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Hong Kongers Eligible to Come to UK.

Christian Hong Kongers Demonstrating in Hong Kong.


When China was handed over to Chinese rule in 1997, the last British Governor, Chris Patton knew it was the end of the era. Hong Kong had been part of the British Empire and the Commonwealth, since the 19th Century. The Chinese at the time promised that the democratic style of government would continue under their rule. Hong Kong would be part of China from 1997, onwards, but would still enjoy autonomy. Able to run its own affairs, so long as it didn't give the Communist authorities on the mainland, any trouble.

However, over the years, China's vice-like grip on the territory has got tighter and tighter. These have caused demonstrations and running battles with the authorities. Things got so bad at one point, where the Chinese People's Liberation Army was put on standby. However, the Hong Kong authorities under stark sanction from Bei Xiang have clamped down severely, on protesters.

Around 5.4 million Hong Kongers are eligible to come to Britain. This is their right under the BNO scheme, set up in 1985, to pre-empt the handover to China in 1997. However, a new scheme to fast track, Hong Kongers coming here has been set up. Robert Jenrick has said he expects, 322,000 people, to take up this fast track approach.

This fast track approach was brought into being as China, said it no longer recognised, the BNO scheme. China in response to this fast track scheme for potential BNO Hong Kongers said, it now reserves the right to respond.

The fast track scheme was set up, in January. The scheme will help Hong Kongers with housing, education and registering with a GP, once they are ensconced in the UK. The BNO scheme, now augmented by the fast track scheme, is known as the British National Overseas Passport Scheme.

China has always been a hotbed of human rights problems ever since Mao took power in the 1940s. Mao allegedly killed more people than Hitler or Stalin, ever did.

Even now, with a market economy, (which some Chinese people have done very well out of - thank you very much!), the one-party state is in full control. Xi Jinping is probably the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao. He seems to be a dictator for life. He has made known that China is both a military and an economic competitor to the West and particular, the US.

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Human rights abuses are not only going on in Hong Kong but in Tibet. The native Buddhist culture is being smothered by Chinese people settling. Much like the West Bank, where Jewish culture, is smothering Native Palestinian culture. Then you have the re-education camps, (so-called), for Uighur Muslim people. Also, where Christians function underground lest they run foul of the Communist authorities. The church is allowed to function in China, but it is a Communist sanctioned one.

As much as many people will be glad to see these Hong Kongers come here, some will not. Obviously, many of these Hong Kongers will be well-educated, professional people, where they will put their skills to work for the UK. However, some will worry how will our housing, education, welfare, NHS cope with an influx of Hong Kongers?


MG Singh emge from Singapore on April 08, 2021:

The British lost the plot in 1983 when Thatcher negotiated the deal with China. The British should have much earlier gone in for an independent city-state like Singapore and made it a part of the US alliance, but I agree it's easy to write now as GB had become so weak that it just could not hold on to its possessions. All these HK residents coming to the UK? one word 'terrible ' for both economy and living space. GB is too small a nation.'

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