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How Can Green Energy Lead To Sustainable Development?


In this article, we will see how can we survive green energy on this earth. The solar system is the real source on this earth.


How green energy is important ?

The Corona epidemic has slowed the growth rate of all countries. But now the situation has been changing. The need for energy hymns was less in the Corona epidemic. But the Corona epidemic has decreased in all the countries, so now the hymns of energy will increase. After the Corona epidemic, the country is experiencing rapid growth on the one hand and energy demand on the other. Therefore, the biggest challenge facing India and also other countries in the coming years will be in the field of energy conservation.

Green energy is directly related to the concept of self-reliant India. For India, green energy is not just an option, it is what the country needs. In fact, this is what the whole world needs. Scientists have repeatedly called for the development of green energy by stopping the use of groundwater on a scientific basis in several international conferences from the 1992, Rio Summit in 1998, the Fourth International Environment Summit in Buenos Aires in 1998 to 2015.

All countries want to make progress in the world and become number one in the world. They also hinted that the use of geothermal fuel would not be stopped by 2020, but could lead to an emergency in 2020. The Corona Crisis is the true meaning of that warning. The epidemic has paralyzed the world's economy. As a result, the economic growth of all countries has slowed down. If the world's largest and most developed nations do not provide carbon-free energy by 2050, human society will be in danger from all sides.


Benefit of Green Energy

As a result, there will be no need for war for the annihilation of the world, so the world will be destroyed automatically. In spite of all this, the real tragedy is that the people leading the world are not trying to understand these things. India and its neighbors fall into the 'tropical zone'. The population density is higher here. India has a large population. Therefore, the need for energy psalms is going to increase. The economic system is weak. There is the stress of accelerating growth.

So the countries in South Asia as a whole have no choice but to use green energy, but the key challenge to green energy is its sustainable availability. There is no sun in the night sky. So everyone is looking at how to challenge the storage of energy produced with the help of modern technology. The cost of solar energy is four times lower than that of electricity generated from coal. This will save you money, you have to look at it with enthusiasm. The current situation in India is different. The Government of India is working to increase the production and supply of green energy.

The most important structure in India is power generation. The second phase consists of transport-rail, road transport, cargo and aviation, and the third phase consists of factories, mainly the iron and cement industries, which require a large amount of electricity. India has increased its solar power generation from 17 GB to 78 GB in the last six years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an idea to connect the world with a smart grid of solar energy. The concept of 'One Sun, One Grid and One World' is India's gift to the world.

The highest quality and highest carbon coal for power generation is imported from Indonesia, Australia and South Africa. If electricity were to be generated through solar energy, the need for coal would be eliminated. Home appliances will also run on solar energy. Transportation will also run on green energy. In this way, if all the sectors are connected to green energy, about 80 to 90 percent of the energy requirement can be met by green energy.


Overview All Nation

The United States and China are the world's largest carbon emitters. As China, the world's largest emitter of carbon, wants to become the world's abbot, it will continue to do so until 2023. China wants to expand its trade around the world through the use of underground fuels. Smaller countries in Europe, however, are more sensitive. Green parties and green funds have also started in this country, but their size is so small that the foundation for systemic change cannot be laid through it. Only a handful of countries in the African continent, such as Ghana and Mozambique, are accelerating their solar-powered economic growth, but their scope is small.

Unless these ideas are accepted by China and the United States, the heat in the atmosphere will continue to rise. The whole world is paying the price through natural disasters due to rising global temperatures. Natural disasters in India have increased sevenfold in the last twenty years. The floods in Kerala in 2018 have caused as much damage as the GDP of the entire state of Kerala. This natural calamity crisis is the most intense and multifaceted for India and its neighbors. Therefore, in the current scenario, by 2050, India will be able to replace the conventional energy system with green energy and India will definitely be able to start using it.

Few industrial plants can run on coal-fired power generation. But solar energy can be owned by small and large businesses, which will provide employment to hundreds of people and, in a sense, will help lay the foundation for a self-reliant India. Solar energy is abundant on this earth. Therefore, if all countries use solar energy, the human race in this world will be safe. Today, AC is widely used in large companies. But no one pays attention to the question of how much heat is generated on this earth. Solar energy devices are also not very expensive, so almost everyone can use them.

So how to get sustainable energy from green energy is very important. It is very important for all countries to take this question seriously. If we all look at green energy as an energy hymn today, the future will be very good.

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