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How Joe Biden Is Trying to Placate China and Break the Ring Around That Country

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Biden pleases China

The defeat of Donald Trump has marked a sea change in America's approach to the world. There are many people in America who consider themselves marginalized like the blacks and the extreme left who are now jumping with joy at the coming to power of Joe Biden. Little do these people realize that the actions of Joe Biden is like a nail in the coffin of the American empire.

On the ninth of April, the USS John Paul Jones a 9000-ton guided-missile destroyer sailed through India's exclusive economic zone without any intimation. The move was in violation of law but the US asserted that it was consistent with international law.

What has surprised observers is that India is supposed to be a close military ally of the USA and yet the USA has sought to needle India on a sensitive issue.

Such a thing has never happened before and when Donald Trump was president he had gone out of his way to ask India to join as a strategic ally against China. Unfortunately, as we all know Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden has been exposed as having received pecuniary benefits from China. He has acknowledged the laptop which has been caught as belonging to him.

Matters were made worse when the US naval command asserted its right to carry out navigation under FONOP. Obviously, China is delighted and they are observing closely how Joe Biden is behaving. He is using foul language against Putin and calling him a murderer. Such words are never used by heads of states but Joe Biden has become senile and his cognitive abilities have gone down. Maybe he doesn't know what he's talking about.

The Russian foreign minister who was recently in Delhi had hinted to India not to rely too much on the United States. He did not elaborate but he darkly hinted at strange possibilities.


Nail in the Coffin of US power

Biden has damaged the relationship with India and the Indian government has now launched a diplomatic protest and in return the US has asserted that it has the right to carry out these freedom of navigation exercises. Knowledgeable observers are wondering as to what is the game of Joe Biden because such a thing would never happen if Obama or Donald Trump were in power. Trump in particular had began to target China for the spread of the China virus on the Western powers.

The Chinese are disengaging with India on the northern border and military level talks for a complete disengagement are starting. It is possible Joe Biden is not happy with this and he is telling China to continue to put pressure on India with the words that he is with them.

After being to America so many times I am really surprised at what has happened. It is obvious that he's playing the China card to mollify China and to tell the Chinese not to worry if he's getting some freedom of navigation exercises in the China Sea.

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The biggest problem with the United States faces in the last dying days of its empire is the arrival of Joe Biden as president. Probably he has mentally accepted China as the number one power and somehow wants to work out a deal with China and he doesn't want any military alliance against China like Trump.

He's trying to distract the American people from the real danger of China and trying to concentrate on Russia as the main danger. This is the tailor-made recipe of Obama who in any case has no loyalty to the American state and the downslide commenced with him.

Without any sense of shame, Joe Biden is repeatedly continuing to request nuclear discussions with Iran and as per my reports secret meetings have already been held between the Iranians and the Americans and many are wondering what exactly is the American game. Even a child knows that Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear power and this approach of Biden is not understood.

Last word

The American approach has been baffling ever since Joe Biden became president. This incident will show to the American people that Biden is not committed to controlling China. I have no doubt in my mind that China has a lot of information on Hunter Biden and this is playing on the mind of the US president.

The great Indian theorist Chanakya has written that when a country reaches the last vestiges of its role as a great power the ruler himself becomes the instrument to destroy the country. The very fact that Joe Biden has been elected president by the American people is something which I cannot fathom and the future is really frightening because if the Astro forecast comes true and Mr. Biden is a rendered hors de combat by 2022 and Kamala Harris is president, I think I can go and die laughing on a bed of nails.


MG Singh (author) from UAE on April 11, 2021:

Tom, you are right, the fact is Indian leadership cannot project power and is weak and other nations are taking advantage of it.

MG Singh (author) from UAE on April 11, 2021:

Thank you, Lt Col, you have made a very important point that India would have allowed 10 warships to sail through but probably Biden wants to make some point to China and hence he took the step.

Lt Col Parduman Singh on April 11, 2021:

This is huge. Obviously, Biden has something up his sleeve to antagonize India for nothing. If the US had informed, India would have allowed 10 US warships to sail through but Joe Biden wanted to make a point to China and that is a very dangerous game. India should get ready for a backstab by the Americans anytime.

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