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How Black Skin Became Associated With Evil!

My Speculations


© 2006 El-Veasey Publishing

Please be forewarned that what I'm about to say only applies to some people and only to those that it fits. So please don't be offended by what I say. I'm not talking about all of any group of people or broad brushing any group of people with a narrow brush!

That's not my style and that's not my intention or my purpose. My only purpose is to, from my point of view; paint a picture of how black skin became associated with evil, not to offend anyone.

These are just my speculations.

So let's begin

I don’t know whether it was through an accident of history or by deliberate design, but black skin has become embodied with all the undesirable traits of humans and animals.

I think that one of the reasons, that black skin became associated with fear and evil, is because during the early development of humans, night and darkness were the times when humans were most susceptible to attack by their enemies and by predators. Lost of consciousness through sleep, and its association with death, may also have lead to the further dread and fear of darkness, and by association, of black skin. Of course this doesn’t, apply, to those groups who had dark or black skin. For, them, having dark or black skin, wouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary.

Whites Started Dominating Christianity

When, white Europeans, started dominating Christianity, in the fourth century A.D. with the founding of Roman Catholic Christianity, black skin probably came to be despised, because, the primary rivals to the establishment of Roman Catholic Christianity, was the ancient Egyptian religion and various heretical Christians cults, like Gnosticism, which were practiced by large numbers of Africans and racially-mixed people.

The White Image Of God And His Son

Eventually, a white image of God and his Son were created, to reflect the superior moral traits and qualities, of the dominating white Roman Christians, as opposed to, what they wanted to be seen as the, inferior moral traits and qualities of the non-whites, and heretical Christians, who opposed them.

So the white image of God became the dominant, cultic image, of God and his son. All other religions, (Egyptian, Babylonian, etc.) and their Gods and Goddesses, (worshiped by thousands of whites, blacks and non-whites) were depicted as evil, or the creation of the devil, to deceive the believers away from the true God: the God of light and his son, Jesus, and through the association light = white, God and Jesus were depicted as white.

White God And His Son


Black Skin Became More Despised

In the, 7th century A.D, when Islam sprang into existence; Its holy wars and armies took over many Roman Catholic Christian cities. Black skin became even more despised and associated with evil, because, many of the Islamic troops, attacking Roman Christian culture, (for what Roman Christians saw as an infidel religion, inspired by Satan the prince of darkness, were black or racially mixed Muslims.

Originally, terms like "black-hearted", "black as sin", did not apply to skin color or race. They were spiritual, psychological or moral concepts. Blacks, whites and other non-white groups, used these terms indiscriminately. But as whites begin to dominate, black and non-white cultures, these terms, became more and more associated with skin color and race.

Amun Ra


Religious Symbolism

Western (white) European religious symbolism, always depicts light as representing God, and by the association light = white, God is depicted as being white. However, in spiritual symbolism, light represents the visible world, the world of things seen, the sensory world, while black, represents the invisible world, the world of things unseen, the spiritual world.

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The, spiritual world, is the world of the invisible source God, called Amun, (the hidden or invisible one), by the ancient Egyptians. Because of the association of, black, with the invisible world (if God has a color) makes the source God's color black.

Therefore, the God of the visible, sensory world, would be white, and the God of the, invisible world spiritual world, would be black. The, white God, would be the visible manifestation of the invisible, black God, as in the spiritual symbolism of the dual, Egyptian God, Amun-Ra: Amun, is the invisible aspect the source God, and Ra is the visible aspect of the source God.

The source God doesn’t have a color. Only as we talk about it manifesting its self through some culture, can we refer to it as a being black or white. Only through some, culture's, subjective color associations, can white be associated with a God of light and black with the God of darkness. This God of darkness, (meaning of the invisible, spiritual world) has, historically, been injected, with all the undesirable traits and characteristics that, white Christians, didn't want to see in themselves.

For These Reasons

In their desire to be superior to all others groups and to set themselves apart from animals (because of their puritanical views about sex and the body), they projected their repressed sexual impulses and other impulses considered morally undesirable, on to those groups, they’d been conditioned to see, as more like animals than themselves. These were usually Africans and other indigenous non-white people, who weren’t ashamed, to openly display their bodies, their sexuality or the enjoyment of sexual pleasures.

The first Africans that whites came in contact with, had skins that were literally or nearly black. It must have been a cultural shock, for those whites who held negative associations about blackness, to literally, come face to face, with people, who had skin the color of the dreaded blackness they feared.

