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Hitler's Use of Plastic Surgery.

My studies have given me new insights into history with occasionally an added pinch of dark humor and artistic license.

Erich Von Stroheim

Pre-War Von Stroheim: note the very large cranium, bulbous nose, the very large ears and the prematurely receding hairline.

Pre-War Von Stroheim: note the very large cranium, bulbous nose, the very large ears and the prematurely receding hairline.

Post-War Von Stroheim: note the smaller well proportioned cranium, chiselled smaller nose, the smaller ears and the healthy hair. Can plastic surgery change the size of the cranium?

Post-War Von Stroheim: note the smaller well proportioned cranium, chiselled smaller nose, the smaller ears and the healthy hair. Can plastic surgery change the size of the cranium?

A Theoretical Possibility.

Hitler once bragged:

“I am Europe’s greatest actor.” (Fest, p.84 (Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk, Es Jessica in Designata.). Was he acting the role of the actor Von Stroheim just before the end of World War Two? Did this ultimate misdirection go undetected?

There is a remarkable similarity in the use of Aryan ideals in both NAZI Germany and Hollywood. Hitler was an early master in the use of movies to promote Aryan ideals. This tradition became embedded in Hollywood immediately after World War Two at the same time huge gold reserves disappeared with Nazi refugees. Funneling this money into Hollywood would enable the propaganda to continue with the "evolutionary winners" of Hitler's dream. He considered his own people the biological evolutionary losers but did not consider himself in the same way. He may well have used all his skill to hide in the USA to be with the evolutionary winners and to continue his work "in retirement" via the movie media, with his beloved Eva.

The pre World War Two imperfect looking "character actors" started disappearing and dying out. Today nearly all modern actors are lifeless characterless mannequins or perfect models in the strictly Aryan mode. The admittance of black and Asian actors is only now beginning, but the Semitic actors are still being stereotyped as the "bad guys" and terrorists.

The Nazi ranking of races is still uncannily similar to the Hollywood ranking.

I have included a humorous theatrical style sonnet (titled "Hitler Went to Hollywood") at the very end of this essay to lampoon this bizarre similarity to the use of Aryan ideals in both Nazi Germany and modern post war Hollywood.

If we examine early photos of Eric von Stroheim we can easily see that his nose was very bulbous, prominent and rubbery. Why then in much later photos is his nose smaller and more proportionate? Age increases the size of the nose quite dramatically but in the case of von Stroheim the nose size not only decreases but is more proportionate!

The oversized cranium of the pre war Von Stroheim suddenly becomes smaller after the war. This is physically impossible. Plastic surgery can't reduce the skull size. We are forced to admit the possibility that the post second world war Von Stroheim may have been an entirely different person.

Other signs include the smaller ear size of the post war Stroheim. It is a known fact that ears also become much larger with age.

The young Stroheim also had early signs of severe premature balding, but the older Stroheim had stronger healthy hair.

Was the post war Stroheim actually Adolf Hitler after plastic surgery? Did Hitler escape the consequences of his actions by physically changing his face just before the war ended? It is well known that Hitler was receiving injections of primitive testosterone which would have bulked out his physique and changed his appearance. (“According to the book 'Was Hitler Ill?' , in 1944, Morrell began giving Hitler injections of testosterone, and a cocktail made from the semen and prostate glands of young bulls, into his bloodstream.” )

Plastic surgery would have further changed his external appearance. A change of haircut, removal of the mustache and the deliberate addition of a real scar to the forehead could well have turned Hitler into a "Von Stroheim lookalike."

Von Stroheim's mistress Denise Vernac had a startling resemblance to Eva Braun as well as the same very wide age gap. There is almost no biographical information about Denise Vernac. Denise Vernac was French and a minor bit player in movies. Kidnapping a relatively unknown handpicked actress who had a strong resemblance to Eva Braun in order to assume her identity would be one way for Braun to escape Germany.

Baldur von Schirach later commented about Eva Braun: "Eva was a worldly type of girl - bobbed chestnut-brown hair, a make-up that was unconventional for the time, fashionable pullover and short, narrow skirts, silk stockings and high-heeled shoes. I took her for a French girl." ( quote from Spartacus Educational )

There is no firm record of Denise Vernac's birth or death. She mysteriously and vaguely appeared in "Von Stroheim's" life during World War Two.

Von Stroheim's ex wife,Valerie Germonprez stayed out of the limelight. They divorced in 1936.

