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How Donald Trump Destroyed America

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During early 2016, people who did NOT live in the United States, thought Trump was a clown to give the American elections a kind of frivolous flavour.

People who had seen him on Television thought he was, to put it in language suitable for a General Audience, ridiculous.

He was a bloated loud mouth, stupid, with this kind of pretension that makes waiters spit into his soup and mechanics put sugar in his gas tank.

When he spoke, that offensive whine in his voice made many turn the channel.

He was an ugly guy with money who bought the women who shared his bed, and so no one, who didn't live in the United States thought he had a chance of winning the Presidential Election.


The Pendulum

Those who lived in the United States, or who visited frequently, and were politically astute, had a sneaking suspicion that having elected Barack Obama president in 2008 and 2012, there would be a swing in the opposite direction.

Racism in America had surged during the years of the 'Black Man in the White House'. It was felt that those who had developed a hatred for Obama would find the most racist isolationist they could find to counter him and his policies.

Donald Trump, who was well known for his white supremacy and connections to various leaders in that realm, was the obvious choice for those who would like to reimpose slavery.

It was expected that Trump would garner the votes of these bigots but it was not believed that the population of racists was as high as it was.

This delusion was due to the limitations placed on free speech in the United States where people needed to be 'politically correct' so would not say in 2016 what they would have no problem saying thirty years ago.


The Fake News Saga

During the period 2008 - 2015 a set of 'writers' calling themselves 'White House Insider' created a plethora of absolutely false stories about Barack Obama which they published on Triond, (a now defunct writing site) which were so popular, they were given their own section on which to spread their spoof.

They made a great deal of money through Adsense.

Youths in Macedonia, taking a page from their book, created a number of fake American sites where they published invented stories which were anti-Clinton and pro-Trump.

They did it for the money.

They would put the links on Facebook where they would be clicked on, and the reader would arrive on the site, thinking it was genuine. The Macedonians would receive pay from the ads which festooned the site.

There were many Fake Stories, some would later be attributed to Russian Interference in the American Election.

Trump, fully aware that he had been elected due to many of these Fake News stories did the usual cowardly act of claiming other news agencies, from the BBC to CNN spread 'fake news' .

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This trick of distraction is often used by the guilty party to turn attention from one's own actions to that of others, as if casting aspersions on others places one in an invulnerable position.

America First

Over the past thirty years the economic realities of the world have changed. Those stuck in the 1950s mentality maintain the delusion that trade with America is crucial to all nations.

The fact is, there are 195 countries in the World.

Many fall into the category of 3rd World, which means they have been ignore-able markets to the United States, but prime real estate for China.

From Africa to the Caribbean to South America, most products come from China. Most aid comes from China, most development comes from China.

China builds roads, bridges, other infra-structure in many 3rd World nations. While these Chinese engineers are operating with the welcome of the country, their families, who journey with them, are opening businesses and importing vast quantities of goods made in China.

From refrigerators to microwaves, washing machines to radios, from shoes to hats, everything is made in China.

What is not from China, be it cars; made in Japan or Korea, buses made in India, there are very few items made in America.

In fact, in the 3rd World, virtually nothing comes from the 1st World, save perhaps luxury cars, like Mercedes Benz.

To sneer about America First, as if the world would be deprived of some benefit if America went into isolation, proves the ignorance of Donald Trump and his 'team'.

To prove how ridiculous the idea that if America turned its back ,other nations would die, it didn't take a full 24 hours for the car factory closed by America in Mexico to be reopened by China.

The fact is, China has long replaced America in most of the world and the possibility of America regaining the markets is highly unlikely.


Know How To Talk To People

During the years of Barack Obama's Presidency the nations of the world developed a respect for him and America. Nations wanted him to visit, leaders wanted to meet him.

He knew how to negotiate, how to set his positions clearly, and was Presidential.

He would arrive in a nation, fully aware of their culture so could use the various slang words and focus on what was important to them.

Considering how he looked and held himself, other leaders respected him and the United States.

For him to be replaced by a loud mouthed clown who can throw paper towels at hurricane survivors and label other nations as Sh8tholes, coming so close behind, emphasises Trump's intellectual inferiority and lack of class.

Where Obama would adopt a positive successful style, Trump crosses his arms over his chest which symbolises his feelings of fear and inferiority.

Where Obama knew how to speak, Trump whines and makes empty threats.

Where Putin had to meet Obama as an equal, he sees Trump as that loud mouthed fat boy in the corner.


