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Home Secretary Priti Patel Condemns BLM Marches of Last Year.


Home Secretary Priti Patel, is never afraid to speak her mind, it seems. Ms Patel, always courts controversy every time, she is asked a question. Ms Patel briefly worked for former Prime Minister, Theresa May, however, she was sacked. Sacked because she had made a trip to Israel, without the PM's knowledge to see right-wing Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. Patel seems to have good links to another right-wing authoritarian figure, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. During her time as Home Secretary under Johnson, she said illegal immigrants and migrants should be sent to Ascension Island in the Atlantic, a lonely, British ruled island that was used as a stop-off island as the British Task Force of 1982, sailed towards confrontation with Argentina over the Falklands, under Tory Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher (who Patel, admires).

Speaking to LBC Radio, Ms Patel made plain her opposition to last years 'BLM' marches. The killing of George Floyd, in the US by police officers, sparked worldwide protests. BLM protests happened all over the UK and were mainly peaceful, however, there were some violent incidents. Notably, mounted police charged extremist BLM supporters in London and BLM protesters clashed with far-right counter-protesters in London and in other parts of England.

Ms Patel said she did not agree with how the conduct of the BLM protests was executed. She said, how, BLM conducted these protests was not the way to carry on. Ms Patel called the protests "dreadful" and commented thus on the protests, the protests were "quite a moment", the "police came under pressure", etc.

Ms Patel when asked if she supported the taking of the knee, she said she did not. She has refused to do this 'taking of the knee' and has made plain, her opposition to it.

Patel has often come under attack from all corners, especially some fellow Tories and opposition parties. It seems whenever this happens, Boris leaps to her defence, he appears very protective of his Home Secretary. Given Boris' meanderings with women over the years, one can't help but wonder is there more to it, than just a professional relationship. But maybe for legal reasons, one shouldn't speculate.

Ms Patel is one of a number of Asians appointed to high positions in the cabinet. The other high profile Asian in the cabinet is 'wunderkind' Rishi Sunak (who when he was first appointed seemed to have a honeymoon period with the British public). When he first brought furlough out to stop employees from being laid off, during the first lockdown, he was called the 'People's Chancellor'. Sunak was also behind, the "Eat Out to Help Out" scheme, which proved very popular with many. However, since then, the shine from Mr Sunak appears to have gone out with many people. The man who is seen as a possible successor to Boris will be announcing the budget for 2021 on 3rd March. Sunak once more is coming under pressure to extend furlough and business help. Sunak is married to the daughter of a multi-billionaire Indian businessman and has a background in finance. Sunak is the richest MP in Parliament and is the MP for William Hague's former constituency in Yorkshire.

Ms Patel is often regarded as one of the sexiest females MPs and to be fair, she is good looking. However, one should not be fooled by her feminine charm, behind those seductive eyes, is an intelligent and crafty mind.

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Could Ms Patel become the successor of Boris? As Patel is an admirer of Maggie Thatcher, one could not rule that out. Patel is the daughter of Ugandan Asians who came to the UK in the 70s when dictator Idi Amin threw out the Asian population.

Ms Patel is married to Alex Sawyer, a Conservative councillor and a consultant for the stock exchange, 'NASDAQ'. Ms Patel is the MP for Witham since 2010. No surprise here, she is ideologically on the right of the Conservative party.

Will being Home Secretary, be Ms Patel's only foray in having top posts in the Conservative government or indeed, come 2024 (if Labour wins), becoming Boris' successor, time will tell.

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