This foreboding toward blackness can be seen in words like black magic, black cat, the black plague etc. As I said previously, these associations around blackness, probably came about through its association with darkness and night, when the roar of predators in the dark, meant possible death to our early ancestors. Only later did it become associated with skin color or race.

Black Jesus


The Gods Looks Like Those Who Believe In Them

Anthropomorphically, the Gods always look like the people who believe in them; because they’re a projection of they’re highest hopes, dreams and fears.

But the source God has no form, shape, color, or race.

So for whites it’s white and for blacks it’s black (or at least it should be black for blacks). That’s why in white, male dominated religions, God looks like a white male. Some black and other non-white cultures, historically dominated by white males, now depict God as a white male.

Hero With A Thousand Faces


Isn't It Ironic?

That people, who’ve been enslaved, colonized and victimized by white male racists, now worship the image of a white male as their God?, and, how clever and pathetic.

The cultural God image of any culture should reflect the physical characteristics of the people creating that image. But a transcultural image of God, (the God image of all humans), would look like what the late mythologist, Joseph Campbell, called "The Hero with a thousand faces".

Beast With Seven Heads


It Would Look Like A Monster

It would look like a monster. Like the beast with seven heads. It would literally be a God image with millions of faces, reflecting all of the faces of mankind, because the true God, the God of all the people, is invisible and doesn't have a face or an image.

God’s image is like shapeless, formless clay, that can be shaped into any face or image those doing the shaping want it be.

Black Youth


The Way Black Skin Became Evil

So the way black skin became associated with evil, is because all of negative associations with the concept of blackness, like being black hearted, the black death, the black plague, black as sin and the fear of the dark and death, was associated with those who had the dreaded black skin, by those whites it reminded of those things.

And because, the Anglo Saxons and other Germanic tribes,( who were seen as primitive, savages, by the Romans), wanted to see themselves as superior to black people (Africans). so they intentionally, promoted the idea, that blacks were subhuman and more animal like, than human. They used the theory of evolution to support this idea; stating that the oldest races (Africans) were more primitive and animal like than they were; and they were more advanced, more human and genetically superior to the black race, because they were the last to develop on the evolutionary scale.

That's kind of an interesting way of looking at things, because most cultures believe that the ancient people were the most advanced and that as time went on people "fell" or degenerated from that advanced state. That's why you have the concept of the "fall" of man in Christian theology, and the concept of the lost "golden age" in other cultures' theologies, that many people are longing for and want to return (like the return of the messiah).

This is my kind of my condensed view, of how blackness and black skin became associated with evil and darkness, with some riffing and ad-libbing thrown in for good measure

Hope you found it entertaining, enlightening and maybe even got something out of it.

This was all done in fun and well intentioned.

No offense meant to anyone who may take offense at what I wrote.

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VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on May 11, 2017:

Negative terms like Black Hearted and Black as Sin etc etc

Didn't originate with Africans - Black people on May 11, 2017:

A little bit of history for you to add to your observation is the deity Adroa from African mythology. While christianity held no belief about race or color Africans held that their deity Adroa...Hope I'm spelling it correctly....Was half black, short and evil and half white, talk and good. The Muslims had a deity as well named Yakub. An evil Black scientist who created the white devils. Race as a concept seperating people was introduced to Christianity after the slave trade brought person's here with those beliefs as well as immigration. You'll notice the difference in views between those in the northern states and those in the South. You'll also notice it is still African Americans who perpetuate the idea that character is assessed by skin color. This isn't a belief among members of the white race as a whole not even highly tribal prejudicial groups claim dark skin is evil. Ignorant is a term used. As well as dirty but not "evil". It's a cultural concept born among people from Africa.

truth on February 24, 2015:

So called black people are descendents of Abraham not Cain. The mormoms have it wrong.

BDO on February 08, 2014:

Thank goodness! I am embarrassed to be white skinned nowadays because the media shows the white man as weak and the black man as strong. There is a lot of truth to that. But I think that black skin will make many look more masculine. Who wants to be associatec with a race that voluntarily allows themselves to be portrayed as weak anyway?

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on February 05, 2014:


Yes! A white man named, John Howard Griffin, did it back in the 1950s

read about him at this link

BDO on February 04, 2014:

Is it seriously possible for a white man to live as a black man?

