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How Joe Biden Allowed the Destruction of Ukraine and May Unleash a World War

MG is a senior air warrior who has seen combat and is an alumnus of the Staff College and a writer on military matters.



Who is a moron? A moron is defined in the dictionary as a stupid person someone with low intelligence. I am afraid that this colloquial word has to be used for Joe Biden. The present crisis in Ukraine has commenced with Russia launching an offensive and occupying a fair amount of territory. I have concluded that the villain in this entire story is America led by by Joe Biden.

There are tens of Americans shouting from the rooftops that the blame is with Russia and Vladimir Putin who launched the invasion of Ukraine. Many of them call for action against Russia and are shouting with glee at the resistance put in by the Ukrainians against the Russians. I hope these gentlemen are aware of the Principles of War as enunciated by General von Clausewitz and that is Concentration of Force. Keeping that in mind, despite all the resistance which the Ukrainians are putting up, the price the Ukrainians are going to pay is terrible. A price that leads to destruction of the entire country and going back by a decade followed by a division of the country and great hardship for the people. I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people who are in this predicament.

The question is how did they reach this nadir, when all that you can look forward to is death and destruction. I don't think there is any cause for celebration and the cheering going on by the Western world looks grotesque.. What is there to cheer?

Ukraine stands on the brink of destruction. God forbid if there is a nuclear war Ukraine will simply be erased as a country. The question arises as to how this is probable. If you look at the scenario very closely, the one man who is responsible for this entire imbroglio is Mr. Joe Biden. Read on.


Death and destruction

The seeds of the present problem lie in NATO. This organization was formed in 1949 as a foil to the Soviet Union and once the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, this organization should have been scrapped. But then the Anglo-Saxon powers want to keep their hegemony alive over Europe and so the alliance was continued. They also needed in enemy and they created Russia as their enemy.

Their propaganda and brainwashing was pretty successful and very soon as per the American plan they began to ring Russia by NATO countries. The aim was to destroy Russia as a power for all time to come and paint it as the enemy.

Nobody wishes to remember, that Russia under Boris Yeltsin had applied to become member of NATO but the Americans didn't agree. The present crisis blew up when Vladimir Putin, the Russian president wanted security guarantees from the west, as well as an assurance that NATO will not include Ukraine. Joe Biden's reply is that the demands were "non-starters."

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It just shows that he didn't know what he was talking about. There was to be a reaction and Russia reacted. This is similar to what happened in 1941 when a trade embargo was put on Japan and the Japanese reacted against it and launched Pearl Harbor. One must understand that you have to give an opponent breathing space otherwise a stage will come when a man becomes desperate and will do anything.

These are the seeds sowed by Biden and the West. They were now aided by Ukrainian president Zelensky. This man played into the hands of the Americans and has been going around demanding to be included in the US and NATO and shouting from root top that Russia is the enemy.

He probably thought he would be hailed as a hero and the West built him up but life is not rosy and everything is not sunshine, because Biden and Zelensky along with the EU never took into consideration that Russia is a formidable military and nuclear power. Had they properly evaluated the scenario they would have tempered their approach. They compounded matters by putting all sorts of sanctions on Russia leaving the Russian leader with no option. It is a fallacy to have expected Putin will surrender.


World War 3

The Europeans have a penchant for war. They are fighting each other for the last 400 years. In the last century, two world wars originated from the European continent. It is the playground of World wars and I am pretty sure that the antics of Biden as well as the Ukrainian president including the aggressive German chancellor have sown the seeds of World War 3.

The seeds of World War 2 were in treaty of Versailles. Similarly history will record that if and when World War 3 takes place the seeds will be in the actions of Mr. Joe Biden. All those Americans clapping and cheering, must remember that once the flame lights, it rises to the sky.

A nuclear bomb thrown on Ukraine will mean that the country ceases to exist. I will again repeat the words of Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet Leader who said in 1961 that it requires only five H- bombs to wipe England of the world map.

I wonder the people who are clapping and jumping with joy realize the seriousness of what is happening. Joe Biden and Boris Johnson may have signed their death warrant.

I feel very sad when I write this but then somebody has to write the truth because too many people are talking of action against Putin and what not. It is provoking him to have a nuclear strike. A mad man can do anything and so can a man who has no place to breathe other than die of Asphyxiation.

I hope sense will prevail on the Americans and the sanctions are removed so that World War 3 is avoided. God save the world; I should add God save the world from people like Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, and the Ukrainian president.

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