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Immediately after the war a slightly different looking Von Stroheim gave up acting for directing. He was suddenly regularly accompanied by the unknown person Denise Vernac.

Wife and Mistress of Von Stroheim resembles Eva Braun

Denise Vernac secretary and mistress of Von Stroheim. Strong nose, chin and blonde hair.

Denise Vernac secretary and mistress of Von Stroheim. Strong nose, chin and blonde hair.

Eva Braun. Strong nose, chin and blonde hair.

Eva Braun. Strong nose, chin and blonde hair.

Valerie Germonprez, one of only two extant other blurry photos.

Valerie Germonprez, one of only two extant other blurry photos.

What Really Happened to Hitler?

There has been a long debate regarding the exact fate of Hitler at the end of World War Two.

His alleged physical remains amount to a charred piece of jaw bone with teeth, and a piece of skull which investigators found belonged to a female.

We are always left with the nagging suspicion that these few contradictory remains do not definitively prove anything about Hitler's demise. His evil genius may have well have had the ability to come up with a way out of his downfall.

Arranging the elimination of two persons so that Hitler (and Eva) could step into the vacuum of their doppelgangers deceased lives would be the next logical step. To do so in the most unexpected environment would also be desirable. With many prominent Nazis fleeing to South America, and stories of huge stolen gold reserves, many historians have theorized about the exact fate or whereabouts of Hitler. Perhaps South America would have been the too obvious choice as there was already a knowledge of this desperate migration precedent. To become anonymous in an unexpected environment may have been a far more ingenious scheme. To be hidden in plain sight may have been his personal final solution.

Do the Russians really have his few remains? Many doubt it. His alleged successful escape becomes all the more feasible when we realize that plastic surgery was already a fine art in Germany by World War Two. The possibility of changing the shape of the nose, adding on a few pounds, getting rid of the odd idiosyncratic moustache, and adopting a very different haircut, is quite feasible.

Plastic surgery was well established in Germany as early as the end of the nineteenth century!

"In 1898, Jacques Joseph, the German orthopaedic-trained surgeon, published his first account of reduction rhinoplasty. In 1928, Jacques Joseph published Nasenplastik und Sonstige Gesichtsplastik." (Wikipedia "History of plastic surgery")

Added to this is the fact that Hitler used many body doubles during his reign in order to dodge assassinations. Driving past in motorcades with the constant threat of a stray bullet would certainly have been a worry. What better way to be safe than to get a doppelganger to take his place? In that way even if there was a successful "hit" on Hitler he could stage manage a miraculous recovery to prove his "god like" status. There was in fact a mythology built up around Hitler stating he was incapable of being killed, and that he had a lucky star when it came to escapes from death. Having body doubles would have certainly added to this successful myth. Perhaps a body double was in fact killed at the Wolf's Lair (attempt by Claus von Stauffenberg).

Many body doubles may have undergone plastic surgery to enhance the resemblance.

According to conventional research there were 14 known attempts on Hitler's life:

  • Before 1933: Before the seizure of power; four attempts, including one with poison in the Hotel Kaiserhof (1930).
  • After 1933: Ten attempts, including one by an unknown SA man in Obersalzberg and another by the Luttner group in Königsberg.

Hitler was known to have at least six body doubles, that we know of.

Hence the possibility of using body doubles enhanced with plastic surgery was well known to Hitler.

This practice of misdirection is only a small step away from the other alternative: altering Hitler's own appearance to escape anonymously.

By publicly presenting only body doubles during the last year or two of the war, it would have been entirely possible to privately change his own appearance.

Famous Double

Russian photo of exhumed corpse of Hitler's double - May 2, 1945   (note bullet hole in forehead)

Russian photo of exhumed corpse of Hitler's double - May 2, 1945 (note bullet hole in forehead)

Altered Images

Dramatic Changes to Nose

Nose Shape Changes in 1940's.

1940s Hollywood Zeitgeist

If we examine the popular stars of Hollywood in the immediate aftermath of World War Two we can easily discern the use of textbook "Aryan" stereotypes in the star list. Blondes in particular began to dominate the movies. In spite of all the horrors of World War Two and Nazi racial stereotyping there was not a single attempt to combat racial stereotype's in the media. If anything, Hollywood exacerbated racial stereotypes. All the heroes and heroines were stock standard Aryan Anglo Saxon personages.

