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How Congregants in a Kenyan Town Church Were Led by a “ghost Pastor” Without Their Knowledge

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

Artistic impression of a church

Artistic impression of a church

I am a liberal individual and as such, I happen to have so many friends all over the country. One day, one of my friends called Martha to happen to tell me a story that leaves me wondering whether I am in dreamland or the real world.

According to her, there was this pastor somewhere in Kitui who used to operate a thriving church. It is that kind of church the pastor will prophesize about your problems and issues about that. He could also pray to people and those who were sick could get healed. Deliverance was common in his church and people falling down was a norm.

He turned out to be quite good at it and the church attracted many followers as the days went by. As expected, the number of followers rose day in and out as people wanted their various issues to be resolved. It turns out that many Kenyans are not bothered by the source of power that claiming to be a prophet wields, as long as their problems are solved. But this is a story for another day.

Days went by and as the church continued swelling in numbers, some of the members began to be curious about the pastor’s background. The curiosity was stirred because, for over five years in which the church was operating, the members never heard the pastor mentioning anything to do with his family or background.

The church elders then organized an impromptu meeting and excused the pastor since they were discussing matters that involved him in good faith.

The meeting ended with an agreement to visit the pastor’s family at whatever home he hailed from. Interestingly, the pastor obliged and a day for the visitation was decided.

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The day reached and the journey began, a Nissan matatu was hired to carry some church officials and the pastor in question.

Before leaving, they prayed for journey mercies and the journey commenced. After several hours of travelling, they eventually reached the pastor’s homestead. However, before entering the home, he told the guests to wait outside the gate as he went inside to alert the hosts of the incoming visitors so that they get prepared.

The waiting turned from minutes to hours and each wondered what was happening. When each got tired of waiting, they decided to storm into the home to see what the matter was.

They indeed went inside the homestead and found an elderly woman who appeared surprised to see them. After exchanging greetings, the guests introduced themselves and they were puzzled to hear that the host pastor never informed the mother about their visitation. Nevertheless, they went ahead to introduce themselves and they informed the woman that of their mission to visit their pastor’s home and that is why they were there.

After several minutes of trying to understand the situation, the elderly woman informed them that indeed, the person in question was indeed her son, only that he had died several years ago! She even went ahead and showed them his grave, and the clothes he was wearing on that particular day were on top of it

This left the guests in shock and dilemma as the pastor in question was a well-known figure and they couldn’t fathom that he could have been a spirit or something.

After this revelation, they went back a dejected lot and they kept imagining how for several years they were attending a church led by a ghost!

Once reaching back to Kitui, the faithful agreed to destroy the church and beside it, they built another one that was now led by a real human being.

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