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Historic Speech of Democracy


Why is it historic?

The world has called Joe Biden's speech as "historic" after he was sworn in as US president. Biden said in a speech that the celebration was not just a celebration of a candidate's victory in the democratic process, but a celebration of democracy. He said that democracy is invaluable, democracy is also prone to injury. But after all, this is the fact that democracy has been preserved. It should be celebrated. Democracy in America was at stake in the recent past. Democracy-loving people are pinning their hopes on the new president's speech by ringing the farewell bell of that non-democracy and listening to the melody of bringing back democracy in a fair and successful process. Again, the opposition to this speech was not less. The right-wing media in America has sneered, what Biden has said is very fat, dull. There is no mention of Roosevelt's 'New Deal', no dream of Kennedy's 'New Frontier'. It is a shame that no president has ever given such a simple speech before.

But, is it not time to return to this normal? Democracy is a combination of many people and that is why it is time to move forward with that simple truth in mind. It may sound like 'normal', but it's also the beginning. Opponents of Biden's remarks are right in that sense — no new president had to say these things before because pro-democracy Americans in the United States have assumed that these words are self-evident. Everyone knows and adheres to these basic values ​​of democracy, and whatever one thinks or does is related to the next step. But under Donald Trump, America's democracy took a bad turn. It is time to return to the national unity and democratic solidarity that Biden spoke of. How truth, equality, principles and justice have been damaged, the way society has been divided based on race and caste. After climbing the ladder of success, the steep step of the beginning has to be repaired first. Those simple, 'ordinary' words of the President are a prerequisite for democracy, that's where the importance of uttering them lies. It is not possible to raise the slogan of shooting him when he sees an opponent in democracy, it is not possible to intimidate him with threats of ridicule-rape-murder just by hearing his voice against or against him. It is important to say these simple words over and over again to correct that mistake.

Democracy Re-established

Democracy loving people are reassured when they hear these words on the face of a leader who has the responsibility of the country and the world. Proof of the response to Biden's speech is that Americans have confidence. Many other countries in the world now have widespread problems and crises in democracy, and the people of those countries are bound to like Biden's speech. Biden's speech called for the protection and expansion of democracy in the country by overcoming the differences between whites and blacks, conservatives and liberals. And that was expected from a president. To maintain a proper democracy, it is the base what he said in his speech. This is the time to make America proud again for its democracy. For this reason, the speech is 'historic'. And democracy reestablished with that 'speech of democracy'.

© 2021 Sayak Das

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