be tough for a long time many people throughout history have survived in war torn nations behind enemy occupied lines. Keep a low profile and just try to live day to day.

Now you might be one of those oh that will never happen here types of people... I'm sure that's what most people thought right before calamity happened all around them. Just take heed and be prepared for anything. Have food storage, have precious metals, have a plan just like you do to be sure you're safe if there is a fire in your home.

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Nahas on January 27, 2018:

This scared the s**t out of me not for me but for my kids and family I really get messed up in the head thinking that some other country can actually invade us and create another Holocaust like scenarios but with Americans, specially now with our f**k**g president Trump

Jacob on November 20, 2015:

If they find you with a weapon. Ummm what were you going to use that pistol for? Oh wait that's right bang he's dead now you move to a different location

Aaron on March 13, 2014:

OngarTheWorldWeary if they find you with even a pistol they will likely execute you immediately.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on October 23, 2013:

Sometimes you just have to chalk it up to another one bites the dust.

OngarTheWorldWeary on August 29, 2012:

BTW: My Arma-Lite AR-10 Assault rifle with a 50 round drum magazing is not a "hunting rifle".

OngarTheWorldWeary on August 29, 2012:

American gun owners outnumber the most militaries by 200 to 1. Most American gun owners/militiamen have better weaponry and equipment than your average soldier. Our military can barely hold on to Iraq which is defended by a bunch of malnurished Iraqis with piss poor weaponry and our army even outnumbers them! How much success do you think an army would have occupying America which is defended by heavily armed, well fed, and educated americans who outnumber the military 200 to 1?! Do some research before you open your mouth. You clearly no NOTHING about warfare. Not everyone would be a refugee like you. Some of us actually like this country and WOULD GIVE OUR LIVES TO DEFEND IT!!!

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on August 25, 2012:

Print it out and wipe your A$$ with it then.

I don't care if some idiot wants to die from a machine gun bullet, a land mine, an RPG round, a sidewinder missile from an attack helicopter, or a heavy tank round, or a heavy bombardment from above. You go ahead and keep thinking you can fight back against a heavily armed enemy with your hunting rifle. lol!

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on August 25, 2012:


Have fun being dead, this article is meant for those that want to live through a war. Ever see what happens to neighboring countries of war torn areas? Are you watching the news about Syria? Where are those refugees going? No not the rebels who are armed, I'm talking about normal everyday citizens of any country. Your arrogance will be your undoing, if you want to go up against a tank, a jet fighter, an attack helicopter with your pea-shooter then have fun... well you know. That is all I have to say to your comment.

OngarTheWorldWeary on August 20, 2012:

What a heaping pile of shit. "Have a compass, and a flashlight. DO NOT TAKE A WEAPON!" REALLY!?! A weapon is the only thing standing between you and a scout capturing you and taking you to an internment camp and torturing the hell out of you and your family. I dont know who this was written for but it clearly wasn't meant for Americans because the Americans I know wouldn't take to kindly to foreign invaders on their home turf. We are the heavily armed people of America, tyrannical invaders beware. "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." -Admiral Yamamoto.

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on May 10, 2011:

This hub is actually all written from a dream I had in 1998. All the facts stated here were presented in that dream. Take what you will from that information but if it scares you I understand because it scared the hell out of me!

tamron on April 15, 2011:

Nobody believes the United State will ever get invaded after all we're invincible. Great hub!

Jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on February 23, 2011:

This hub totally scared me, but I enjoyed it just the same. Great work!

Sean Jankowski (author) from Southern Oregon on February 15, 2011:

Ahhh, selfish plug... I'd say no to the zombie thing but hey, I have a how to survive the xombie hordes as well at Thanks :)

nicomp really from Ohio, USA on February 15, 2011:

Will this advice work against Zombies as well, or should intrepid readers refer to my suite of Zombie hubs?

breakfastpop on February 09, 2011:

This hub scared the hell out of me, but I want to print it and memorize it! Up and useful although I pray I never need to refer to it.

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