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How Long Will We Allow The Liberal Left Place Criminals Ahead Of Victims?

I am an American, no demographic subgroup required. I believe in being fair and honest with one another in all things and at all times.

Time, and time again it happens to innocent people...

Memphis had a horrible week. A kindergarten teacher abducted, probably raped then murdered. A mother,wife, wonderful member of the community gone, killed by a person who should never have been on the streets to begin with.

Then, a shooting spree by another person who should not have been out of prison. Multiple people dead, multiple people injured and a community traumatized by the senseless slaughter of innocent blood.

More and more this is taking place due to a left leaning group of people who give more care to the victimizer than the victims. Poor little criminal; you deserve a second, third, fourth chance to prove you are no longer a threat to society.

Then, they prove the exact opposite. The remain a threat, a serious threat to the lives of others who have done them no wrong. I am fed up.

Ezekiel Kelly

Kelly is "alleged" to have shot seven people, four were killed. He began his spree by visiting an acquaintance, asking for something to eat, then shooting and killing him. There was no apparent reason for this, no hard feelings or issues leading up to the murder. Kelly then went on to shoot six other people over a 24 hour period.

He even live-streamed his shooting spree.

Kelly was previously found guilty of aggravated assault in 2020, a shooting for which he was sentenced to a ridiculous 3 year sentence, He was then released after less than a year to prey on our society once more.

This sentence was part of a plea bargain for what was actually an attempted murder charge. So, attempted murder pled down to aggravated assault, followed by a three year sentence of which he served 11 months.

And that's justice?

Cleotha Abston-Henderson

13.13 years old when Cleotha became known to authorities as a violent criminal. Kidnapping, rape, aggravated assault, forcing someone to withdraw money from an ATM, among other crimes led him to be sentenced to 24 years in prison.

He was out in 20.

Two years later, he would lie in wait like the predator he is and kidnapped Eliza Fletcher, a 34 year old kindergarten teacher, wife, mother, while she was out for a jog. She was abducted, thrown into a vehicle and beaten into submission for four minutes before leaving the scene.

She was found dead later.

Another criminal who had absolutely no business being out on the streets and in our society, able to prey upon unsuspecting people.

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Red State, Blue City

Tennessee is a Red State, but Memphis is Blue through and through. When researching the amount of vicious crime I found Memphis to be one of the worst cities in middle America. Other leaders in this category are St Louis, Mo; Kansas City, Mo; Nashville, Tenn; Tulsa, Ok; Oklahoma City, Mo' Chicago, Ill. Some are Red, some are Blue.

But it feels like large cities that are Blue tend to be more violent, by and large, than a Red city. At least, to me.

I can say that I have only been to St Louis twice, and both times something bad happened. Once our van was stolen, the other the rear window was broken out. Kansas City, I've been several times with nothing bad happening (knock on wood!). Tulsa scares me, and there is no way in hell I'm going to Chicago.

What I can tell from the news is that it appears that larger cities have more crime, tend to be Blue, and are softer on hard crime than smaller cities are.

I enjoy reading John Douglas

John Douglas is a person I have enjoyed reading about for years, decades even. He was the first true FBI profiler and was involved with the Silence of the Lambs film. He has interviewed numerous serial killers, assisted in countless cases both officially and unofficially. He is the inspiration for characters on the TV series Criminal Minds as well.

He is the undisputed king of understanding how killers think.

In his 2019 book Killer Across The Table he flatly states that people such as these I have detailed above are not able to be rehabilitated, as they were never habilitated in the first place! In other words, they were not civilized to begin with, so how can they become part of our civilization?

Therein lies my problem with our courts system: these killers, rapists, murderers are assumed to be brought back to civilization when in fact they are not nor have ever been a part of it. Psychologists are all too frequently fooled by these hardened criminals as they self report that they are doing fine, and are no longer a threat to society. In this book Douglas even proves this takes place through interviews he does with criminals up for parole, who have fooled the "experts".

Until we agree on this...

Until we as a society agree that some people are just evil and should not be a part of our society, this will continue like lambs led to the slaughter. I cannot fathom the mindset that places violent criminal's "rights" against the rights of the rest of us to live safely. A criminal is a criminal through their own choice, their conscious decision to rape, murder, kidnap for their own reasons. And we may never truly understand why they choose to do this, but we can understand that the rights of the many MUST outweigh the rights of those who choose to live outside of our society.

To that end, I am of the opinion that once a person has shown they are beyond the law in a violent case involving a heinous crime, they need to be removed from civilization permanently.

We take an active part to improve animals such as cattle, horses, even rabbits through the process of elimination, why not humans? We strive to improve the species through breeding dogs, so why should we not strive to improve our civilization by removing a cancer from it? I am not advocating gene splicing or white supremacy or anything of the like, rather just a reaction to those whose actions have led them to the place they are: siding against society.

I have to believe that in today's America, education is available to all no matter where you live. If you get an education and abide by society's rules, work and be a productive member of our society you will not meet up with the law and order side of it. But the drain we are experiencing because of these repeat offenders and innocent lives lost are something we do not need.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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