Laughing Stock

With his orange skin and clumsy body, his whining voice, his empty threats, his 'tweets' the world knows that he is easily ignored.

What makes him so funny to the rest of the world is that he takes himself seriously.

The plus side of the Trump administration is that many nations are quietly slipping out of the American net.

Some nations know they can 'play' Trump and get what they want by flattery or pretend deference.

That many countries don't want him in their borders, nor do dignitaries wish to meet him would alert a normal intellect that his behaviour and language is unacceptable.

But not Trump.

As any narcissist he is unaware of the actual impression he gives, the effect of his words and actions.

He is unaware that his behaviour reflects on the country he is supposed to represent.

He is unaware, for example, that soy beans are grown in the United States and sold to China. That if China doesn't buy those soy beans they have no market.

Trump is unaware that China buys more American cars than Americans do. That if China ceases to buy the cars, there is no market.

Any 'trade war' with China will result in China being victorious.

The world knows this, Trump doesn't.

Canada, for example, has never truly expanded its market. Now it can. It can replace America in many areas in a quiet manner, i.e. exporting cars and petroleum both of which have increased in the past year.

Then, of course, there's Trump's relationships with women, including Porn Stars, which not unexpectedly, doesn't horrify other nations.

It is behaviour expected from someone who looks and acts like the U.S. President.


What the World Sees

The image above is not photo shopped.

This photograph is how the world sees Donald Trump and the United States.

For the world, it is a positive, it is a way to slip out of the America blanket and form relationships with other nations.

It is an opportunity for China to replace the United States.

Replacing America with it's over active CIA and interference in political matters with a nation like China which concentrates on profit and stays out of politics, is a plus for nations who have had their governments over or underthrown, who have had to conform to America's demands.

As America descends other nations rise.

Yes, for the American it is an embarrassing and sad assessment, but it is inescapable.


qeyler (author) on November 14, 2020:

It is 2 years later. The election was held. Trump refuses to leave. The world is laughing. People are using the word 'destroyed' in relation to American Democracy.

qeyler (author) on October 29, 2018:

I do not listen to CNN. So that's the first error. Second, there were bombs sent, there were people executed, and the violence in America has increased. The Nasdaq is down... you can see that? You can deny everything I post. That doesn't render what I write false, as you are speaking from ignorance, and I am not.

I explained about the end of string loans, meaning we are no longer buying US products. I wrote about the trade with China, and the new ties with Russia.

My country is one of many which is following the same policy of NOT dealing with the U.S.

There is a way you can do a search on the Internet to prove what I post. But that would only topple your house of cards, wouldn't it?

Brad on October 29, 2018:

The stock market is dynamic, and it is still stronger.

Before we go any further look up the word "destroyed" and see if you can get any traction in your comments.

you again deflected with CNN blab, none of this is imputed to president Trump. Just like when the republican congressmen were shot be a Bernie Sanders supporter that shot them because Bernie said the republicans were killing people with their healthcare.

You got nothing but sheep talk!

qeyler (author) on October 29, 2018:

What 'red herrings?' The stock market is down, world trade is down, respect is down, there have been pipe bombs, the worst murder of Jews in American history just happened.

This can be laid at Trump's door step. This is due to his hate speech, his ridiculous trade war, his support of Saudi Arabia.

Brad on October 29, 2018:


Enough with the red herrings.

How has president Trump destroyed America?

qeyler (author) on October 28, 2018:

Obama created a respect for the United States which no longer exists. In my country, for example; we took 'string loans'. As you probably know nothing about politics or trade or reality; a 'string loan' means that the only use of that money is to purchase US products; Kraft, Heinz, Campbell's etc.

This kind of loan, of course, is very profitable to the US; for it is a repayable loan, but American products are purchased.

We have NOT taken a single string loan from the US since Trump is in office.

The US would give us a loan to build a highway or a bridge, etc. We have taken NO LOANS from the US for these features, preferring the Chinese.

If my country was singular in this, then shrug. But other nations, from Africa to South America are following our pattern.

Recently, we have been soliciting tourists from Russia... the first plane landed today.

We are soliciting tourists from South America and China.

In short, as many other nations, my country is cutting down on the American market.

We are selling our lobster to China. China used to buy lobster from the US... your state of Maine to be specific. No longer.

The longer Trump stays in office, the more nations, as mine, will form agreements with ABA (anywhere but America).

This is real.

I didn't read these things, I know these things for a fact.