Semitic peoples or "types" were often depicted as evil magicians (in such films as the Sindbad series). If not shown as evil then of course the standard paternalism was omnipresent. Other stereotypes of foreigners included untrustworthy, shady characters, perverted personalities, ugliness etc.

Foreigners were invariably cast as the villain and rarely allowed to shine in leading roles. There were many cases of Western actors portraying "other races" when a starring role was called for to eliminate the possibility of using real people with actual ethnic origins. This trend lasted well into the 1960s and beyond.

It was as if there was a smooth transition from the blatant stereotypes promoted on film in Nazi Germany, to a more subtle racial stereotyping in major Hollywood films.

It is quite possible that large sums of illegal Nazi money was poured and laundered into Hollywood to accomplish the same racial stereotyping goals, but on a more subtle level.

There are already many proven close links to the Nazis via Hollywood in Pre-War USA. This is set out in several books and movies. Most recently The New Yorker (September 16, 2013 Issue) published an updated commentary on this subject.

In the 1930s Nazi sympathizers built a refuge for Hitler in the Pacific Palisades, the so called "Murphy Ranch". It was here that Nazi sympathizers actually waited for Hitler to visit.

Forensic Conclusions

2018 Update

Recent investigations into the alleged teeth and partial jawbone of Hitler have suggested the tooth fragments are likely to be his. However "his" skull fragment with bullet hole has been found to be from a woman. As alleged eye witnesses have claimed Eva Braun was not shot, the skull fragment is from neither Hitler or Braun.

'Hitler skull' revealed as female

BBC News 2009

In my view a known non smoking non drinking vegetarian would not have such bad teeth as recently reported in the news. Also it has been reliably reported that Hitler never gave up on his favourite "liver dumplings" and is therefore likely to have some small amount of animal residue in the plaque. It is my view that the teeth found belonged to a look alike who needed and received dental work.

It is more likely that all dentists who worked on the real Hitler were shot as the war drew to a close. All the actual dental records of the real Hitler were very likely destroyed.

Also the skeletal remains of Eva Braun have officially remained in dispute for many years as shown in the above photo.

See link below to "Eva Braun’s Odontological Identification-A Forensic Engima?" (I note that the Chief of Captured Records Branch of the U.S. Archives and Records Service is a Mr. Robert Wolfe!).

The Famous Von Stroheim scar undergoes changes after the war.

Later scar extends right into the eyebrow.

Later scar extends right into the eyebrow.

Early scar looks different. Some very early photos show a slight zigzag to the scar.

Early scar looks different. Some very early photos show a slight zigzag to the scar.

Sonnet Dedicated to Hollywood's use of Aryan Stereotypes

Hitler went to Hollywood!

I really think he did,

Cuz all the early movie stars

Were really blonde unt pin heads!

Long before the war did end

Adolf and Eva had fled

Donning plastic surgery

Before they were even wed.

"Let's do it now with movies", Eva to Adolf said,

"Instead of bullets, gas and lead!"

They mixed with all the moguls

Pretending to be Jewish and well read

And made a hundred films or more

About dumb blondes Unt male pin heads!


Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on June 30, 2015:

Thanks Jonas

its a concept worth pursuing. Might make a good movie !

Jonas Rodrigo on June 30, 2015:

Wow! This is an interesting take on Hitler, and in 1940's Germany in general. I've never thought of this, much less write about it. I really appreciate the research this hub might have required you to do. From what I can read, it was worth it. This hub is great.

Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on March 14, 2015:


There has been a LOT written about Hitlers death over the decades. I like to take a fresh look at the evidence. For example, no observer has ever remarked that the last photo of Hitler could easily have been a double, yet it is known he had many of them.

It is much harder to pull such stunts today but back in the 1940s it would have been easier to "disappear". Putin has no need to disappear as he is successful.

Hannah David Cini from Nottingham on March 13, 2015:

I hadn't realised till reading this how shady the circumstances were around his death. Hmmm...all eyes on Putin, I am not sure that the age is right otherwise it could well be.

Andrew Petrou (author) from Brisbane on March 12, 2015:

Thanks Hannah

I tried to be interesting and funny in that poem!

Although highly theoretical, the possibility that Hitler had plastic surgery is real.

Might make a good screenplay!!

Hannah David Cini from Nottingham on March 12, 2015:

I love the poem at the end, interesting and fun read. Thanks for writing.

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