Yoleen Lucas from Big Island of Hawaii on January 17, 2014:

Bear in mind that no one is truly "black", anymore than anyone is truly "white". The racial term "black" came as a mistranslation of what the Spanish referred to as "dark". "Negro" means dark as well as black in Spanish. Actually, people of African descent are brown, not black. People of European descent are flesh-colored, not white. People from other continents are in between.

jonnycomelately on January 09, 2014:

Take a big hug and a big bow from yours truly!

lyndr on January 09, 2014:

Absolutely! I used to say " I am a beautiful black women", this is a term we are taught to embrace. We are taught that black is a race. Not only an inaccurate description. My son is of german descent, jamaican descent and american descent. But he will be labeled black his whole life. I will spend the rest of my days informing the public that God didn't make a black race, just an human one.

jonnycomelately on January 08, 2014:

Point taken, but don't you think it's the feeling, the judgment behind any label that matters most?

I am happy if someone calls myself an "ol' puffter," if it's said in jest, a term of endearment, without any judgment intended.

However, if it is meant as a put-down, then I will not stand for it.

If I heard anyone slandering you or your son I hope I would have the courage to stand up for you. Would you want that ?

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on January 08, 2014:

" I would probably recommend each white family have 2 black males."

Hahahaha! That's hilarious!

jonnycomelately on January 08, 2014:

Yeah! Why not!

But hey! Are you saying it would take two black males to satisfy her?!!!

I somehow think not. Just joking.

On the other hand, I do see a healthy mixing of people from mixed backgrounds being good for society at large.

The major factors which lead to success in a partnership are common across the board. Be clear about expectations. Don't be greedy or selfish. Don't put up dreams so high that they are not attainable. Keep up the effort to learn good communication. Give and take at least equally.

Any more suggestions of a constructive nature?

brian on January 08, 2014:

I think that black skin is a blessing it is all in how you manage it. Black skin would make pee wee herman, richard simmons, napoleon dynamite, mister rogers look like tough sumbitches.

I also think the white community needs a black voice. A black voice could help the white community tremendously with interacial relations. If I was in charge of the white community I would probably recommend each white family have 2 black males.

jonnycomelately on January 01, 2014:

Give as much time to considering how much of a problem we "whites" have made for the world and you would see that your idea darker skinned peoples are no worse than us.

I am only emphasising the skin colour of people in this discussion because of your outrageous and ignorant bias.

Given fair choice and consideration, plus equal opportunities from birth, dark skinned people can easily prove our equals if not better.

Cynthia Lyerly from Georgia on December 31, 2013:

I did not read your sarcasm. Sorry. And I'm sorry you can't see the facts of how cursed these people groups are around the world. It makes my heart very sad for them to see people so oppressed and not able to be free. They oppress themselves.

Again, people like you tend to put too much emphasis on a person's skin color instead of looking at them as people. We are so busy trying to figure out which race box to check instead of looking at the character and spirit of a person. Instead of moving to a more enlightened populace, we have taken a step backwards.

jonnycomelately on December 30, 2013:

My girl sara, you failed to see my sarcasm? It was your statement regarding skin colour that I see as arrogant and totally biased. Were you being serious? Because I cannot agree with it for one moment.

Maybe I am misreading you. If so I apologise.

Cynthia Lyerly from Georgia on December 30, 2013:

Jonnycomelately, that was a very nice comment you just made:) Why does life have to be a competition of who is on top or who is better? And this whole race thing is just ridiculous. We need to start seeing people for the "content of their character" to quote MLK and stop looking at their skin.

jonnycomelately on December 30, 2013:

"The black, as well as Asian race, while not evil, do seem to have some kind of curse on their race."

Now there's an educated statement if ever there was one! Absolutely nothing about christianity being superior to all others, and white-skinned people being much closer to god. No need to say as much, because it's all written in the statement.

Cynthia Lyerly from Georgia on December 30, 2013:

I agree with the comment above, Jesus had some kind of brown skin because He was Jewish. You are correct in saying that whites dominated the early church and therefore, made Jesus look like them. I was a bit disappointed in this hub because I don't feel you completely made your point of how black skin became associated with evil.

The black, as well as Asian race, while not evil, do seem to have some kind of curse on their race. There are almost no countries that live in freedom that are solely black or Asian (i.e. SE Asia).

keywc58 on December 30, 2013:

Thanks for the info, but I do not think Jesus skin is black or white, I think he is brown skin, because he was born in the east. Most of the people in that area are brown skin people.

jonnycomelately on December 29, 2013:

Most excellent example of lateral thinking. Thanks for opening up my mind to other possibilities.

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