If you were another kind of person, I would give you all the sites that you could verify what I have posted. But as you do not desire reality to encroach on your fantasy world, I leave you there.

Brad on October 28, 2018:


I don't eat red herring so don't feed it to me.

America is not destroyed? Convince me that it is destroyed, it is your story not mine?


During the years of Barack Obama's Presidency the nations of the world developed a respect for him and America. Nations wanted him to visit, leaders wanted to meet him.

He knew how to negotiate, how to set his positions clearly, and was Presidential. "


And what was the end result nothing good for America. of course they liked his visits because he kept apologizing for America. Wimp.

qeyler (author) on October 28, 2018:

There is no deflection. You can not face reality so divert...the stock market is down... China is trading with other places... on and on...

Brad on October 27, 2018:


Deflection is a sign of a weak case, and name calling is childish because you can't make your point.

As far as climate change he still backed out of the Paris Accord, and until that changes nothing has changed.

BTW, I don't watch any cable news on a regular basis. I gave up cable news twelve years ago.

What planet or dimensions do you live in today?

America is not Destroyed by president Trump but the democrats are trying real hard to make that happen.

What is your end game here?

What is wrong with America outside of the democrat resistance, and their favor of illegal aliens over America, Americans and legal immigrants.

qeyler (author) on October 27, 2018:

The prob. Brad is that it is all over the news. Prob not on Fox, your only 'news' network. You, like the rest of the Trumpie toe cleaners will deny until your Massa changes his mouth. BTW... your massa now believes in Climate Change. He has retracted the Hoax thing.

You live in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four. I don't.

Brad on October 27, 2018:


name calling, what a cheap shot.

What is the news? Can you give the link or copy the "news".

This isn't news it is an opinion trying to connect dots of data to some anti Trump conclusion.

So yes, it is fake because it is an opinion.

qeyler (author) on October 24, 2018:

The falls on Wall Street came after official figures showed US home sales fell to their slowest pace in nearly two years, and a Federal Reserve report indicated that companies across America were concerned about the impact of tariffs and widespread labour shortages.

Hey Trumpie! You are going to call this Fake News?

qeyler (author) on October 24, 2018:

Sorry, thought you read my stuff. Jamaica.

Brad on October 23, 2018:


You must be so proud of your country that you don't even mention what country.


What is your country?

qeyler (author) on October 23, 2018:

Sanxuary ...wait until you see the prices on appliances in the US. They will be sky high. It is Americans who will suffer, not the Chinese, not anyone else. For few countries buy from the US. And everything that we used to buy we now either make our own or buy from other countries.

qeyler (author) on October 23, 2018:

Actually, in my country we seek to buy from ABA... Anywhere but America. The only thing we bought from the US are the soy beans China didn't buy. We got them from hapenny, so feed them to chickens and the price of chicken has gone down.

We make a lot of local stuff; so to get rid of Skippy we have our own Peanut butter, and on and on and on.

Right now, for the first in my life, supermarket shelves have so few US products that you'd have to search for them.

There are few American cars on the road... most Japanese, Korean, a few German. And buses? India.

Oh, btw... the value of the U.S. dollar has dropped.

Brad on October 21, 2018:

The United States is the best it has been in the last 50 years. The tide has turned from the apologetic Obama to the America first president Donald Trump.

The countries around the world shouldn't ask what can America do for us, but what we can do for America. And before president Trump the answer was we do nothing for America.

And if today America is destroyed, what would you call the last several decades?

Sanxuary on October 20, 2018:

All indications tell us America is on a path that hurts us down the road. How do you condemn the European Trade Union in the hopes it disolves then condemn NATO an alternative plan that protects them. If you destroy NATO then they will unite to protect themselves with out America. Nothing Trump does has any real plan or real objective unless the goal is chaos. Tarrifs are nothing but taxes on Americans unless American replace the products. After his tax cuts for the rich we are running historic deficits and maybe his tarrifs are his knew means of making more money to pay off the deficit? I doubt it but the examples of no plan or strategy our numerous. Fighting with China on Trade would have been fine if he did not decide to fight everyone on trade. The result is they may in time decide to ignore us all together. People forget that two world wars were fought mostly on the grounds of free trade as the underlying problem. America would have never fought either one of those wars if they did not believe it would open America up to free trade and expand our economy.

qeyler (author) on September 15, 2018:

If you were able to travel to other countries; say in 2016 and again today you would be in the position to assess the change in how a country is assessed by other countries. How people used to see America, and how it is seen today.

I would try to give you an analogy but unaware of your understanding of world events; it might simply lead to arguments over semantics.

