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Hold Former President Donald Trump Accountable

The former President of the United States betrayed the people and his country and need to be held accountable.


No one is above the Law

Trump Betrayal

Former President Donald Trump has violated the office of the President of the United States. On January 20/2016, Trump placed his right hand on a bible promising to defend, protect and preserve the constitution of the United States. Trump never took the swearing in oath seriously, he said the Constitution gave him the power to do whatever he wanted. He never respected the laws of the land.

Trump Came To Washington

In 2016 Trump came to Washington with no military or political experience, he was going to make America great again by draining the swamps of corruption. Donald Trump did everything but make America great again, he put shame on one of the greatest countries in the world.

Instead, of draining the swamp, Trump jumped in with Republicans following behind him. While on the campaign trail, Trump made derogatory comments about grabbing women's genitals and sexual remarks. In the Suburbs, a number of white women helped Trump win because they didn't like Hillary Clinton.

Trump Open the Doors

Trump opens the door to his tax problems by running for president and winning. For years, Trump avoided paying, taxes until he ran for president in 216-17. $750 was paid in federal income taxes and again his first year in office. Some of the poorest Americans with low-paying jobs pay taxes. Why not the billionaire Donald Trump?

Promises Trump Made

Trump promised the American people, if he was elected president, he makes America great again.


1. Repeal and replace Obamacare.

2. Build a big, tall, beautiful wall on the Southern border.

3. The Mexican President was going to pay for the wall.

4. Cut taxes

5. He wouldn't get paid a salary

6.create good jobs

7. Ban Muslims

8. get rid of common core

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller Investigation

In 2016-17, Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigated the interference of Russia, in the election of 2016. After two years, there was no concrete evidence that Trump had colluded with Russia, but he was never exonerated. The American people Knew Trump was guilty, he walked away, free to involve himself with Ukraine.


President Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other foreign countries to provide damaging information on Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate running for President. Trump withheld aid to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate the Biden's family. His excuse was he delayed funding because he wanted other countries to pay their fair share. A whistleblower heard him on the phone with the Ukrainian President.

In 2020 the former President Donald Trump walked away from a country reeling from the Coronavirus, a virus that had killed millions. He was tired of the pandemic, so he forces his time in the 2020 election. When Trump lost the election, he isolated himself in the White House, deselecting his duties as President. He refuses to concede to Biden, saying he might not leave the White House In January. President Trump was responsible was spreading one of the biggest lies in history, Voter Fraud. Republicans followed his betrayal and are trying to take advantage of the lie for future prefects.

On January 6, President Trump was partly to blame for the attack on the United States Capital. Republicans promoted the big lie of Trump, knowing there was no voter fraud. The president was partly is responsible for the attack on the Capitol, he incited a riot and did nothing to stop it. Trump was impeached for the second time, by the House, but Republicans acquitted him, knowing he was guilty.

Trump Leaves The White House

Wednesday morning before noon, Trump and the former First Lady left the White House, without attending the inauguration Donald Trump was no longer President. At the Air-force Base, Trump spoke to a few of his supporters, telling them it was an honor, to have been their President. He wished the new administration great success.

It's Time For Trump To Pay

For -four years, Trump has caused nothing but chaos among the people and other nations.

1. Trump Betrayed America, which is called treason.

2. He involved himself with Russia, America's enemy.

3. He rewarded Putin for his bad behavior.

4. Furthermore, he covered up all his wrongs doing.

Trump is no longer protected by the Constitution of the United States, he is a citizen who deserves to be treated like other criminals. No one is above the law. Republicans have protected Trump for his wrongdoing, he walked away from two impeached and the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

New York

Cyrus Vance, Manhattan DA is charging Allen Weisselburg, the CEO of the Trump Organization with 15felony counts.

1. A scheme to Defraud

2. Conspiracy

3. Criminal tax fraud

4. Falsifying Business records.

Allen Weisselburg pleaded not guilty to the Charges. Will Allen Weisselberg flip on Trump, or will he go to jail to protect Trump and his family? Michael Cohen, the former Lawyer of Trump, once said he would take a bullet for Trump. Cohen flipped on Trump, went to jail, and Trump is free. It's time for Donald John Trump to pay for what he has done to the U.S. A. Trump has betrayed this country numerous times, he violated the Constitution, made a joke of the Rule of law, walked away from a deadly pandemic that killed millions, and was partly responsible for the attack Capitol. What more can he get away with? Justice needs to be served on the Former President, Donald J. Trump.



Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on July 15, 2021:

No matter what Trump supporters feels or thinks, President Donald Trump has committed treason on the United States,his country.

Everyone loves America, but most of you sat back and watch Trump destroy our democracy,violate the Constitution and make a joke out of the rule of laws and that's ok. No one is above the Law that was created for every American . Trump has to pay for his crime,jail is for those who breaks the law.##

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on July 12, 2021:

Trump never expected to win the nomination for President of the United States. He thought Hillary Clinton would win, and he would head to the nearest golf course. Trump was never qualified to lead this country into greatness. He failed our country,cheated the government for 10-15 years, of not paying taxes. Poor people pay taxes and the Billionaire can't,what a disgrace.

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on July 09, 2021:

The billionaire Donald Trump has been defrauding the Government for 10-15

without paying his federal income years taxes. Poor American live from paycheck to paychecks pay's taxes, while not the billionaire Donald Trump. Some American are sticking behind a president who betrayed his country and the American people. The former President Trump needs to go to jail like every other criminals. Go after him, New York#

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