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How Russia Became a Partner in a Defacto Alliance With China that Threatens America.

The author is a senior Air Warrior and military and political analyst as well as being a graduate of the DSSC war college.



Just about 3 to 4 decades back, the erstwhile Soviet Union was the rival to American power. The Soviet state collapsed and broke up into 15 countries. The break up of the Soviet Union was always on the cards because the leadership after Stalin did not have the acumen to run a vast country with different nationalities and religions. During the critical years 1988 to 1992, the Russian leadership was extremely weak and directionless. In 1992 an emaciated Russia emerged from the ruins of the USSR and the Americans triumphantly announced that they had won the Cold War.

The American leadership at that time decided that the time had come to ensure that Russia never becomes a threat and began to formulate a policy where they began to entice the former Soviet republics to join NATO. The Western powers thought that they would ring Russia with these countries and it would be finished as a global power.

Towards the end of the last century, Vladimir Putin arrived on the scene. He was a strong leader who had a one-point plan to restore Russia to the old glory of the USSR. The Russians always had the infrastructure to become a great power and Putin began to go along the path to great power status.

He rebuilt the Soviet military and give a sense of purpose to the nation. The Americans were alarmed and they began to apply sanctions to Russia in the hope that it would cripple the economy.

Slowly but surely the Americans incorporated most of the East European states and former Soviet republics into NATO, which is an anti-Russia alliance. The Russians protested and occupied Crimea. The Western powers made the sanctions more stringent and the Russian economy began to falter.

This was an extremely shortsighted policy because Vladimir Putin was a different type of leader and he was not going to buckle down. He began to make overtures to China which had risen like a phoenix and become a challenge to the Americans.


Ukraine and the China alliance

Matters came to a head when Ukraine was enticed by the western powers to break away from Russian influence. Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe and for centuries has been part of the Russian sphere of influence. The Russians protested but the Americans rejected all Russian proposals for security guarantees to Russia. The American think tank was conditioned by the policy that they had already suffered massive defeats at other places in the world like Vietnam and Afghanistan to Iraq. They were also feeling the heat of China and they feared an eclipse in Europe.

The American think tank did not factor in that Russia and China could make up their differences, settle the border dispute and become de facto allies. One will recollect Russia and China had border clashes in the late 60s and early 70s.

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When the Anglo-Saxon powers refused to give any security guarantee to Russia on Ukraine, Putin amassed more than 100,000 soldiers on the borders of Ukraine. The Americans know that Russia may invade but they are not committing their ground troops in Ukraine. They are following very devious methods and threatening to create sanctions on Russia and at the same time arming Ukraine to fight Russia. The game is simple; to tie down Russia in a military conflict with Ukraine and apply sanctions so that the Russian economy collapses.

China which had become the dominant power and was controlling a major portion of the American economy was another threat. The Americans had a depletion in their ranks and Germany and France wanted to chalk out an independent course of action. At the same time, the Americans never anticipated that Russia and China would have an economic alliance that would negate the sanctions.



What has happened is that the threat to the Anglo-Saxon's power is now at its highest. Russia was always a formidable military power and now China which is the second-largest economy in the world has teamed up with Russia. In the recent meeting in Beijing during the winter Olympics, President Xi and Putin have sealed $115 billion economic deal. Russia will supply gas and oil to China and the sanctions that the Americans have imposed or proposed will have little effect.

The Americans have been building up the boogie of an invasion. in fact, they would be very happy if Russia invades Ukraine so that the Russian military can be tied down. They have not measured what would happen in case the Russians win and occupy Ukraine and then leave, after installing a pro-Russian government.

Simultaneously China has announced that it will use the military force required to reunify Taiwan which the Americans have propped up for the last seven decades. The Americans are on the back porch because even France and Germany are not part of the American scheme of things against Russia and China. The Americans have only the United Kingdom which actually is the little kingdom and has no military value.

All the plans of the Americans seem to come to zero as sanctions on Russia are not going to work and they have not worked earlier also but now with China bankrolling the Russians, it's a different ball game.

The famous Indian political thinker Chanakya who lived around 300 BC had in his treaties on political thought stated that to defeat an enemy it is best to divide them. So foolish is Joe Biden that instead of trying to divide Russian- Chinese bonhomie he has cemented their relationship.

One just has to look at the map and realize that if Russia and China are joined by Iran it will be a very formidable alliance. The western world will face a strong military-economic entity of 1.6 billion facing them. In such a scenario, the Western powers led by the USA may well be fighting for survival. It is a tragedy in the history of the world that the United States by its own policies has lost every war after 1945 and experts do not visualize them winning in the present scenario.

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