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How on Earth Has the United States of America Ever Managed to Survive - on a Wing and a Prayer?

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...


We've Lived

One of my favorite movies of all time is, 'Secondhand Lions'.

At the end of the movie, the young man narrating the story of his quirky, eccentric, uncles, proudly and confidently states, "yes, they really lived."

If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it, there are many wonderful life lessons throughout. You can find those "wonderful life lessons" in so many classic films going back in time.

Although, the best way to hear wonderful life lessons and stories of American know-how and of our great pioneering spirit are through our Parents, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents...When we don't have that good fortune (or quirky, eccentric uncles)...movies will have to suffice.

Many lines, such as this one in Secondhand Lions, have been coming back to me quite frequently, especially these days each time I catch some of the news and of course...with the way things went down with this past election.

The left, the Dem Party, the media...are always acting as if we can't possibly survive, we can’t "really live", if not for them...and Government, looking out for us!

We need them to fix all that is wrong and all that is broken with this Country of ours. In fact, it is so broken, a fix isn't enough, they need to "transform" it into their version of utopia...the only thing I recognize as broken in this little them, for they sound like broken records!

As if, Americans have never really lived, we've just been winging it...coasting...flying by the seat of our pants, barely getting by and keeping it all together, for nearly 250 years and now... emboldened and empowered crop of lefties...are here to fly the plane and save us all!

Glory Be!

How have we ever managed without them?

They promise us things to get our vote, they make up things to get our vote, they are willing to do just about anything to get our vote, so that they may what?

Have power over us?

Control our every action?

They are always explaining, how we are so very wrong about everything!

We are certainly wrong if we had quirky uncles or hard-working, Godly parents/grandparents who raised us right, taught us and showed us by their example. If we have special people in our lives who have shared life lessons with us about doing the right thing, taking the high road, loving one another, giving God the glory...all those things which really matter, in life, we have really been duped...according to the enlightened ones!

They portray our Founding Fathers as the lowest of the low; dismissing all the blood, sweat, sleepless nights, tears, loss of wealth, loss of family time, sacrifice...that they would not/could not, ever get back, as they unselfishly structured this amazing Republic of ours!

The progressive leftists forget that it was a much different time and even so, our founders had the wherewithal to structure a Country, suited to stand the test of time and last!

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A Country where the people would call the shots.

A Government, of, by and for the people, based solely on what would be in the best interest of them and their families for generations to come and grounded in what would best insure the longevity of a young start-up Nation...

The Final Scene in 'Secondhand Lions'

Life Lessons

Seeking to Destroy Our American Spirit

Of course, today's empowered leftist socialist progressive doesn't care to look back, to give credit where credit is due, because they do not see the United States of America as you or I see it -

How could they?

All we ever hear from them is trash talk; they mock our faith, they mock our values, they make excuses for our individual successes and our work ethic, when they say things such as, "if you have a business, you didn't build that", that speaks volumes, don't you agree?

That's how they see us and yet...we continue to put them into office!

I don't know why, I don't understand it. Someone will have to explain it to me, but it will take a lot of explaining, so come prepared with both knowledge and time!

As they, the progressive left, mock the individual, mock our innate entrepreneurial spirit, mock our work ethic and dismiss our love of liberty, they also mock our Nation's beginning. They distort or erase our history in order to make up their own history, naturally designed to portray us in the worst possible light!

But then...they must!

If they do do they go forward in "transforming us" into something else? How do they convince enough people, that do not know better; young people, immigrants, etc. that the old-fashioned way doesn't work, if they don't hideaway, cover-up, make-up, eliminate...all that makes America, uniquely America!

How do they convince enough people, from here on out, that as a Country...we must have gotten our start in an underhanded, deceitful manner...we've been winging it ever since and that a firm reliance on God, a grounding in a solid foundation, sacrifice and hard work had absolutely nothing to do with it...

That's the only way our having staying power, can be explained away, by non-believers! doesn't work! None of their plans and schemes work...we don't go the socialist route one hundred percent, if they are not successful in hiding...who we really are!

As a Nation, together, we have overcome so much, we've accomplished great things, we've done great things for so many other Nations as well, over many decades.

Individually, we don't count on others to do for us, but we are always ready to do for others; whether right across the street, way across town or clear across the ocean; after natural disasters, after human disasters or...just because. Never done, expecting anything in return, only the joy and contentment, which comes from doing for others!

It has innately always been a part of us...a part of our foundation, poured into place with a steady and "firm reliance" on the most generous of all, our gracious heavenly Father!

No modern day, anti-American crusader ...will ever convince me otherwise or take from me, what I know to be truth!

But, that's what they do, that's what we are up against and yet...we, as a Nation, continue to give them more and more power and more and more control over every aspect of our lives!

I choose to live in the reality of a warm, welcoming, giving, land of enormous opportunity for all willing to give it a chance, to accept it for what it is, not for what it has been made out to be by some.

I choose to embrace life’s lessons, pass down traditions, share stories of hard work and sacrifice that my grandparents have shared with me and continue to live life to its fullest, in the greatest country that God gave man...for the time I am given...

God Bless America!

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

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A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on December 02, 2020:

Thank you Sankhajit.

Sankhajit Bhattacharjee from MILWAUKEE on December 01, 2020:

interesting article to read...

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