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3 Major Ways That the United States Can Make the World More Peaceful

Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Introduction: How Can the United States Make the World More Peaceful?

The United States can contribute to a more peaceful world. How does the United States go about doing this? The answer can be provided by author Eric Margolis in his 2008 book called American Raj: Liberation or Domination? I highly recommend the book to those of you living in the United States as the book will inform you that the US government in reality tries to exert influence and control over resources especially oil. The United States is not even remotely concerned about peace. I will attempt to show just how the US can actually bring about positive change which will be the open door to a more peaceful world.

1. Give the Palestinian people an opportunity to have a nation of their own

This first one is obvious. However, since the founding of Israel as an independent nation in 1948, Israel has failed to give the Palestinian people a separate country and they have made all kinds of excuses for not doing so. The problem lies with the leaders of Israel. It was Prime Minister Golda Meir who famously said: “There are no such people as Palestinians,” (Margolis 2008). That is the start of a major problem. When you deny the existence of an entire group of people, there can never be any chance for peace in that region. In addition, Israel should return all of the territory that it took when it won the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. These territories include The West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, Jerusalem’s Old City, and Golan Heights. Even though Israel maintains that it is fighting against what it calls terrorism, defending its national security, and trying to avoid killing civilians, they are actually contributing to the lack of peace. Israel and the United States for the past 50 years has not shown that they care about having peace. In 1993 during the Bill Clinton years, there was a good chance at peace for the Israelis and Palestinians when the Oslo Peace Accords were signed. As part of this agreement, Israel was to put an end to building more settlements in the West Bank and Gaza and the Palestinians were supposed to stop attacking Jewish targets. But Israel violated the terms of the agreement by expanding on already existing settlements while creating new ones. Meanwhile, their real objective has been to treat Palestinians as second class citizens while talking about bringing peace by providing lip service to the issue. In other words, Israel may hold talks with other Arab nations about the peace process while not really wanting peace. Kuwait has also contributed to the suffering of the Palestinian people. After Kuwait was liberated following the 1991 Persian Gulf War, “Kuwait’s royal family ordered 400,000 Palestinians, a full 30 percent of that state’s total population, the core of its commercial and managerial class, expelled,” (Margolis 2008). If the US and Israel really care about a more peaceful world with less violence, they should give the Palestinian people a chance to have a country of their own. There are so many other things that Israel did wrong which I won’t cover in this article but Israel has been a thorn in the side of the Palestinians. This is not to suggest that the Palestinians are totally blameless but there are reasons why they resort to attacking Israel.

A Photo of a War Monument

Wars of any kind will lead to death and destruction. The US should adopt a less aggressive foreign policy.

Wars of any kind will lead to death and destruction. The US should adopt a less aggressive foreign policy.

2. Do Not Elect Mike Pence

Those of you that think that Mike Pence may be a better president than Donald Trump might want to think VERY long and hard before you elect this man (assuming he wins the Republican nomination in 2024). Pence may not be as unpredictable, erratic, or as mean as Trump but he is very extreme. Pence supported the shutdown of the US government in order to force the stoppage of funding of Planned Parenthood. Writer Allen Clifton describes Pence as someone who “opposes the minimum wage and voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act, two bills aimed at trying to protect women in the workplace against wage discrimination,” (Clifton 2016). Mike Pence would be a great president for the top 1% of income earners in this country but he would be horrible for the other 99%. Joe Biden on The View program described Pence as a decent man a few days after the 2016 Presidential Election. He may be a decent guy personally but he would be a bad President of the United States for the middle class. In addition to this, Pence is in favor of the new American Health Care Act legislation which if passed is estimated to kick 23 million people off of their health insurance! But the biggest danger of having Mike Pence in the Oval Office is the fact that US foreign policy will be more extreme and appeal to the Israeli regime.

The White House

The White House is one of the biggest symbols and most important building for the United States government. It has been the residence for all US Presidents in the 241 year history of the country.

The White House is one of the biggest symbols and most important building for the United States government. It has been the residence for all US Presidents in the 241 year history of the country.

3. Have a Democratic President and Congress in Charge

Historically, at least since the end of World War 2, most major conflicts have been started by Republican administrations with the exception being the war in Vietnam. If you have forgotten how conservative the GOP has been, let me refresh your memory. The Vietnam War was expanded by Richard Nixon when he ordered the US military to bomb Laos and Cambodia. Ronald Reagan got US troops involved in Grenada and he also sent US troops to Lebanon under the pretext of a peacekeeping mission. But in reality, he had sent those troops there for them to prop up the new government that was forming at the time. This gave Hezbollah a reason to target US troops. As a result, 241 US marines were killed in the marine barracks bombing on October 23, 1983. Have you still forgotten about this? Do you know what’s going on? And of course, Bush Jr. was President when Iraq was invaded for a second time which has led to a lowering of the standard of living of the US population and it has made the world much less safe than 20 years ago. There would be no ISIS if Iraq wasn’t destabilized. I’m not saying all Democrats are perfect but given the history, they are far less likely to contribute to the military industrial complex. Peace is something the United States can contribute to if it ever makes changes to its foreign policy and takes the needs of the Palestinian people into consideration. I would support a Republican that was somewhat decent but we are lacking those kinds of men these days. We deserve peace and stability in the United States and hopefully my writing will resonate with people in this world. Blessings!


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