Simply put, The image you may have of your country is not held by most of the countries of the world. The attribution of this change is your President, who, every time he opens his mouth confirms our assessment.

Brad on September 15, 2018:


You don't appear to be an American, and yet you criticize our president?


You apparently don't comprehend the word that you used in your Title.

None of your latest comment is relevant to DESTROY.

And the earliest that we would have any significant effect from electric cars is 2040.

What cars are from your country?

In CA it will be 2040 before we have a high speed train.

And BTW, full electric cars need to use electricity to recharge them. What do you think powers that electricity?

qeyler (author) on September 15, 2018:

Before Trump, America's position in the world was not one of ridicule. America will not easily regain respect.

He is a laughing stock. If you were capable of investigating on your own, you would know that.

As we both agree; America will stick with petrol cars and fossil fuels, the world will move to renewables.

Petrol cars will have no market. Not that American cars have much market as even in America Toyota is the 2nd most popular, behind Honda. Neither is an American manufactured car.

Japan is moving to electric, so will dump its petrol cars in the US.

These are facts.

The US and Saudi have been in bed for years. Note that despite most of your 9/11 bombers came from Saudi, there is not, nor ever was a travel ban.

Your arguments suggest there is some 'alternative facts' which is not surprising. But reality is. America has lost its prestige, respect, and when it come to trade and aid, it is quickly and easily being replaced.

Brad on September 14, 2018:


Let continue with Destroyed before we go to your list of

ifs, wills, and you can't snapshot a plan, it is not instantaneous.

Why don't you let the president do his job, and then in 2020 if you don't like what he accomplished then don't vote for him.

Are you qualified to challenge what the president does?

The whole purpose of having our own oil is to make us self sufficient rather than at the mercy of OPEC and others.

As for moving away from oil

I am not asking you to compare Obama and Trump, I am asking you do compare what 2016 looked like compared to today?

As far as comparing Bozo to Hawking, they are both dead.

And this is your compelling argument?

qeyler (author) on September 14, 2018:

Let me go line by line.

Let's start with Trade. You know a number of companies are moving overseas. Trump even said it so you know it's true, right? Trump also said there would be a 12 Billion dollar pool for those who are suffering losses due to China's refusal to buy their products. That isn't a 'will effect'... right? That happened. That is real. You can check Trump's tweets.

This situation will become worse over time.

We are agreed that America is NOT moving away from oil. That is what I posted. The rest of the world is. So to whom will America sell oil? Itself. That is obvious. And then, who will buy American products which use petrol? If other nations have gone to electric vehicles and renewable energy, that America will build cars for itself. This means, America will build less cars that use oil and will have to produce cars that do not.

To compare Trump and how the world sees him is to compare Bozo the clown to Stephen Hawkings.

Brad on September 14, 2018:


I don't watch any cable news.

And your information is not factual.

And name calling doesn't substitute for facts.

1. Will effect is not a fact

2. not true

3. America is not moving away from oil.

4.President Trump hasn't changed SS, or Medicare. except to give a 2% COLA. Obamacare is still in force except people that don't want it don't get penalized.


I am not a republican nor a democrat, I just support Trump.

And your article still never even showed how America is destroyed!

Definition of destroy

transitive verb

1 : to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of

destroyed the files

; also : to ruin as if by tearing to shreds

their reputation was destroyed

a disease that destroys the body's ability to fight off illness

… destroyed any hope of a return to past crackdowns … —George Brock

2 a : to put out of existence : kill

destroy an injured horse

b : neutralize

the moon destroys the light of the stars

c : annihilate, vanquish

armies had been crippled but not destroyed —W. L. Shirer

intransitive verb

: to cause ruin or destruction

it is proverbially easier to destroy than to construct —T. S. Eliot


What was the difference between Obama 2016

and Trump 2018 in results?

qeyler (author) on September 14, 2018:

As most Trump supporters, you never ever do any kind of research. You never listen to anything but Fox News, and where the rest of the world has the information, you refuse, because it would contradict the current beliefs of your Massa.

Firstly, Trade. Many countries have cut their trade with the United States. This will effect the economy.

Second, Respect. No one in the world respects Trump, save Duerete of the Philippines. The world respected Obama.

Third, where the rest of the world is moving away from oil to renewables, America is condemning itself to oil. In twenty years the demand for oil will be less than half it is today. America will be forced to remain using fossil fuels, paying for them, where others will be using renewables and having their own electricity supply.